Our Wedding Anniversary
Chapter one:
Guadeloupe and her husband, T.K. were sleeping peacefully in their big canopy bed when their four- year- old daughter, Lola, came into their room and jumped on their bed. "Wake up! Wake up!" she cried over and over until they woke up. Guadeloupe looked up at her daughter. "Good morning!" said Shana. "Sleep well?" she asked. "Yeah, until  we felt the vibrations."  said Guadeloupe. "Now, what day is it?" asked T.K. "Saturday." said Shana. Guadeloupe looked up at her calendar on the wall. " Saturday, June 21."  she finally said. "Thanks." he said. "And it's a very special day!" yelled Shana. "Of course, but why?" he asked.  "Don't you remember? It's..." said Shana before Guadeloupe covered her mouth. "Don't tell me. Don't tell me. Let me find my planner." T.K. said as he looked under their bed. Five minutes later he found it, opened it up, and read it aloud.  "Let's see, Monday: visit Megan, Tuesday: nothing. Wednesday: Shana's dentist appointment. Thursday: nothing. Friday: Galaxy police field trip. Today's our wedding anniversary!!!" yelled T.K. Shana, Guadeloupe, Patamon, and Blossompix  all clapped for him because he got it right.  Shana cleared her throat at her daddy. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Wait here!" he sugar pink plastic and a pink ribbon. "Here these are for you." he said as he gave the flowers to his wife. "Oh, Thank you T.K."  said  Guadeloupe as she took them out of his hands. "I'll go clean my room now." said Shana as she tiptoed away. "And now, I have something for you," said Guadeloupe as she went into her closet and got out a small box.  T.K. opened the box and he saw a golden men's ring and inscribed on it said: Like Husband like wife. "Is this for... ?"  he asked. Guadeloupe nodded. "Oh, Thank you Guadeloupe."  T.K. said he put his arms around his wife. Then Shana came in their room dressed like a waitress with their breakfast on a brass tray.  On the tray was a small pile of buttermilk  pancakes, sausages, small plastic jugs of  buttermilk  and maple syrup, and two glasses of milk. "Here's your breakfast!" she cheerfully as set it down on the of bed and left the room.
Chapter two
After that wonderful breakfast that Shana had made for them, the young and royal parents got washed up and dressed. "What would you like to do today sweetheart?"  T.K. asked pretty wife. "Whatever you to do."  Guadeloupe replied. "How about a nice picnic?" suggested Shana. "Good idea. But sweetie..." said T.K. as got down on one knee, picked up his little daughter, and sat her down on the that was up. "...Where are we going to have it?"  "That's simple daddy, just follow me." said Shana as dragged her mommy and daddy out to the backyard. When they got to the backyard they saw a lovely picnic table all decorated and ready to be eaten on. "You did this for us?" asked T.K. "Actually, I had  some help." Shana said. Patamon escorted them to the table. First he helped Guadeloupe then T.K. "Everything's here so enjoy!"  said Shana. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Aren't you staying?" asked T.K. "No! This is your anniversary! I don't want to ruin it for you." she said as she was backing up  from the picnic table and running into the house to watch them from the kitchen window.  "I don't know what she is up to right now!" said T.K. "I don't know ether. But let's enjoy nice quiet nature around us." said  Guadeloupe. So for the rest of the  morning it was just Guadeloupe, T.K., two cups of sweeten tea, conversation, and  the nice quiet nature around them.
Chapter three
"Hey, Guadeloupe," said T.k. "Yes?" she said as she turned her head towards him. "Do you know how long we've been married?" he asked his lovely wife. "Yes, for one year." she said. "Sixteen years? But it feels like we've been married for thirty six years!" he exclaimed. "Yeah." she said. "Hey! What time do you have?"  he asked. "12:30. Why do you ask?" Guadeloupe replied. "Because I'm hungry." he said. Before they could called for their little angel she came right out with two chicken sandwiches cut into halves, garlic carrots,  cheese cubes with toothpicks in them, two small bags of chips, and Dessert tacos on a sliver platter, set them down on the wooden picnic table and left the backyard and went into the house. T.K. began eating. Guadeloupe just looked at him. "What?! The food tastes wonderful!" said T.K.  So Guadeloupe picked up a half of sandwich and bit into it. "You're right it does taste wonderful!" she said. "That's the spirit!" said T.K. as he stuffed the other half of his sandwich in his mouth. "Boy! That lunch was really good!"  said T.K. when the loving couple had finish eating their lunch. "What do you want to do now?" asked  Guadeloupe.
"I want to take a walk though Tokyo."  said T.K. "We can do that." she said as they went into the house. "Shana, dearling!" said T.K. "Yes, Daddy." Shana said as she came away from the window to talk to her daddy and mommy. "Daddy and I are going out for a walk  for a while. Can you hold on for five hours?" asked Guadeloupe. "Sure, Mommy!" yelled Shana. "That's excellent." she said. " Now be good for Mommy and me," said T.K. as he closed the door behind them. "OK, Daddy!" she said.
Chapter four
"Where do you want go first?" asked Guadeloupe. "To Crystal Park, I guess." said T.K. "We can do that." she said. They started walking down the driveway. "Ahh! T.K. breathe the warm summer air," said Guadeloupe when she and her husband sat down on a park bench. "Yeah, it sure is quiet out here." said T.K. as he began to have a  flashback  of their wedding.
