Chapter Thirty-Six: Women are Scary:

-December 24th, 2011-

3:00 a.m.

For some reason, Anna got up. Something sat heavy on her mind. She looked over at her husband. Tsuzuki lay asleep beside her. Anna looked over at the door. This had to be done. Why now? She didn’t know. Anna climbed out of bed. She put on a robe and quietly walked out of the room.

Anna headed to the living room. Sure enough, Annabelle was sitting on the couch. The other woman slowly crept up from behind. How was she doing this? She hadn’t planned this out. It just happened.

Step. Step. Step.

Anna froze. Annabelle turned her head. Both women stared at each other. Neither spoke.

“Uh… hi,” Anna said. Annabelle blinked.

“Can’t sleep?” she asked. The other woman hesitated at first.

“No…” she admitted. “You?” Annabelle shook her head.

“No,” she said. She patted the spot next to her on the couch. As if in a trance, Anna walked over and sat down. The blonde woman smiled. What was happening here? Anna was supposed to stop the mess before it began. She stiffened up.

“Listen,” Anna said. Annabelle stared at her, silent. Why was this hard? Anna wasn’t angry. She just…

“Look,” she began again. The woman balled up her fists on her lap.

“You are making my husband uncomfortable. Could you please stop?” Anna looked her in the eye. Annabelle said nothing. She had no expression her face. Anna kept it together.

“Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes,” the other woman said. That didn’t sound to reassuring. Anna raised her eyebrow.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yes,” Annabelle said. More silence hung there. That should be it, right? But there needed to be more. Somehow…

“Are you okay?” Annabelle asked. Anna looked like she blanked out there.

“Uh…” she said.

“Are you sick?” the other woman asked. Annabelle put her hand on Anna’s forehead. Anna backed away.

“Stop,” she said. Annabelle stared at her. Anna sighed and dropped her shoulders. What was happening? She hadn’t planned on this. She hadn’t planned anything. The women just stared at each other in the dark.

“Anna-chan?” someone asked. Anna turned her head.

Asato?” she asked. Footsteps came down the hall. They stopped at the doorway.

“What are you doing up?” Tsuzuki asked. His wife shook her head.

“Couldn’t sleep,” she said. “I’m sorry if I woke you up.”

“Oh, no. It’s fine,” Tsuzuki said.

“Did you want something?” Anna asked. The shinigami shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Just wanted to know where you. Good night.” He turned and walked down the hall. Anna gave him a little wave.

“Good night,” Anna whispered. She turned back to Annabelle once the door closed down the hall. That took some tension away. But Anna still had nothing to say. It didn’t that help that Annabelle stared at her again.

“Uh…” Anna started to say. The words fell flat in her mouth. Annabelle said nothing herself. Both women would sit there on the couch until sunrise.