Chapter Twenty-Six: The Vine Room:

After lunch, Shouto went back to work.

“I trust you to be good to each other, right?” he asked.

“Yes!” Tsuzuki said. The other shinigami saluted him.

“I’ll leave you to it,” he said. Then he vanished into thin air. Tsuzuki turned back to the girls. Annabelle was playing with Kirika-chan. His friend’s wife was a strange woman indeed.

Annabelle dragged them around the city for shopping. These were the high-end stores too. Anna and Tsuzuki looked so nervous.

“We can’t afford any of this, can we?” Anna asked.

“No…” Tsuzuki said. They chuckled to themselves. Annabelle looked up with another scarf in her hand.

“You’re not going to buy anything?” she asked in English.

“Budget,” Anna replied.

“Oh…” Annabelle said. She went right back to shopping. The couple looked at each other. Surely they should say something. Surely they should…


They did make a couple of small purchases before heading back to Shouto’s apartment. Annabelle flopped down onto the couch. Tsuzuki and Anna looked at each other.

“How much did she have to drink again?” Anna asked.

“Three bottles. I think…” the shinigami said.

“She drinks worse than you,” she said. He had no argument for that.

“I’ll be right back,” Tsuzuki said. He disappeared down the hall with Kirika-chan in his arms. Minutes later, he came back.

“Baby is down for the afternoon,” he said. Anna looked down at Annabelle.

“Now what?” she asked. Tsuzuki shrugged.

“No idea,” he said. They looked down at the sleeping woman on the couch. Annabelle smiled in her sleep.


Evening rolled around.

“I’m home,” Shouto said. He made his way to the living room. Annabelle slowly awoke on the couch.

“Baby?” she asked.

“Hey,” her husband whispered. “Where are our guests?”

“Hm? Oh, they are around, I guess,” she said. Shouto spotted the couple on the balcony outside. He walked up to the glass door and knocked. Tsuzuki and Anna looked up. Their host opened the door.

“Hey guys,” he said. “What are you doing out here?”

“Just enjoying the view,” Tsuzuki said.

“You had dinner yet?” Shouto asked.

“No,” the couple said.  He pulled out his phone.

“I’m going to have out steak dinner delivered here,” Shouto said. Tsuzuki looked so confused.

“You can do that?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” his friend said. He dialed up his restaurant of choice.

“You’re gonna love this place,” Shouto said. “Best steak in the city.” He dove right into ordering. Tsuzuki looked at Anna.

“Did you know this?” he mouthed at her. Anna slowly nodded. The shinigami turned back to his friend on the phone.


Dinner turned out to be best that Tsuzuki and Anna ever had.

“Can steak really be this juicy?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Very good, huh?” Shouto asked. “Falls right off the bone.” Of course, there was wine. Red wine this time. Annabelle happily helped herself.

“Easy dear,” Shouto said. “Finish your meal first.” She looked at him with her drink in hand. Meanwhile, Anna quietly enjoyed her meal. She had to admit that the steak was really juicy.

“Do they cook this with beer?” she asked.

“Why yes,” Shouto said.

“I tasted as much,” Anna said.

“We do the same with Kobe beef back at home,” Tsuzuki said.

“Kobe beef. That takes me back,” Shouto said. Anna took a moment to feed the baby. Tsuzuki helped himself to more steak.


Most of the evening was spent drinking and talking. Annabelle outdrank them all.

“Is she okay?” Anna asked. The other woman leaned her head on Shouto’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” he said. “I should get her to bed soon.”

“Bed! Yay!” Annabelle said, pumping her fist in the air. Shouto chuckled.

“There, there,” he whispered in her ear. He gave her a sloppy kiss. Anna gave the couple an odd look.

Around nine, Tsuzuki headed to the guest room. He had enough for one night. The shinigami flipped on the light switch. The lush green of the room greeted him. Fake vines covered the ceiling and walls. They seem connected to the black ceiling fan above. The dark green carpet felt like moss at his feet. Even the black curtains added to the whole feeling of standing in the forest. Tsuzuki smiled as he felt the wine buzzing around in his head.

He took off his tie and tossed it aside. Next came his blazer. The shinigami undressed by one article of clothing at a time. After he took off his boxers, Tsuzuki lay down onto the king-sized bed. The black and dark green silk sheets felt good against his bare skin. He shivered for a moment. His mind drifted away to Anna. His lips curved into a smirk.

“Anna-chan,” Tsuzuki murmured. His hands moved down to his cock inch by inch. His fingertips moved on their own. Small whimpering escaped his lips. Tsuzuki closed his eyes.

“Oh,” he whispered. “Usagi-chan.” His hands moved faster.

He paused when he heard the door open. Tsuzuki opened his eyes and turned his head. Anna stood in the doorway. Something about the dim lighting made her more beautiful. She stared at him with no emotion on her face. Tsuzuki wanted to speak or cover himself. But found he couldn’t move. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. The shinigami didn’t take his hands of his erect cock.

Anna didn’t say a word as she closed the door behind her. A dull smile came across her face as she took off her brown checkered shirt. Tsuzuki’s cheeks turned red as he stared at her purple bra. Her jeans slipped down to the floor. The shinigami feasted his eyes as his wife stripped down. It felt like a dream.

Anna’s dark red panties hit the carpet. She lay down next to Tsuzuki on the big red. He watched as she spread her legs. Her fingers moved to her mouth. Tsuzuki gulped as her tongue circled her fingertips. Anna moved down to her lower lips. Her moans were enough to make Tsuzuki’s hands move again.

This moment felt…so…beautiful. Both became lost in the pleasure and sounds they took in. They had never tried this before. Tonight it just felt natural. Part of Tsuzuki wondered why they weren’t pleasing each other. But that got pushed to the back of his mind. Everything else vanished around the couple.

It was rare for a mutual orgasm to happen. But when it does, it can feel magical. Tsuzuki and Anna came to discover this in a hazy wonder. Anna cuddled up to Tsuzuki with a dreamy smile on her face. Tsuzuki put his arm around her shoulder as they dozed off together.

They would have to do this again and to each other sometime.