What the Hell Happened to Us?


This has all gotten out of hand somehow. I don�t know where to begin anymore. I don�t even think we tried to stop it. We probably don�t know how to.

Somebody should probably do something about this. I can�t do anything and be successful about it. I don�t even think Julie can fix this mess this time. Still, I feel that I must do something because it partly is my fault. Well, Max is the one who really started this and we have no guidance to live this. We don�t even know where he disappeared to. We can�t even begin to tell our parents what is going on. I doubt that they would even believe us.

I feel sorry for those that got sucked in with us. They had nothing to do with this and now they are just here for the ride. Sorry about that, guys. There is no point in pretending that any of this is just madness anymore. I envy Taro and his friends for taking this craziness so well. Even the angels have it more put together than we do. I know how they do it.

There is a more pressing issue at hand. Something bigger is coming to swallow us up. It�s going to wipe Suiten�no, the planet out. I know whether to be freaked out or calmly accept it. At this point, not much really matters anymore. However, I feel that there is just one more thing that needs to be done before it�s all over for us. I just don�t know exactly what or how to do it.

I lowered my head.

This is too much for me to think about right now. I just� I just need to take a rest for a while. Maybe that will help me sort out things and clear my head. Yes, that can work. I�ll just rest and then think about how to fix this. It wouldn�t hurt just to close my eyes, right? I mean I can just close my eyes, rest, and�

I happened to draw open my eyes and sit up when something caught my attention outside. Funny, now why does everyone have their lights on at this time of night?