Chapter Thirty-Six: Wasting Time:


I: Invitation

The very thought of her in the shower excites me. I really enjoyed last night and I want more. Thinking about all of that water running down the curves and planes of her body only makes me hungrier. Many nights, I have fantasies about her. She's unbelievably hot as a dominant, but she can make submissiveness sexy too. I love watching her on top. It makes our love games that much more exciting. I close my eyes and imagine soapy bubbles clinging to her beautiful breasts and cascading down her firm lovely tummy down to… I can’t hold back anymore.

I climb out of bed and hurry into bathroom. Good thing the shower is big enough for both of us.


II: Trap

Anna breath hitches in her throat as my fingers drift lazily along her sides.

“Mmm...You’re here,” she smiles.

My hands move to her breasts, “Yes.”

“But… why?”

I pin her to the shower wall, and sweep aside the hair from the nape of her neck.  â€œWhy what?” I plant a soft kiss on Anna-chan’s shoulder, and she breathes in harder.

“Why are you here with me?”

“Why else?” I press my body into hers and leave another kiss.

“Now, what do you want?” One more kiss breaks her will and leaves her trembling in my hands.



The priest awoke to a guest in his room. He first became aware of not being alone when he first felt silk on his naked skin. He turned, expecting one of his goddesses sleeping next to him. Instead, Desire lay on his bed, smiling.

“Good morning,” she purred.

The priest sat up, wide-eyed. “Who are you?” he asked.

Her red kimono reminded him of an ancient wedding garment. Her plump lips curved into a cat-like smile.

“They call me Desire,” she told him. Her perfume teased his nose.

“Okay… What are you doing here?”

Desire sat up on his bed. “Konohana asked me to come here.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Konohana-sama did?”


“But what for?”

Desire waved her hand in the air. A teacup appeared in her palm. “Here.”

The priest tilted his head. “What’s is it?”



“Yes, it’s a special blend of tea.” Desire noticed that he looked unsold. “Just take it!”

The priest lowered his shoulders. “And Konohana-sama wants this?”

“Yes! Now drink it!” Desire regained her composure and cleared her throat.

“Alright.” The priest picked up the cup and took a drink. “Now what?” He set the cup on the floor.

Desire climbed off the bed. “Come with me,” she said.

He shrugged and followed out into the temple.


III: Love Me

When we leave the bathroom, I push Anna’s back against the wall in our bedroom, and hold her wrists over her head.  She moans as I kiss her and pin her by her shoulders.

“You want more?” she asks in between breaths.

“Yes!” I say aloud.

I don’t even give her a chance to talk back. My hand plunges for her pussy.

“Mmmph!” Anna moans. I cover her mouth with a mine, and my kiss swallows her voice.


The priest wandered out into the woods. He looked around to see Desire nowhere in sight. He put hands on his hips as he wondered: Now where did she go?

“Hmm…” The priest heard a splashing noise just ahead of him in a nearby pond. Curious, he walked over to investigate. A young deity sat in the water with a book in her hand. She was dressed in all white, like a bride. Her veil floated on the surface as lotuses bloomed around her.

“Do you want her?” a voice whispered in his ear.

The priest whipped around and saw Desire grinning at him. He looked away with red cheeks.

“Not really!” he said.

Desire gave him a cat-like grin. “Liar!”

His cheeks turned redder. “Well, maybe…”

She smacked him on the back hard enough to knock him over. “Go on! Go to her!” Desire nudged him forward.

“Okay, okay.” He grumbled as made his way over to the pond.

“Hi there,” he said in a small voice.

Desire sighed aloud, “I said go in, not talk to her!” she complained.  The priest looked up at her in annoyance moments before Desire shoved him into the water.

“Hey!” he shouted.

The deity waved him along to get on with it. He lowered his shoulders and waded over to the bride. She lifted her head when she spotted him.

“I’ve been expecting you,” she smiled sweetly as she held out her hand.


IV: Take My Hand

I carry Anna into the living room, and lower her down onto the couch. She looks up at me and smiles, eyes full of mischief and lust.

“Wait, you want more?” she asks.

I broke into a huge grin. “Hell YEAH!” I lick my lips, and groan.

I nibble and lick her silky skin as I work my way between her beautiful thighs.

The first swipe of my tongue is all it takes to send her over the edge. I love her cries and moans. They make me harder than Samurai steel.



The priest took the bride’s hand. A warm light shot through his body and another maiden appeared in his vision. A golden aura surrounded her.

The bride’s lace dress had a vintage air to it, just like the flowers in her hair.

When the priest looked, he couldn't help but stare at the bride’s beautiful full lips as she spoke to him:

Go to her! She needs your help! Go to her now!

The priest turned his face heavenward just as a feather floated down on a light breeze, and landed on his cheek.


V: My Baby Love

This time, I take her to the kitchen, lean her over the counter, and take her from behind.  I grin devilishly as I grab her arms and pull them toward me as I pound her slick, wet hole; and she doesn’t argue.

In fact, Anna grins as she arranges herself so that I don't hurt her, or exhaust myself until I've had my fill.

“Good girl,” I purr in her ear.

“Fuck me! Oh God…” she nearly wept. “Harder, baby… Please…”

“I will, dearest. I will.”


She was a beautiful spirit. Her great white wings spread wide. Nearly overpowering the sun. Her sorrowful green eyes stirred the priest’s heart. He felt as if he knew her from somewhere… His eyes trailed down her billowing black skirt as it swirled in the wind. Her soft lips whispered a simple message to only him.

The breeze blew through the gold and white flecked clouds.

Her soft, gentle voice filled his ears:

I'm lost… please help me find my way home! Your love can bring me back, but first you must find me my darling!

Suddenly, the priest awoke alone in the woods. An injured doe lay Before him; bleeding, as it writhed in pain while gasping, and struggling for each breath.

VI: Resting

Anna is slumped over the counter, panting and I pull myself up on my elbows as I lie on the floor watching her.

Damn. I shouldn't be this turned on watching her heaving for each breath as my seed spills out of her, and oozes slowly down her leg. But my horny little inner demon still wants more. And I have no intention of denying him. Sorry, but not sorry... my beautiful lover, playmate, and wife.


I get a second wind, and go back for more.