Chapter Fifty: Aftermath:

February 10th, 2010.

So much mess to clean up. Fine way to go into the new month with the first case of the year. No satisfaction was to be gained from it. Tsuzuki and the boys found Anna and Sekai in Watari's lab. The test subject slept in her bed in the infirmary as Anna and Tsuzuki sat by her side. He hadn't spoken the whole time. In fact, he gave Anna a cold look. She didn't understand why.

"What's wrong, Asato-kun?" she asked. He frowned as he didn't answer. His fianc�e frowned as she tried to figure it out.

"What did I do?" Anna asked. "Is it because I went off alone? I had to! I didn't want to feel useless! Besides, I killed the virus, right? Right?"

"That's not the point!" he snapped.

"Asato-kun?" his girl asked.

He clenched his fists. "What if he killed you too? I'm sorry, but I want to keep you around for the wedding! You keep forgetting that you're not alone anymore! You have me now, remember?"

"But Watari's antidote worked!"

"What if it hadn't? Didn't you think about that? Don't do something like that again, okay?"

Anna sat back silent in her chair. He wouldn't see it her way. Still worth it, she thought. I did the right thing! Stella, Jules, and Seita were all cremated days after their bodies were found. Tsuzuki and Anna decided to take Stella's ashes back to her family.

"Does she have any living relatives?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Her parents and sisters live in New York," Lucy replied on the phone.

"I understand," the shinigami replied. "Thank you." By morning, he and Anna set out for New York.


Sekai made a full recovery and went home after several questions and tests. Surprisingly, Yu awoke from his injuries fully healed. He insisted that he be punished for his involvement in the experiments.

"This was my fault," he told Watari in his infirmary bed. "I should have said something earlier. Maybe then�"

Watari held up his hand. "Yes, we know."


"You want to repent? Don't do it again and do the right thing."


The blonde scientist shushed him. "You'll be able to leave in the morning." He turned to head out the door. "You should rest until then." Watari went back to his lab to assess the damages. Yu sat in bed, blinking.

Who are these people? The junior sat alone in his thoughts.


In limbo, Sumire sat near the pond, waiting. Her fingers played with the thin grass as she smiled. The angel turned to see Emiko as an angel standing before her.

"Hey," Emiko said. Sumire rose to her feet.

"You're home," she gasped.

"Yep, I'm home," the butch demon said. Sumire raced over to her and threw her arms around her neck.

"Welcome home," she whispered loudly. The angel kissed her lover on the lips. Emiko held her rather surprised. She blinked as Sumire gently pulled away.

"Sumire-chan, you�" she said.

"That's right," the other angel replied. "I came out. I came out and I'm still an angel." Emiko smiled and shared another kiss with her.


On the eleventh, Rihoko and Mike cleared out Seita's things from his room.

"I'm going to miss that lazy bum," Mike said.

"Yeah," Rihoko said. She walked to his nightstand and noticed his cell phone. "He's got one missed call."

"Hm?" Mike asked. He walked over for a listen as Rihoko hit play.

"Hey Seita-kun, it's me. How are you? I missed you at school. Anyway, I wanted to tell you this. Truth is, I really do like you. I mess with you because of it. I don't like you sick or in trouble. Call me back when you get better. See ya."


Meanwhile, Ju-Oh-Cho sorted through all of the souls Kohaku had eaten in the past. So many souls would take at least three months to sort out, but for the first time in years, Wong Ami's soul finally made it back home to Hong Kong.