Too Close to the Edge, Please Back Up


I don�t like these new bonds that have been forming lately. We angels should not try to get close to humans. That is just begging for trouble.

First case is Baby Doll. She�s talking to a human boy to help her find her killers. Harmless cause, I don�t have an objections there. She does not seem to have any attachments to him at all. In fact, she finds him annoying. Then again, I am not really sure about that one. Feelings can change overtime. She might come to see him as a true friend. She might even fall in love him after that.

I shook my head at that last thought.

I�m being ridiculous now. Get back on track. That tie isn�t a major threat for now. I just need to keep watch over just to be through.

Next up on the list is Izumi. She�s involved with a human. And I�m talking really involved. But yet, they aren�t dating. Yeah, it�s just like that. Thing is, the human in question already has a girlfriend at home. That�s really not good for Izumi in this situation. She�s already been kicked out of Heaven and this relationship will do much worse for her if she keeps this up. I will have to break them up if she doesn�t stop seen. I�ll have to talk to her when I get the chance.

Finally, there is me. Yes, I have fallen into the trap as well. How did this occur? Simple, it was that guy I told you about in the earlier chapter. I can�t seem to get rid of him. I have no idea what he wants. He just stares at me for some reason and I don�t like it. I have to do something about him before I suckered into bonding him with more. But how? I don�t even want to approach the guy. The way he looks at me is he could suck out my way being with his eyes. Yeah, it�s that bad. But, I must do something about Baby Doll, Izumi, and myself before we all get dragged away from cleansing in order to back into Heaven.

I had my work cut out for me then. I should�ve gotten on it much faster, probably would�ve spared us all of this mess that we are in now. But to honest with you, I don�t think anything that I could�ve done would have done much good us in the end. Probably end up with the same results in the end either way. I can�t really say and I am too lazy by this point to even try to figure it out.