White Roses of True Love
Dateline: Ash has finally purposed to Angela. And now they're getting married. Iris: I can't wait for this moment!
Matt, Jenny, Tai, and Ellie walked into Anna Shan's, the second fanciest restaurant in all of Tokyo. "I enjoy taking out to eat tonight Tai!" said Ellie. "Sure." he said. "Are you the Ishida party of four?" asked the host. "Yes." said Matt. "Let me show you to your table." said the host as he lead them to their table and left. Matt pulled out a chair for Jenny and she sat down. Tai did the same thing with Ellie. Then two gentlemen took their seats beside their ladies. A waiter passed out their menus. Then Jenny leaned over to Matt and kissed him on the cheek. "< sigh > If I just pretend that Tai and Ellie aren't here, This would be a perfect night, just Matt and me in a fancy restaurant! Nothing can go wrong!" Jenny thought as she looked at Matt and at Tai and Ellie. Then Mimi walked in. "Hey Matt." she said sweetly. "Who invited you here?!?" yelled Jenny. "Myself." said Mimi as she straighted her hair back. "Matt! What is this stripper doing here?!?" Jenny. "I don't know!" said Matt. "This doesn't look good!" Ellie whispered to Tai. "I came here to be with Matt!" said Mimi. "Excuse me! You have a husband and this is my boyfriend!" yelled Jenny. "But he's out with one our maids. So I'm kinda getting revenge on him by "cheating" on him with Matt." she boasted. "Oh No! Your not using me for anything!" yelled Matt. Then sat down at a table next to them to keep an eye on Matt. "I'll be right back! So stay right where you are Matt and don't talk to that stripper woman!" Jenny said as she got up and left. When got Mimi heard those exact words she knew it was time to make her move. So she got up and walked over to the table. "Oh Matt!" Mimi called out. Matt tried not to look up. Then Mimi took out her notebook, opened it, scribbled down her phone number, tore out the page, and gave it to Matt. "What is this for?" he asked. "It's my phone number." she said sweetly. "And why are you giving me this?" he asked. "For you to call me when ever you ditch the wicked witch of the west." she said. Then she kissed him on the cheek and walked back to her table. Matt just looked at it.

Then  Jenny came back to their table and saw Mimi's phone number in Matt's hand. "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" yelled Jenny. "What?" asked Matt. "I knew she would give you her phone number!" yelled Jenny. "This is bad!" said Tai to Ellie. She nodded in agreement. "What was I suppose to do?" Matt asked. "This is what you should have done!" yelled Jenny. Then she took the page out of Matt's hand and tore it up to pieces. "Now it's over!" said Tai. "Why did you do that for?" he yelled. "No it's not!" said Ellie. "To get rid of that stupid phone number of her's!" Jenny yelled. "I was going to throw away!" Matt yelled back. Then they looked at Tai and Ellie. "Uh... We'll just go look at the fish right now." said Tai as he grabbed his lady by the arm and tipped toe away. Jenny decided not to talk to Matt. "Oh No! What have I done! I better do something to make things right and fast!" thought Matt. Then he walked up to the karaoke stage. He whispered to the manager his request. The manager let him at it. "Is this thing on?" he asked. Everyone except Jenny turned around to the stage. "Uh... Hi! My name is Matt Ishida and I would like to dedicate this song to Jenny Halawill. Then Jenny turned around in amazement. "Hoping praying, I've been waiting, Everybody needs somebody to love, There's no question, straight from heaven, You're my angel, I'm so crazy for you!" Matt sang along to the song: Godsend by dc Talk. Mimi walked over to Jenny's table. "You see that? That is Matt singing a love song to me. Not you me!" And this is me saying bye-bye!" said Jenny as she waved bye-bye. "All right." Mimi said sadly as she walked home. Then Matt picked up a broquet of white roses and threw it to Jenny. Then she caught it. "He does love me!" she thought as she took a deep breath into the roses.

The End

On the next the story: T.K. dragged Gwen out near the big clock. "Uh, Gwen this was something I wanted to do to you." he softly. "What is it?" she asked. Then he kissed with his mouth open. She kissed with her mouth open as well. The clock stuck midnight and the lips of the figures of the man and woman on Gwen's new charm started glowing. Then T.K. soul flew into Gwen's body and vicversa. They looked like they were going to kiss for a long time. Then they let go. "Do you feel any different?" asked Gwen though T.K.'s body. Then she quickly covered his mouth. "Why are I in his body?" she thought.