Chapter Seven: Worrisome:


It's another night and I still can't sleep. I usually drop off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I stared at the ceiling and thought about all those Smiths songs I deleted. Henry's all-time favorite band was the Smiths. He tried to get me into them. The band had a few good songs, but they weren't that great. "This Charming Man" was what Henry played on our first date. I digress.

I already checked on Henry and he's fine. Maybe, I'm finally moving on. I did keep those songs for sentimental reasons, but why now? Until now, Henry didn't even cross my mind. I convinced my friends via e-mail that we had a fight and now he's pretending that he doesn't remember me. I don't have his number or e-mail anymore and I even unfriended him on Facebook.

I turned and saw that tree again. I narrowed my eyes. Did that tree get closer? I sat up, looking, and shook my head. That's not possible; tress can't move! Wait! What if it's not a tree! I shut my eyes. I really need to sleep. Blossoms should not look that pink. The glow almost hurts my eyes. How the hell does it do that? I clutched my sheets. It's creepy to think about the tree like that. Quick, think about something else.

One question filled my head at this point. Am I dead again? I really was at one point, but then I came back, and then I nearly died again. I can cross both Meifu and Chijou. So, what exactly am I? I crawled out of bed and went down to the living room. The bright light of my laptop nearly blinded me. I clicked Foxfire and went to Yahoo Mail. My message didn't take long to type.

Hey Watari-san,

Do you have any additional information on the core yet? Am I dead or still alive? I have to know. Please let me know ASAP.

That should do it. I hit send and looked at my laptop clock. One in the morning already? I really need to sleep. This should not become a pattern for me. I'm running out of energy shots too. I switched to Google and looked up insomnia cures. The results looked standard. Pills, herbs, and tricks ranked at the top. I'm willing to try anything at this point, But where to start?

I clicked on the first link I saw. "Eat some carbohydrates before bed like bread, rice, etc." the first tip read. I sat back, thinking. That could work; I am a bit hungry now. There is some taiyaki still left. Okay then, I'll give it a shot. Into the kitchen I went. After three more taiyaki later, I went back to bed. I saw that tree again.

What is with that tree outside? It cut into my soul and I didn't like it. Had it always been there? I meant to ask Asato-kun about it, but he's busy right now. He probably wouldn't get time off until the case is over. It's too late to call him too. My eyes stayed fixed on that tree outside.

Why do I watch it intently? I mean, the tree didn't do anything. It just sat there, glowing. Aside from that part about it, I didn't get it. I felt like that housewife in Murakami Haruki's story, The Little Green Monster. Only I was happy with my married life right now. So why did I have this unease about Henry and my American friends? The pain in my ears came again. The buzz matched the same volume and pitch of a static-filled TV. I winced and clenched my teeth.

Oh God, I thought. Make it stop. My eyes darted towards the tree. Wait! Is� that sound� coming from� That can't be. But� I shut my eyes. I don't� know anymore� I just want to sleep again. I spent the rest of night huddled in the fetal position, trying to block out the buzzing in my ears.