Chapter Forty-Seven: All is Full of Love:

December 24th, 2010.

7:00 p.m.


I look at my cell phone. She’s late. I have to keep it together. I look around our hotel room. I went all out to get everything finished at work. Tonight has to be special.

I breathe in and rub my forehead. I need to get back into the mood.

I lift my head when I hear a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” I ask.

“It’s only me,” she says. My mood lightens up, but I stay collected.

“Come in, my dear,” I say. The keycard clicks the lock. I smile as Anna-chan walks into the room.

“Welcome,” I say, holding out my hands. “Our passionate night awaits.” Anna-chan looks at my set-up. Candles are lit on the dresser and headboard. Massage oils and lubes sit on the nightstand. I have the lights dimmed to capture the right mood.

“Is this all for me?” she asks.

“Why yes,” I say. “Would you like a massage to start off the night?” Her cheeks turn a light red before taking off her white scarf. She looks so cute that the horny demon inside me can’t wait to pounce on her. But, I exercise restraint as my equally horny angel is in control tonight.

This has to be romantic before we get to the good part.

I clear my throat.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Okay, you will need to undress some.”

Anna-chan slowly reaches for her coat and unzips. The black puffy material hits the red carpet, followed by her thick black sweater. I walk over to her side and grab onto her hips. I unzip her black jeans and slide them down. I swallow back my drool as I ogle her hot red bra and panties with black lace. I quickly wipe it away.

“Lay down on your stomach,” I whisper in her ear. Anna-chan walks to the bed and lays down on her stomach. Not before hesitating, however. I kiss her on the lips.

“Your scars are beautiful,” I softly tell her. “Please do this for me?”

I come up behind my beautiful wife, breathing heavily.

“Just relax,” I say. My hands start with her dainty shoulders. Her skin sends shivers down my spine.

“Mmm,” she murmurs. “That feels nice.” I add enough pressure to entice another moan.

It doesn’t take long before I reach for a bottle of massage oil.

I select a cotton candy pink bottle. This one spoke to me when I picked it out last night. I flip open the cap and pour the oil on my hands. The sweet scent can’t rival Anna-chan’s perfume. My heart pounds against my chest as my hands move down her back.

Anna-chan’s moans make me gulp. My hands slide to her hips. I slide down her panties before returning to the massage.

“We can’t have it like this, can we?” I ask.

“Yes,” Anna-chan replies. A little blood escapes from my nose before I unhook her bra from the back. My eyes gaze over the scars on her back. Before I know it, my fingers stray to her bottom.

Her loud moans are all it takes. I unzip my trousers. They join my shirt and her panties on the floor.

“You’re going to have to stay quiet now,” I say. “Don’t’ make me give you a spanking.”

“Spank me,” she says softly. I lean downwards on her back.

“What?” I ask.

“Spank me.”

I about fell out from the shock. Wow! Usagi-chan’s into that sort of thing?

My lips curve into a dirty smile.

“Okay then,” I say. “How can I turn down a naughty bunny’s request?” I pour more oil onto my hands and rub it into her ass. She tries to look up, but I push her head forward.

“No peeking,” I say. I add more oil for extra measure. My demon smirks as I raise my hand.


Her howling has a strange arousing effect on me. Am I that heavy-handed?

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

I stand back, panting. Anna-chan’s ass is so red. I roll her onto her back.

“I hope you learned your lesion,” I say. Down go my boxers and I climb on top.


A woman slept naked in her apartment. The cool sheets felt good against her skin. Her long red hair covered the white silk of her pillow. Her dreaming opened the gates to the sea.

Her curved body floated up from her bed. The maiden’s dreams pulled her into an erotic land.

Each kiss from her lover pulled her into the warm sea. The waves caressed her skin. His touch awoke the swans in the ocean.

As her dream grew hotter, more swans arose from the sea. She reached over and pet the queen of those beautiful white birds. The others bowed their heads at such affection.

At the climax, the woman herself became another passionate swan.


At midnight, we sleep in each other’s arms. We might be tired now, but Christmas is going to be just as steamy.