Case Files

First one of  "Ghost Doll." Ten years ago, Tsuzuki and Hisoka were on another case involving the descendant of Eda-Kimoto clan. Tsuzuki met the murder victim's daughter. The case ran cold. Now ten years have passed and the deaths starting again, starting with the victim's daughter.

Black Pawn
Second one of "Ghost Doll." Anna gets the motivation for revenge against Haruka after she gets an e-mail telling her to look up a document about her dead aunts. She turns to Tsuzuki and the Shinigami to help her. Meanwhile, Emiko and Hotaru plot to get Tsuzuki and Anna together as a couple.

Summer Rains
Third one of "Ghost Doll." Can love save two damaged souls? Anna and Tsuzuki are going to find out. Story flooded with tons with Anzuki moments. (AKA: Tsuzuki +OC) That's means a few lemon chapters later on and a tiny one-sided Tsusoka moment. (Blink and you miss it.)

Fourth one of "Ghost Doll." Anna's past nightmares come back to haunt her out of the blue for a series of nights. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki begins to fall depressed as his past haunts him again. It seems that Tsuzuki's depression and Anna's nightmares seem linked together somehow. Meanwhile, Anna's friends are still looking for her. But, they are not the only ones. The man in Anna's nightmares and her uncles are after her for different reasons as well. Tsuzuki + OC. Yuri and het lemons with some gruesome violence and dark stuff to behold.

Corrupt Fruit
Fifth one of  "Ghost Doll." Nakata Rieko wasn't exactly an angel of a student. She was highly unstable, drank, did drugs, highly suicidal, and very promiscuous. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that she would be found dead and three weeks pregnant in her dorm bathtub, right? Not with the Eda-Kimoto burns on her wrists. Dr. Yamashita, Anna's former psychiatrist, is being blamed for her death. So, he turns to Anna and the Shinigami for help. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Emiko and the demons seem to be falling back into their old ways after being out of hell so long. Still, Tsuzuki + OC. Yuri S&M and maybe some het lemons. Plus violence as well.

Velvet Divorce
Sixth one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Teenage boys are dying in a private school in Nagasaki. Ju-Oh-Cho suspects a demon is behind the murders. Tsuzuki and Hisoka go undercover to find the cause. Meanwhile, Anna goes to try and unlock her power so she can defend herself. All the while, Kyoko tries to keep Kato's death a secret, but how long will that last? Some het lemons and gore to behold. Still, Tsuzuki + OC as well.

Black Cherry
Seventh one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Anna's time is running out. Tsuzuki is faced with the task of taking the Hell Stone out of her body before she becomes white ash. Only, he doesn't want to do that. So when Kato appears to him with the solution, Tsuzuki ends up putting Anna through a month-long battle to survival. Tsuzuki + OC still. I'm planning on having some lemons in the story.

Rapture Like Blood
Eighth one in "Ghost Doll." Three cases in one: missing and moving corpses, Hotaru's friend, and more with the Eda-Kimoto clan. Plus, the Shinigami have to keep watch over Anna's kitsune to keep it from breaking out of Daisuke's shield and merging with Anna's soul.

Ninth one in "Ghost Doll." Tsuzuki has been acting strange lately. He seems to have gone AWOL and no one can reach him. But he resurfaces and assaults Anna, he traps her into a long torture game with round after round of suffering. But for what purpose? The answer is just a demented as the game itself. I apologize to my fellow Tsuzuki fans in advance.

Tenth one in "Ghost Doll." A new virus has escaped in Japan causing people to be controlled by their id in the new year. The Shinigami work to stop the bloodshed. But things take a sharp, complicated turn when Shichiro, Haruka, and Amaya return in the picture to hunt for the mother kitsune. Meanwhile, Emiko, Hotaru, Mike, and Kazue resume their mission to overthrow Hell.

Orange Blossom
Eleventh book of "Ghost Doll." After the virus massacre, everyone is trying to pick up the pieces and recover to normal. Who is Hisoka's new "friend?" Shichiro's soul goes on trial. Anna's kitsune is trying to free itself now. Plus, some people arrive in the mix. Lemons, some surreal and some not, will occur. Still, Tsuzuki + OC.

Twelfth book in "Ghost Doll." Everyone now knows that Tsuzuki and Anna are now married. So, what comes now? Tatsumi calls up one of his shrink friends from America to "help" the newlyweds out. Her first order of business? No sex for a month. On top of that, the latest case takes place in the Red Light District in Tokyo. Now, Tsuzuki has to battle temptation to try and stay focused for to catch the culprit. This one will be gritty than the previous books.