Begin flashback:
T.K. was standing at the altar dressed in a black tuxes, his brother, Matt, was dressed in a white tuxes, Angel, Tai, Izzy, Cody, and Joe  were all  dressed in their white tuxes, Kari, Yolei, Mimi, Sora, Morgan, Nicole, Chille, Lisa, Erica, and Serena were all dressed in yellow dresses waiting for the lovely bride. Then Guadeloupe came out all dressed in a silk, lacy, prealed and bloodstone gown that used to belong to her mother. She stood by her husband-to-be. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the beauty of two becoming one..." said Faith.  A couple of the smaller children giggled at Faith's accent, but were silenced by smacks on the head from Cary, Guadeloupe's aunt.  "Now Guadeloupe, do you take this man as your  lawfully wedded husband?" asked Faith. "I do." said Guadeloupe. "Now T.K., do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?"  asked Faith.  "Uh, what was the question again?" T.K. asked cluelessly. Everyone laughed.  Faith calmly repeated the question. "I do!!!!" said T.K. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"  T.K. and Guadeloupe kissed for a long time.
End flashback
"T.K.! Hey T.K.!" yelled Guadeloupe as she tried to wake her husband up from his daydream. "Huh? What?" said T.K. as he snapped out of it. "It's time to go." she said. "Really! What time is it?" he asked. "6:00." she said as she looked up at the big tower clock. " Let's go!" yelled T.K. as he grabbed his wife and started running home.
Chapter  five
Guadeloupe and T.K. got home just in time! "Sweetheart, We're home!" yelled T.K. as he rang the door bell. Shana opened the door. She was again dressed like a waitress. "Hello, I'm Shana, your waitress, let me show you to your table." she said as she led them to their table. First she escorted her mother to her seat then her father to his seat. "Now, what do you want to drink?" asked Shana took out her little notepad. "We'd like the romance sparkle." said T.K. "Good choice!" said Shana as she wrote it down. A few minutes later, Shana brought in two glasses of "champagne" , actually a mixture of sprite and 7up. "Now what do you want to eat?"  Shana asked took out her little notepad again. "Well, we'll have the garlic carrots, garlic shrimp, mushrooms pasta." said Guadeloupe. "Oh! Really good choice! Because that comes with a very special hot fudge desert." said Shana as she wrote it down. A few minutes later Shana came back with their meal. "Uh... Mommy, Daddy?" said Shana. "Yes, Sweetie." said her mother. "Can I go with Davis and Melody to the mall?" she asked. "Yes, Sweetheart."  said T.K. Just then there was a car horn beep. "Bye-Bye! Enjoy your night!" said Shana as she walked out the door. "Uh, Guadeloupe." T.K. said a few minutes later "Yes." she said. "There is something I wanted you to do with you tonight." he said blushing. "What?" she asked. "Just come with me." he said as a dragged her away from the table to the backyard. They over went to the swimming pool. "What is it?" she asked. "You'll see." he said as he took off his jacket. shirt, socks and shoes. He stuck his foot into the water. "Ahh! It's just right!" said as he climb in the water. Then he took off his pants and underwear. "Come on in Angel princess, The water's fine!" said T.K. "Are you sure about that?" she asked. " Oh come on Guadeloupe, loosen up for once! It's our anniversary!" he coaxed her. "Well, OK" she said finally as she took off her clothes and climbed in with him. She splashed around with him for a little bit. "Hey this is fun!" said Guadeloupe.
Chapter six
"I had a fun time, Mr. Davis. Thank you!" Shana said as she curtseyed before him. "Why do you do that?" he asked. "My mommy taught to show respect to people by curtseying to them. "You don't have to do."  said Davis. "Oh yes I do." said Shana. "No you don't." he said. "Hey! We don't have all night! Just give the child back to her parents and get your little butt in this car!" yelled Melody as she hooked the horn. "Have some patience in me! Woman!"  he yelled. Then he turned to the four year old princess. "Now come on before my fiancée has a cow!" he said as dragged her to the crystal castle. Shana used her key to get into her house. "Hello! Hello?" she said as she looked around for her parents. "Maybe they're outside in the back." she thought. "Hey Mr. Davis, let's check in the backyard." said Shana. "O.K." he said as he followed her outside. When Shana and Davis found the queen and king in the pool they were pretty amazed. "Mommy?! Daddy?!" Shana yelled in a very shocked tone of voice. "Hi T.K..... Guadeloupe...." Davis said in a very shy tone of voice. " Davis! You don't have time for that! Just come on!"  she yelled. "Gotta go!" he said as ran stay to the cars. "You're a life saver!" he said to Melody as he jumped in car. They drove off. "Uh... I think it's my bedtime. So... bye!" Shana said as she backed up to the back door, opened, and ran in.
Closing Passage
After that romantic swim, our royal couple dried off, put their clothes back on, went inside, took a shower, got dressed for bed, and climbed in a bed. "T.K. that was fun! Can we do it again next anniversary?" asked Guadeloupe. "Sure!" said T.K. "Good night Sweetheart!"  whispered Guadeloupe. "Good night my angel!"  whispered T.K. as they both went to sleep.
The End
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