Baby Doll to Masayuki

*Baby Doll*

This mother fucker is slowly growing on me. I don�t really want him to, but he�s useful. I mean, he�s not that annoying at times. I just need to rein him in properly. Sure, he maybe be too noisy at time. And I want to smack him because of it. But, overall he�s a good kid once you get to know him.

I gritted my teeth at that thought. But, that�s beside the point.

I walked into the library on Tuesday. Masayuki waited for me at a computer. He gave me a small wave.

�Yo,� he said. I gave him a wave back. Don�t make chit-chat, I thought.

�So what do you have for me today?� I asked as I sat down. He gave me a smirk. Come on, out with it already!

�Take a look,� he said. He turned the screen over to me. I ran over the information. I frowned at what I saw.

�So?� I asked. �This is just the same thing I told you before.�

�Yeah,� he replied. �But look further.� I read on to humor him. My eyes widened at what I saw.

�The Yakuza?� I asked.

�Yep,� he replied. �You�ve got a serious problem on your hands.� I sat back, silent. I thought that was the case, but still�

�Recognize any of them?� Masayuki asked. He scrolled through the public record mug shots as I noticed what web site we were looking at.

�Why are we looking at police records?� I asked. He gave me a little shrug.

�Why not?� he asked. �You�ve told me that they were probably gangsters that killed you and that girl.� I nodded at him.

�This is true,� I said. Then, another thought crossed my mind. �How did you access this site?� He turned to me, grinning. I didn�t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

�You didn�t!� I gasped.

�You�re right,� he said.

�Then�� I said. Masayuki put a finger to my lips.

�I have some good friends,� he said. �Let�s just leave it at that.� I drew my mouth closed from there.

�Okay,� I murmured. Masayuki drew back his hand. He turned back to the screen.

�Now,� he said. �Which guys beat you to death?� I looked on at the screen with him. Six of them looked familiar. In the end, we didn�t get the guys. Yet for some reason, the day wasn�t a total loss. Masayuki turned to me with that annoying smirk of his.

�Hey Baby,� he said.

�What?� I asked as I stared at the screen.

�You doing anything later on?� he asked.

�No,� I replied. �Why?� I could hear him trying to hold back a chuckle at me. I whipped around to the little idiot.

�What?� I asked. �Spit it out already!� He sat back with a smirk on his face.

�Well, I figured that we could go out for some lunch or just walk the town or something,� he answered. I raised an eyebrow at him.

�Why?� I asked again. He only shrugged at me.

�Feel like it,� Masayuki replied. �Look, I won�t try to do anything if you say yes.� I narrowed my eyes at him.

�You promise?� I asked.

�Yes, yes,� he insisted. �So what do you say?� I sighed and dropped my shoulders.

�Fine, whatever,� I murmured. Masayuki grinned at me.

�Sweet!� he said. I still frowned at him.

�Don�t try anything funny with me!� I hissed.

�Right�� he said. I gritted my teeth as I tried to keep it together. Boy, he sure knows how to annoy the crap out of me! But, he has his uses to me. So, yeah