Woman with Red Hair


There is this woman following me around. She isn�t that girl I keep seeing with Masayuki. No, this is a different woman. I don�t think I�ve seen her around before. She definitely looks like a foreigner. Almost, but not really. I have never seen somebody with hair that red before in my life.

I usually see her around downtown. That�s how it started out, but lately I�m starting to see her everywhere. She has been hanging around my school as if to wait for me. Sometimes, I see her along the highway. She even stood outside of my house looking like she wanted to go inside. She isn�t really trying to get into the house or anything. She never says a word to me. This woman just stares at me. I don�t even have the slightest clue what she wants.

Finally one day, I gathered up nerved and crossed the street over to her. She didn�t show anything on her face. She seemed to be waiting for me to go over and talk to her. I don�t think I can say why. I made it over to this woman.

�Excuse me; have I seen you around before?� I asked. The woman didn�t speak at first.

�I think I have seen you somewhere before,� I said.

�Where?� she asked. So she does talk. I pushed that to the side and continued on with my questions.

�In town, when I go to school, I even saw you in front of my house,� I answered her. She didn�t say anything.

�I was wondering, why?� I said.

�Why what?� she asked.

�Why are you following me?� I asked. No answer. I tried to keep myself from snapping at this not-moving questioning.

�Why are you following me?� I asked her again. She didn�t speak at first. I was fighting back a scream when she blinked at me.

�Huh?� she asked.

�You keep following me around, why?� I asked. Again, this woman didn�t answer at first. Then, she giggled at me. I raised an eyebrow at her.

�What�s so funny?� I asked.

�Does there have to be a reason?� she asked.

�Well, yeah,� I said. �You keep following me around and it�s pretty creepy.�

�Ah,� she said. Okay, what�s wrong with her? Does she not realize what she is doing is illegal? Especially with what happened with Mizuka and me twelve years ago.

�What do you want from me?� I asked. The woman shook her head at me.

�Nothing,� she said. Not a reason I bought. I resisted pointing that out to her. She would just confuse me even more if I did.

�Who are you?� I asked. The woman giggled at me again. There really must be something wrong with her. She only smiled at me.

�Robin,� she said. This time, I blinked at her.

�Huh?� I asked.

�My name is Robin,� she said. Then, the woman turned and walked away. I stood there frustrated and even more confused than when I first talked to her. That made no sense to me what so ever and she didn�t even answer any of my questions. So why did I even walk up and talk to her for?