Chapter Twenty-Three: Bath Time:


I: Alone

I close my eyes as I sink down into a warm relaxing tub of lightly scented water. It feels so good on my skin as the stress slides down my back. I love my alone time. Now I know why Papa enjoyed taking baths. There's something soothing about water. I lean back in the tub far as far as I can, and allow the water to cover me completely. I let my mind drift away, but my toes curl as Asato-kun enters my mind.

II: Delight

My husband is always in my naughtiest thoughts. He excites me. My body aches to feel his hands all over my skin. The thought of his mouth on my neck makes me tremble. I love nights like this one. The sound of rain pouring down outside somehow makes it feel more intense. It was raining on the first night we made love. Asato-kun’s been my one and only lover. I once almost gave myself to Henry, but found that I couldn’t go through with it. Looking back, I am glad that I waited for Asato-kun. I feel myself blush again as I sink into the steamy bath water.

III: Box

In my mind, there sit two boxes before me; one for Papa and the other for Asato-kun. When I’m like this, I fill the boxes. My stuffed Totoro, Doraemon backpack, red-haired Rika-chan doll, Aunt Kirika’s bracelet, and her diary keys go in Papa’s box. My wedding kimono, wedding band, hair clips, and cake topper goes in Asato-kun’s box.

My necklace is a tough one.

Papa bought the little golden cat necklace, but Asato-kun fixed it. Both assigned it to maintain my kitsune, but which box does my necklace go in? I look down at the cat amulet as it sits on my breasts. Whose box do you belong in? I have yet to decide.

IV: Wasted Day

I lean over the edge of the tub. Tonight excites me, but today bored me. I still haven’t heard back from the counseling center. I frown at myself. Don’t tell me I’ll be rejected. I can’t stand staying at home day after day. I am not the domestic-type. Sure, the apartment’s clean, but that’s it. Research doesn’t help anymore. I sit lean back, and stare at the ceiling. Please let me get hired. Please let me get hired. Please let me get hired! I puff up my cheeks and heave a hot heavy sigh.

However my days go when I'm alone with nothing but my thoughts, Asato-kun makes my nights better. Tonight, he plans to spoil me. His text he sent shocks to my brain as I read it.

Wait for me naked. I want to crawl inside you and wrap you around me like a blanket.

The last part makes me blush. He’s improving on sexy texts.

V: Heated

The warm water is getting to my head. Asato-kun sometimes suggests that I soak in the tub. Now I can see why. I can’t help but to think about what’s coming next. I can barely think straight anymore as the warmth from the steam colors my cheeks. My toes curl.

Ooo! I can’t wait any longer! I lift myself out of the tub, dripping all over the bathroom floor.

I swaddle myself in a big fluffy towel, and make my exit.

The water might grow cold in the tub, but we won’t. I smile as I open the door.

VI: Good Evening

Asato-kun sits on our futon waiting for me in nothing but his boxers. He must have slipped in when I was lost in my thoughts. I can feel the excitement coursing through me as I look at him.

“Waiting long?” I ask.

“No.” He raked his fingers through his hair and looked at me mischievously as he drank me in.

I opened my towel, and allowed it to glide over my curves and down to the bedroom floor in reply.