15 Steps


That creep known as Russell won�t let up on me. Everywhere I go, he manages to find me and try and talk to me. He used to just stare at me. Now, it�s gotten worse with him trying to talk to me every chance that he gives. This time, he tracked me down on the street and tried to follow me home. He wouldn�t let up until I whipped around, glaring at him.

�What the hell do you want with me?� I asked. The skinny, pale creep looked me in the eye.

�I just want to get to know you,� he said. I raised an eyebrow at him, sneering. What the hell is with this guy? Why would he just fuck off and go away? He�s just so creepy and annoying.

�Why?� I hissed. The pissed look on my face did little to turn him away.

He gave me that annoying smile of his. �I think you�re pretty.�

I snorted at him. �You are just creepy.� I felt like choking him every time he saw his face. Why won�t he take a hint to leave me alone?

�I�m not!� Russell complained at me.

�Yes, you are,� I said, putting my hands on my hips. Russell gave me a hurt look on his face.

�I don�t want to be,� he said with a whimper.

I rolled my eyes. �Could�ve fooled me,� I mumbled under my breath. He tried to give me puppy dog eyes. I gritted my teeth at him.

�Cut it out,� I muttered. Russell pouted at me.

�Just stop,� I hissed. �You are a grown man!�

�At least tell me your name,� he said in a low voice. I puffed up my cheeks with cold eyes at him.

�Then will you leave me alone?� I asked. Russell nodded his head, pouting. I groaned and rolled my eyes.

�Fine,� I muttered. �Natalie.�

�Natalie?� he repeated.

�Yes,� I said. I leaned in close to his face. �Now go away,� I whispered.

�Okay,� Russell said with a quick nod. I watched as he turned and walked away. For some reason, I felt myself smiling. That should be the last I see of him for now. I began frowning to myself.

I hope