Backyard Adventure

Dateline: Mitch and Kohana couldn’t sleep so they watched a movie instead.

    While Hogosha was sleeping, his daughter, Kohana had opened the back door and crept into the royal garden. The garden was beautiful and took up most of the yard. The little princess was spellbound. The flowers were lovely and the fruit was gorgeous. But there was one fruit that always her eye. It was a round deep crimson fruit. She always wanted to taste it. Mitch and Hogosha always told her to not eat the fruit. But that only made her curiosity grow. So she walked over to the vine, pulled down one of the fruit off a lower branch, and took a big bite. But when she did, Kohana felt drowsy. And soon, the little princess went into a deep sleep.

    When Kohana awoke, she had changed. She couldn’t see, hear, talk, or even walk. Then a white-hot light entered into the child’s body. It was an angelette sent for a test on Earth. “Don’t worry little one. I’ll guide you.” the pre-angel soothed the small princess. And with that, Kohana stood up and saw the lovely garden again. She still couldn’t hear or talk. Then she heard footsteps in her heard. She looked and saw a man dressed in black. “Lucifer!” the angelette gasped. “Come with me.” said he. “Lucifer will test you.” Pre-angel’s master’s voice echoed in her mind. The angelette nodded and Kohana followed Lucifer.
    Lucifer and Kohana came to the cherry tree. The tree was full of pink cherry blossoms. Kohana was amazed and the angelette was hungry from not eating for forty days. “Okay.” Lucifer spoke up. The pre-angel eyed him. (Noiz Note: Now’s a great time to say: “I copied from the bible!!!” : )) “If you are an angel tell these blossoms to become cherries.” he continued. The pre-angel thought for a minute and then said: “I cannot, for man doesn’t live in cherries alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Holy one.” Then Lucifer led Kohana to a small deep pool with sharp rocks at the bottom. Kohana wondered how deep it was. “Now, angelette, throw yourself down and the angels will stop you from falling.” Lucifer said. “I will not test my master!” the pre-angel said sharply. Again, Lucifer took Kohana to the entrance of the garden. “You see all of this?” he asked the angelette. She nodded. “All of this will be yours if you bow to me.” said he. “Away from me, Lucifer! I only bow to my master!” the pre-angel barked. Then Lucifer left the princess. The angelette returned Kohana to where she was, retuned her hearing and voice, and left the child. Kohana fell asleep onto the sweet green grass.
    Hogosha awoke and looked for his daughter. When he found her, Hogosha knew what happened and took Kohana to the healing springs
The End