Welcome to the Factory Remix

I: Pandora Wolfe:

Seven years have passed. Pandora has gotten used to the Factory�s wild life by now. In fact, she was a part it. She had started to develop her own clothing line with Andy backing her financially. Jemima had become her main model for latest designs.

Evan and Pandora are back on speaking terms now, but not fully dating. She was still seeing Hunter. That passion didn�t even get to die in the �proper� way. Yet, designer wanted to be back with Evan again. She graduated with honors from Tokyo Sakura Art University. Evan about dropped out towards the end of their last semester if she hadn�t talked him out of it. Yet, she still wished that she was back with Pandora.

Maybe something will change this go-around.

II: Andy Teach:

He�s still the same as ever. His charm grows stronger as the years go by. In fact, he keeps on drawing more stars into his Stardust Factory. They just come to him if he has any interest in them. Yet, he hasn�t forgotten about the ones that he has.

He feeds their arts and bad behavior like a drug. Anything they need�money, supplies, drugs, affection�he was more than willing to hand it over to them. Yet, he gets bored easily like he normally does.

So, it�s back out on the hunt again. What will in plan to turn up this time?

III: Emily Bellman:

She grown into a hot young woman. Other than that, nothing has changed about Emily. She�s still spoiled. She still gets what she wants. The men still want her. They all shower her with more affection than ever. Emily still isn�t even the slightest bit interested, but she takes them anyway. (�Hey, it�s free. So, why not?�) She still even parties and sleeps around.

Yet, there is one tiny change in her. She has her eyes on a certain man for a play thing when her boyfriend is on the road. One play thing that just couldn�t escape her since they were both fourteen. However, there is one small problem: he�s getting married to his long-time girlfriend. This does not worry her. She doesn�t want to steal him away.

Only borrow.

IV: Kei Yamaguchi:

Another one who hasn�t really changed. She�s all grown-up and still acts spoiled. Her father died last year and she took over 9 Records. Her older, Kiko, has her business and is still doing rather well for herself. Kei�s still friends with Simon, Nia, and Conrad. In fact, she and Conrad has started dating. Yet, everything is not as rosy as it seems.

She and Conrad have discord and hang-ups. They keep secrets from each other. Kei is living a life of her own and her friends and sister are worried for her. They are trying to get her stop her wild and dangerous behavior. Yet, Kei cannot be reached.

It�s going to take something big to make her change.

V: Stardust Factory:

It�s still the heart of hedonism. Everyone wants in. However, very few succeed. Not many people live there to begin with. They are all scattered out all over Tokyo. One would just know where to look.

There are some major changes to the building itself. For starters, it looks much cleaner and brand new. Andy made enough money to make some changes. There�s a new floor to the Factory. More space is inside for the art, work, and filming.

So what well come out this year�new, trending inspiration or the very end.

VI: Violet Rays:

She hasn�t changed much either. Her hair is purpler and she still makes art. In fact, she and Ian are still by Andy�s side. He can�t get rid of them that easily if he tried. Those two are permanent fixtures to the Factory. Everyone has come to accept that as fact.

Yet, there comes a time when an artist has to grow. Violet�s may be sooner than everyone thinks. She and Andy have talked about this numerous times. He�s fine with her leaving him. The question becomes when.

Until then, she stays at the Stardust Factory, making more art and supporting Andy.

VII: New Faces:

Andy keeps bring in new people to the Factory. Some are settling while others are not so settling. One has attached onto Pandora within moments of meeting her. Another is stirring up trouble with Ophelia. More queens have come into the picture. Plus, different art and styles.

They all keep coming to him. Andy�s charm is the bait and they are the fish. They don�t seem to know how to say no to him. Yet, this could be a bad thing too.

One such star turned everything upside down and caused the Factory to crumble even faster.

VIII: Seven Years Have Gone so Fast:

Not much has changed, but yet it has. Changes can be good, but yet it can be bad at the same time. What kind of changes will these be?

Black Changes