They all can feel it. Namie enjoys tormenting them. Watching them suffer was the appetizer. The deaths would be the main course.

All for Rachel. Namie wanted to give her sister a present. Yes, a grand present. Rachel deserved such a treat. Pain and ecstasy taste so good in blood.

Suffer. Suffer. Suffer. They burn. They hurt. The silence doesn’t help them. They can’t tell anyone about their pain. No one would understand. How could they? Vampires were “invisible.” They didn’t exist. Ha! Try telling that to the poor souls.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. The pain will worsen over time. Not all at once, mind you. Slowly. Day by day until the end. Namie licked her lips at the thought.

But, isn’t it boring to wait for them to die? She had the time. The woman was immortal after all. Too bad the same can’t be said for them.




Burn, all of them! Namie pourer herself more whiskey.

“I savor your pain my lambs,” she said in the darkness. “You have no idea how good your deaths will taste.”



Suffer. Namie took another dink of whiskey.

“Suffer well my pets,” she said. “And maybe… I’ll let you have a little ecstasy before you die.” She drank more whiskey.


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