Chapter Fifty: You are Home:


I: Typical Night

We slowly make it back into town with Anna-chan hobbling all the way. Just before our neighborhood comes into sight, I press my chin to Anna-chan’s shoulder and sigh.

“Don’t forget,”

“I won't,” she brushes off.

“I’m hungry!”

“Yes, I know.” We stop for burgers and I find myself craving everything in sight.. I want to order almost one of everything on the menu.

“Calm down!” Anna-chan says. “We can’t afford it all.” We walk up to the counter and she makes the order.

“For here or to go?” the clerk asks.

Anna-chan looks at me. “Well…? What are we doing?” she asks. “Do you want to eat now or wait until we get home?”

“Now,” I say without missing a beat. “I’m too hungry to walk all the way home without eating something.”

“Okay.” Anna-chan turns back to the clerk. “For here.”

“Yes ma’am,” the teenage clerk says. I look around the restaurant while Anna-chan pays for our dinner and takes our receipt. I don’t think I've ever noticed so many families with children out on a night like this. It's so busy that some the cashiers and cooks in the back struggle to keep up with the crush of orders are coming in one after the other. Anna-chan makes a similar observation as she looks around.

“Looks like a busy night, huh?”

“Yep,” Anna says.


II: Dinner Date

We eat in a booth near the window. Anna-chan looks down at her meal in puzzlement, but I waste no time with my fries and burger.

“It’s funny,” she says. “I didn’t like McDonalds in America.”

“Why is that?” I ask.

“The portion sizes, and the taste.”

“The taste?”

“I can't think of any other way to describe it but, in the United States, they use more preservatives in their food, and the portions are outrageous. Even their produce is filled with chemicals.” She picks up a fry. “When I was in college, Becky’s sister came to visit for the weekend. We all went out to a McDonalds. Nothing much, just a standard meal. But I wound up getting sick later that evening. Probably ate too much.”

“That sucks, babe.”

“Yeah. I couldn’t look at food for the rest of the night.” She picks up another fry and spins it around between her thumb and forefinger. “After that, I didn't eat McDonald's unless I could split it with someone else. ”

“But why did you get sick?”

Anna-chan shrugs and shakes her head. “Don’t know. Maybe I was so used to the McDonald’s here. They have a dining room of a sort, but don't really expect people to sit down. It's more like a restaurant here at home.”

“That’s probably it.”

“I dunno, maybe...”

I lean in, and smile, “Tell me more.”

“About what?” she wondered.

“Your years in college. I'm curious to learn more about you.”

“Really?” A look of confusion and concern played across her features. She blinks nervously as she thinks about my request. “You do?”


“Alright…” She takes a deep breath, and wades in bravely.  She tells me all about her college years as we sit sharing our meal. Between bites, I take it all that she has to say as I marvel at her honestly. I love her so much. She's definitely cinnamon roll.


III: Modern Love

After dinner, I find myself still feeling a little peckish. “I want my ice cream now!” I pout.

“Okay,” Anna-chan nods.

“And, daifuku.”

“Fine, fine.” She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

“You know what? Dessert doesn’t really matter right now. Maybe later? But for the moment I want to enjoy this time with my little bunny.” We head back out into the night arm in arm.

“Are we going to eat in again, Asato-kun?”

“Nah,” I lightly kiss her cheek, and smile. “We can walk around with our ice cream and save our daifuku for later. I'd be happy to wait until we got home,” I whisper as I trace the shell of her ear. “Sound good?”

“Yeah. Ice cream tastes much better on a summer night. Especially when it’s with someone you love,” Anna smiled sweetly.


We continue our moonlight stroll home but first, stop at our favorite ice cream shop. We look over the entire menu, even try a few samples - but we both know what we want. Anna-chan decided to have Sakura, but I'm craving purple sweet potato.

“Can I taste yours?” I ask.

“Let me taste yours first,” she says.

“Fine.” We exchange licks on our cones. Her Sakura ice cream is not as sweet as her yummiest parts, if you know what I mean. We picked up our daifuku from an all-night bakery.

“Ready to go?” Anna-chan asks. She holds out her hand for me.

“Let’s go home, my love.” I take her hand, and lace our fingers together as we amble back home.


IV: Special Dessert

Summer will be over in a few short days. I have to make the most of tonight. I'm feeling a little handsy. I try to be sly and start slowly by nuzzling Anna-chan on the neck, but she tries to push me away.

“Stop, Asato-kun!” she huffs.

“But I want my other dessert,” I whimper.

“I have the cake balls in the fridge.”

“Not that dessert!”

She turns around, confused. “Then, what do you want?”


“Me?” Before she can object I'm dragging her back to our room. She hits the futon and I climb on top impatiently. My bunny looks up at me, narrowing his eyes.

“You weren’t kidding, were you, husband?”

I shake my head, smiling. “Earlier, you said you’d give me anything I want, remember?”

“Well… yes…” She blushes.

“Please?” I pout at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Alright,” she gives in without much of a fight, but I can tell that what she really wants is to make love, not be pounded into the mattress by my alter ego. We share a tender kiss before I slide off her dress. Anna-chan’s fingers drift lazily up my abs, then she unbuttons my shirt and pushes it off my shoulders. Once our clothes end up on the floor, Anna-chan lies back and parts her thighs for me. She licks her fingers and slides it down to her core. She flicks her orchid like folds until they begin to glisten with her own juices. Then, she lifts a nipple to her mouth to lick it just before pursing her lips to blow across it. Damn. The tiny nubbin pops up right before my eyes. Anna-chan raises herself onto bent elbows and stares directly into my eyes as she says, “Still hungry for mochi?” When I climbed onto the bed, I slid my fingers inside her. She threw her head back and moaned. She was sticky and wet inside, just like a sweet bean paste mochi, only she tasted much better.


V: Wedding Ceremony

The priest arrived at his temple to find candles lining the walk leading up to the entrance. Intrigued, he followed the trail inside. In his room, he found Konohana sitting on the futon, waiting for him.

“Welcome home,” she said, bowing her head. The priest breathed heavily as he slid the door closed. In all his life, the cherry blossom goddess had never looked so beautiful before. Tonight, she wore a light blue and purple wedding kimono with matching peacock feathers pinned in hair.

She gave him a calm smile as she asked, “Will you become one with me?” The priest gulped nervously and nodded.

Konohana leaned forward in the candlelight. “Kiss me!” she purred. He crossed the room, and gave her a kiss that left her breathless. She pulled him closer, and began undressing him. The priest gave her sash a tug letting her kimono fall away from her.

“Take me!” Konohana screamed. “I want you to fuck me right here!” The priest caved in and obeyed every command. They tumbled and played, making love for what seemed like hours and hours. As they pleasured each other, the Graces’ pets, a deer, fox, and crow, watched as the lovemaking ritual separated the lover's souls. By the time they reached their climax, the priest and goddess had become one. The Graces blessed the couple as they slept.


VI: Bitter Apple

Anna and I sleep like babies. I hold her close to me, and wrap her protectively in my arms. Summer’s over. Now my thought turn to what autumn will bring us.