Baby Doll has a New Tool

*Baby Doll*

I read over my notes outside in front of my apartment. The music pounding in my ears didn�t do much to help me to look over what I might have missed. Four people there. Two men, another girl, and myself. Other girl was the intended victim. The other three looked like they came from the city. I have never seen any of them in Suiten before. But, which city did they come from? I closed my eyes to put myself back into that night. Osaka� Osaka� Osaka�

My eyes opened in a flash. Of course! One of those guys had an Osakan accent. That�s about all I know however. I shut my eyes and gritted my teeth. Come on! You remember it so well. That stupid night keeps playing itself in your head over and over again. Just get out the right details. But, that problem got shoved aside when I felt someone just inches away from my face. Against my better judgment, I opened my eyes and a pair of green eyes stared deep into mine. I screamed and fell backwards.


I didn�t even blink at her. �Hey there.�

Baby Doll sat back, looking at me as if I was the devil himself. I waited as her shock turned into anger. She tried to slap me, but I grabbed onto her wrist. Baby Doll gritted her teeth.

�Asshole!� she screamed. I only smiled at her.

�Now, that�s not a nice thing to say,� I said. Baby Doll puffed up her cheeks at me. I gave her a little smirk. If we were under different circumstances, maybe I would�ve asked her out. Maybe� She is kind of cute when she is angry like that. Baby Doll tried to slap me again, but I grabbed her other wrist. She struggled to try and free herself from my grasp. My �friend� let off a frustrated groan.

�Let me go!� she snapped. I smiled as I shook my head at her.

�I�m afraid I can�t do that,� I told her.

�And why not?!?� she snapped.

�Because you�ll hit me,� I reasoned.

�No I won�t!� Baby Doll yelled.

�I�m not taking my chances,� I told her. �I�ll let you go when you calm down.�

�I am calm!� she barked.

�Doesn�t look like it to me,� I said. I let her struggle in my hands a little bit longer before she ran out of breath and went still.


Baby Doll glared at him. �What the hell do you want?!?�

Masayuki gave her a little grin. �Kurosawa.�

She gave him an annoyed-puzzled look. �Huh?�

�That�s your real last name. Kurosawa Baby Doll. Couldn�t find your first name.�

She gave him a cold sneer. �Yeah, so?�

�You lived with your grandmother, Keiko, since you were born because your parents were getting a divorce. You just lived a normal life, but you struggled with the English language. So, you stayed behind every week for tutoring.�

�And I�m supposed to be impressed by this?�

He�s not done yet. �You weren�t the intended victim, were you?�

Baby Doll looked away from him. �What makes you say that?�

�Here�s what I think happened: You were coming home from tutoring when it was late, so you decided to take a shortcut through the woods. But along the way, you witness two thugs murder a woman. Somehow, you caught their attention and as a result, they beat you to death and threw your body into the creek?�

He looked her deep into the face. �How am I so far?�


I think I�ve gotten to her. Her lower lip is trembling in discomfort. She�s trying to fight the pain she feels from me bringing all of that back up. She left me no choice at this point. Now, I am debating on letting her go or not. She may be sad at the moment, but she can also still slap me for making her relive all of that. As I weigh my options, my fingers begin loosen their grip around her small wrists. For some reason, I don�t even try to stop them. They are just now barely holding her still now.

Finally, I just let her wrists drop to her sides with a loud plot.

*Baby Doll*

My mind became tangled up with emotions. I don�t even know what I was thinking at that very moment. This dumbass hit a nerve within me. If I was thinking straight, I would�ve throttled him by now. I don�t even think that was on the table anymore. I kept my eyes to my skirt as I thought about how to work with this sudden kick in the teeth.

Damn him! He just had to go there. He knows too much about me now. I peeked up at him. Him being all smug about it is really getting to me! I clinched my fists as I gritted my teeth. Jerk-face!

That�s when I came up with a great idea.

I loosened my fists and threw up my hands in the air as I looked up at my potential new tool. �Well done,� I said. �You got me!�

�Do I now?� he asked.

�Yep!� I lied with a nod. �In fact�� I quickly took him by the hand. He watched me with a confused look on his face now. Now I�ve got the sucker!

�You know so much about my case, that you�re going to help me find her and my killers!� I said. He raised an eyebrow at me.

�And if I refuse?� he asked.

�Well then, I just can�t let you go with so much information on me, can I? So, you have no choice but to help me!� He only gave me a shrug.

�Fine,� he said. �I�m Nakajima Masayuki, by the way.� I smiled at my new little tool named Masayuki. Whatever. This might just work out in my favor after all.