The Wanting

Natalia tries, but she can’t understand it. Or rather, she chooses not to. She didn’t want to get attached to anyone again. The angel promised herself to never experience Heaven’s wrath over her happiness again.

-Ten Years Ago-

Natalia came to Earth alone. She had long forgotten the reason, but she knew that she wasn’t supposed to stay here. It was probably only going to be a six-month period tops. The angel ended up in Suiten for this particular assignment. At first, she thought it was a joke.

“Is this even the right place?” Natalia asked her faceless mentor. He, she thought it was a he, pulled out his golden chart and read through it.

“Yes, this is the place,” he said after five minutes. Natalia tilted her head.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” the mentor said. She looked at the spaced out, vast nothing. The angel sank to her knees and nervously laughed.

“You’ve got to be joking!” she shouted.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not a joke,” her mentor said. The angel turned when she felt a breeze at her back.

“You’re leaving?!” she shouted.

“I must,” the faceless angel said. “I must take my leave now. I wish you success.”

“Wait!” Natalia shouted. But he was already gone. The angel dropped her head and groaned.

“I’m supposed to watch over this crappy dump for six months?!” she shouted. “Oh come on!”


Over time, Natalia grew used to the town. At first, she tried to have a little contact with the humans as she could. The angel told herself she was just there for work and nothing else. That worked out fine in the beginning.

But then he came into the picture.

He came from the city. That was the only that made sense with his motorcycle and bad boy image. He drew quite a number of stares. But his boldness was all that it took to hook her in.

They met a small bar just outside of Suiten. Natalia caught word of evil spirits that loved to escape into Earth through this place. She had just counted on going on patrol the bar, round up any evil spirit, and go back to home for the night. The beginning of her night started out boring and simple enough. She noticed that not many people came out here to this bar in this dying town. Part of the angel was happy to have such an easy night, but the other part of her hoped for some excitement. And she would have to stay here until closing time too?

Around ten o’clock, Natalia looked up when she heard the doors opening. Judging by the bulky build and towering height, this new patron was a man. The angel tilted her head, but couldn’t see his face through his thick black helmet. Is he human or a demon?

When this man took off his helmet, Natalia’s jaw dropped. He locked his brown eyes onto her at the bar.

“Yo,” he greeted the few people in the bar. Natalia rested her hand to her chest as he walked closer to the bar. What is this? Why is my…? She gulped as he sat down next to her. The angel couldn’t take it as this beautiful man turned his head.

“Good evening, doll,” he said. His Osakan accent rang in her ears, making her face redder.

“H-H-H-Hi!” she yelped. The man looked around the bar and frowned.

“Is this place always dead around here?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know, I guess,” Natalia said. “This is my first time in this place.” The beautiful man turned to the bartender and order himself glass of sake. Natalia found it rather hard to take her eyes off of him as he drank. Sure, she had observed humans for years and had some vague idea about feelings and emotions. But why was she starting to feel… something? Her brain gave up on trying to figure it out. The biker man finished his drink and turned his attention back to the angel.

“Hey, you want to get out of here and go somewhere more exciting?” he asked. Natalia opened her mouth, but it was like she forgot the whole human language for five seconds.

“But… we just met,” she said at last.

“I know,” he said. “But don’t you think that’s what makes it more interesting?” Before she knew it, Natalia abandoned her duties for the night and left the bar with this beautiful bike man. They ended up a local inn and had a rather passionate night. He showed her sensations that she didn’t believe possible for an angel to feel. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades.

“Love me!” she screamed loud enough to fill the room. The beautiful man complied by giving her more love that his body to could handle. By morning, Natalia felt a mix of shame, regret, and bliss as she lay beside him in that sweat-covered bed.

Weeks later, the angel became pregnant.

-Present Day-

Natalia has another man that she keeps running into around that same town she was assigned to protect. Russell’s backed off on following her around, but they can’t stop their meeting. She doesn’t want to form another attachment and she found this human quite annoying. But slowly, Natalia began to find something rather endearing about him.

Before she knew it, the coming storm would force them to be bound together and she would have to fight to keep this new bond safe from Heaven’s wrath.