Chapter Fifteen: Yasuo’s Angels:

Back at Ju-Oh-Cho, the boys were putting the new information together at the board meeting. They had just matched up Kimoto Yasuo to a handful of the killings. It took them about an hour, but they managed to get the timeline correct. Tatsumi ran the projector.

“On May 20th, 1976, Kimoto Yasuo murdered Jennifer Day, his first kill,” he stated, “She was an American secretary on a business trip at the time. Day-san also had an affair with her boss. Her body was found in the Dragon Hotel parking lot in the early hours of the morning.” He switched to the next slide.

“On December 25th, 1980, Kimoto murdered Triple Pleasure. She was a hostess at Karen’s Kitten Kisses Club, a gentleman’s club. This became known the “Christmas Day Murder” because of when they found of her at Tokyo Bay.” Tatsumi switched to the next slide.

“July 8th, 1982, Endo Aya and Jimbo Hoshi were murdered on Maiko beach. It was estimated they were killed three days prior. Endo was seventeen and Jimbo was sixteen. A fisherman found their bodies when he was docking his boat.” He moved to the next slide.

“September 10th, 1988, Yasuo killed Okawa Kimi. She was a nurse at Kobe University Hospital. Okawa was suspected of stealing drugs from the hospital where she worked at the time. Case was later confirmed.” He moved to the next slide.

“June 29th, 1991, Kimoto murdered Saji Keiko and Ino Miho, four days before their graduation. Both were seventeen and had prior drug possession charges. The girls also ran away from home constantly.” Tatsumi switched to the next slide.

“February 15th, 1997, Kimoto murder Pureshasuenjeru on Valentine’s Day. Unlike the previous victims, she was found hanging from the ceiling in the room on the day after. She was a well-know prostitute in Tokyo who suffered from depression.” He moved to the next slide.

“November 11th, 1999, Kate Kimi was murdered by Kimoto. She was a nurse at Orange Ginko Yuki Nursing Home in Tokyo. Kate was suspected of stealing from her patients. The case was confirmed after her murder.” He moved to the next slide.

“March 6th, 2006, Joshuya Rika was murdered by Kimoto. She was found in Kobe Municipal Arboretum by a group of college students. It was suspected that she had been dead for five days.” Tatsumi switched to the next slide.

“May 7th, 2009, Kimoto killed his own niece, Anna. However thanks to Tsuzuki, she is alive because of a Hell Stone.” Tsuzuki sat on in uncomfortable silence. He knew that they just wouldn’t let it go for a long time. The looks in their eyes warned him as such. However, the matter was a bit excusable now. Tatsumi want to the last slide.

“In the same year,” he went on, “Maro Hana was murdered by Kimoto Yasuo. She was local rising geisha who had just left home. This murder had to be a warning to us.”

“Most of these women had broken the law in some way,” Watari spoke up, “Day-san was having an affair, Triple Pleasure and Pureshasuenjeru were sex workers, Saji and Ino weren’t exactly angels with the law, and Okawa and Kate stole from their place of work. Anna of course has the kitsune. But why kill Joshuya, Endo, and Jimbo? They had no criminal records or bad conduct. Not even a late fee.”

“Anna told me that Yasuo did help in Yumiko and Kirika’s murders,” Tsuzuki spoke up. “Maybe… they reminded him of them.” Nobody spoke at his suggestion. The Shinigami looked down at the table.

“Could be possible…” he mumbled. Konoe cleared his throat.

“Either way, we have only identified a portion of the kills,” he pointed out, “We still have a long way to go.” He turned his attention to Tsuzuki and Hisoka.

“Tsuzuki, Kurosaki,” he said, “Go back to Kimoto manor. Anna might lure Yasuo to us. When he does arrive again, bring him in to be judged. We can’t afford to have any more victims. Do you understand me?” The boys nodded.

“Yes sir,” they said. Tsuzuki and Hisoka headed out.