I�m in Earth

The boys can�t understand what�s unfolding around them. It just ambushed them from all sides. Sure with the out-of-body experiences and things they had seen in the hidden realm, they would be used to it. However, this is on a completely different scale.

Masayuki has taken it to it well. Baby Doll finds him annoying, but she has a good use for him. He actually doesn�t mind it. The boy has taken insults before. Still, he too is curious about her. She says that she died two years ago. Masayuki isn�t quite ready to believe that for himself. So what better way than to solve her �murder� and learn more about her along the way? Today in Tokyo should help them out.

Taro is stuck with it. Robin just won�t leave him alone. She�s worse than Masayuki himself. He doesn�t understand what she wants with him. The situation changes when he asks about her. Robin all of a sudden doesn�t want to talk. She even starts to look a little bit sad. Taro couldn�t exactly figure her out. However, an enigmatic man named Matt just came along and threw things into an even more confusing circle.

Makoto has seen anything yet, but he will. It�s only going to take one tough, smart, potty-mouthed angel to nearly complete Earth�s meeting with Heaven. When that happens, as one fox warned in dreams, chaos will reign. When this meeting will take place? It�s only going to be a matter of time�

That�s right. It�s only a matter of time before things get really fubar.