Lotus Girl
Thirteenth book in "Ghost Doll." Things seemed to have cooled down around Meifu while things have gotten steamier for Tsuzuki and Anna during the springs nights. But yet, Anna finds herself unable to sleep afterwards and notices a strange tree outside of their bedroom window. It seems to be calling out to her, however she is not sure why. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki's wounds seem to be taking longer to heal and he always looks tired. The other Shinigami fear the worst ever since the Mother Kitsune has gotten free. Yet, how exactly can they be so sure about that?

Fourteenth book in "Ghost Doll."Hisoka isn't in a good place at the moment. As a result, he turns up missing a few days later. As the other Shinigami try to figure out the truth of his whereabouts, they all find some rather unsettling clues around his house. Traces of a strange powder on the counter, the apartment looks rather trashed, plus there are traces of blood all over the floor and walls. Yet, Hisoka hasn't been alone for the past few days that he hasn't shown up for work. Where is Hisoka now and can they reach him in time before tragedy strikes? And how is Jessie involved in all of this?

Venus Butterfly
Fifteenth book in "Ghost Doll." One confession in San Diego, California from Anna's aunt, Allison, was all it took to trigger the Mother Kitsune to take over Anna's body to merge with her soul as the curse demanded. Now, Tsuzuki has to deal with a bitter, vengeful, oversexed kitsune controlling his wife's body while he finds a way to get Anna back. Meanwhile, new residents come into Meifu and shake things up. Also, Hotaru might get her wish of a new lover after all.

Sixteenth book in "Ghost Doll." At Vivian's house warming party thrown by Hotaru, Anna notices a little purple rabbit in the doorway to the hall. Curious, she gets up and follows it a strange room where a book is writing itself. When she accidentally touches the text, she is sucked into a world of lustful vices in the fashion of Alice in Wonderland. There are mostly women in this story world and they all seem to want to sleep with her. The only way Anna can get home is through a woman called "Bunny-tan." However, she isn't the only one seeking her. The "hunters", men who are invading this woman-only world, want to seek the "Bunny" as well.

Pure Morning
Seventeenth book in the "Ghost Doll" series. Marriage is a burning thing. Tsuzuki and Anna try to fix themselves and each other through love and passionate desire. However like all marriages, they too have their up and down days. While husband and wife indulge in each other through the summer days and nights, the Mother tries to adjust to a third round of married life. Initially, she wants to devour Tsuzuki, but his love and tenderness throws her off kilter. Will she end up swallowing her pride and start loving her new "husband"?

Nightly Rituals
Eighteenth book in the series. Summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean that the crew has to let go of sweet memories that came with it. Charlotte and Takashi seem to have grown closer. The same can be said for April and Kyosuke. Love pretty much just keeps blowing up even outside of Meifu. Hotaru finally makes her first move on her crushes. Mike and Vivian might have a connection as well. It happens in the summer nights before they give way to autumn.

Nineteenth book in the series. Hisoka has been alone for most of the summer. He's been avoiding his colleagues and going home early after work. The reason? His ex, Jessie, has come back and this time, she is a broken soul. She has seen the horror of her hometown, Hell. Hisoka has no idea what happened to her, but he feels obliugated to care for her. However, her mother is hunting her down with a few of her friends to kill her daughter. Can Hisoka help his ex without relapsing?

Heaven and Earth
Twentieth book in the series. Two teenaged lovers embark on a game of murder and torture to kill their boredom. The case ends up at Ju-Oh-Cho's door when the teens get hold of dark magic one evening. Meanwhile, changes come to Tsuzuki and Anna when they recieve a little "gift" while looking for survivors from a violent storm in Okinawa. Love tries to grow for Charlotte, Takashi, April, and Kyosuke. Plus, Lucy gets some new neighbors and the mole in Ju-Oh-Cho is finally revealed.

Sakura Train
Twenty-first book in the series. After the fallout from Haruka's party, Anna comes home to another crisis. The Viper's Teeth wants to take baby Kirika back to Hong Kong to run tests on her blood. This puts her and Tsuzuki in a pickle: subject the child to inhumane experiments or let the whole contenint of Asia suffer when the demon break out of Hell. Add Daiyu wanting to take the baby back for herself and the mess keeps growing. However, Anna doesn't seem to want to connect with the child and the others can't figure out why. Meanwhile, love grows and Katsumi and Miki up the anity with their murderous spree.

