What the Hell Happened to Us?


It�s kind of hard to explain what is going on. I don�t even know which end to start at. It�s just a tangled up mess. No, that doesn�t even try to cover what this is. I�m still trying to find the right words to describe it. So far, no luck.

Anyway, here we are. On this� bizarre whatever it is with no clue how it started or how and when it�ll stop. And when I say we, I talking about my housemates, those boys we keep running into, those twenty-something guys, and myself. That�s right. Twenty people mixed together in this. Three separate groups that should never interact with each other in the beginning. But this happened and here we are. Actually, whatever this is hasn�t stopped at all. To my surprise along with everyone else, it�s still going. But yet, I don�t understand why on both parts. Why this is still going on and why we are all surprised.

For some reason, it doesn�t look that bad. There are little bonds forming between us all, I guess. Baby Doll seems a little bit tolerable towards about Masayuki lately. She still feels a little bit annoying. I assume that I have caught the eye of one of those twenty-something guys. Problematic in my case. I don�t need another relationship with a human. Hmm, looks like I�m going to have to try and chase him off. But, that�s for another time for me to talk.

As for what�s going on, oh buddy! I have pieced together scraps of a theory for my end. Someone is tracking us. Liz noticed little bugged device on the kitchen ceiling yesterday evening. I had to check my room this morning for more. Heaven�s getting worse on us now. They want us to return back to them. As you will and have picked up, we don�t want that. What�s wrong with sticking around here? I used to want to go back, but now I�m not too sure about that. Maybe I want to stay. Why? It�s not about him. I refuse to say it. I don�t love him! It�s not like that. He�s just a thorn in my side. The fringe over his eyes looks stupid and he just needs to eat something! Grrr! I just get angry thinking about him all over again.

I took a breath to calm myself down.

Anyway, I�m not the only one who wants to stay. Baby Doll�s trying to find her killer. Hime still wants to sleep with as many men before she leaves. I don�t know what Izumi, Liz, and Yoshiko why want by staying here.

You know, it�s kind of funny how we caught onto what was happening. No warning signs. No bright flare. Nothing big like that. It all just happened like a thief in the night. I feel stupid that none of us noticed into we were right in the middle of it. But now, there isn�t much to do, but sit back and watch it all unfold until�

I happened to pause and look up. Funny. Now why does everyone have their lights on at this time of night?