Playing the Angel
Twenty-second book inthe series. Winter brings in a lusty heat during a case. Couples seem to be killing each other in a certain love hotel. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are sent down to investigate. While working, Tsuzuki seeks in Anna for some naughty fun on the side. Meanwhile, the other couples in their group are trying to get closer while Lucy and Jared try to put Tai and Lenard together. While this is going on, Hitomi finally makes her own decision for her freedom.

Empress Lovers
Twenty-third book in the series. Spring is about to bring the beginning of the end. It all starts when Tsuzuki and Anna get called to come to the old neighborhood in Kobe by Kyoko. Meanwhile, Hitomi begins her suicide mission to help bring an end to the Eda-Kimoto clan. Nobu's instablity grows and Victoria appears to have her own agenda when she starts following Tsuzuki and Anna.

Rainy Season
Twenty-fourth book in the series. The rainy season begins and Tsuzuki decides to spend it in bed with Anna. He refuses to let her out unless it's to take care of Kirika-chan of if she needs to. Meanwhile, love and relationships grow and develop between their friends. It seems calm, but is there a storm full of rumors stirring at Ju-Oh-Cho while Tsuzuki doesn't know it?

Scarlet Record
Twenty-fifth book in the series. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are on the hunt for fifteen high-risk souls that have escaped in Chijou. These souls seek out the dying who still want to live and extend their life spans. But, the price is killing innocent people surrounding them so that they can uphold their end of the bargain. They are anchored here by strong emotions such as anger, sorrow, and regret. The hunt is on for these souls before the shinigami Christine is out of a job.

Surreal Vanilla
Twenty-sixth book in the series. A home invasion leads to a chain of events that could lead to a quicker end to the war with the Eda-Kimoto clan. Another kitsune fraction wants the Mother for their own agenda. A honey trap comes along and tries to disrupt Anna and Tsuzuki's marriage. The couple have to play a mental game with the fraction, risking their marriage in the process. Meanwhile, Watari gets closer to the source in the core farm case. Someone from Charlotte's past comes back to haunt her while Kyosuke deals with family drama.

A Place for Us to Dream
Twenty-seventh book in the series. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are on a secret mission. Tsuzuki has vowed to break the Yasuo's curse over Anna. But, he doesn't want to kill her uncle. Instead, he wishes to destroy the connection that Yasuo and his kitsune have. Only then, can said kitsune be killed. Hisoka is doubtful about the motives, but it will help the case. Meanwhile, Anna makes a pact of her own. She aims to kill Muraki and get him out of her husband's life for good. Which one of the couple's goals will be completed with success?

Twenty-eighth book in the series. When Jotaro calls Anna for help, she tries to jump to his aid. Tsuzuki doesn't trust the young man. Jotaro turns himself into Ju-Oh-Cho, but he won't talk to anyone until he speaks with Anna. While she gets deeper into the case, someone from Anna's past calls for help in looking for her missing daughter. Meanwhile, the past starts to catch up with Mike and Kazue might be helping in love. Through all of this, could the end of the war coming close?

Boar and Rat
Twenty-ninth book in the series. The final war is coming to a head. Tsuzuki and Anna decide to end all of this. In order for them to secure the future of their happy home, they have made a pact to stop this madness once and for all. Haruka has the same idea as well. It has turned into tit for tat. Both sides do not want to give in. The only way to end all of this is that someone has to strike in an extreme way. The question becomes who will make the first move?

Cherry Bomb
Thirtieth book in the series. The war is over and everything is calm. But Anna isn't taking it so well. She feels like something is missing. Tsuzuki wants to help his wife but he feels like this is beyond him this time. Airi herself is trying to adjust to normal life as well. Time to go for a little vacation in the States. Maybe seeing some old friends in New York?

Hokkaido Story
Thirty-first book in the series. Five years have passed and Tsuzuki goes on a winter vacation with his family and coworkers. Everyone enjoys the snow and calm of Sapporo. Everything is going well until Kirika-chan falls ill. Her fever doesn't seem to be letting up and her parents don't know what to do. It gets worse to the point that the little girl could die. Watari suspects that someone has cursed the child. But who would do such and thing and what would be the motive? Can Tsuzuki, Anna, and the others break the curse before Kirika-chan dies?

Cherry Crush
Final book in the series. Ten years have passed since the Hokkaido trip. Kirika-chan is in the middle of her last summer as a junior high student. Tsuzuki and Anna have to deal with teenage rebellion and drama. Everyone else around them has changed with time. Lenard and Taichi are getting married. Lucy might want kids. Akira has grown into quite the young man. But still, all is not well. Airi still has to pay a pence for all that her children have done. This might be the only way for her to be happy at last in this final season.