Chapter Twenty-Four: Master:


I: Hungry Demon

He’s back tonight. My eyes rest on Anna-chan and there’s only one thought in mind. Or is it that damned demon again? I'm not sure. All I know is there's a voice in the back of my head growing louder each passing moment. It's tormenting me. Daring me.

Take her! Strip her bare and pound her until she begs you to stop! Do it, man! Do it now!

Of course, I feel must comply. The demon must be fed, after all...

I sit up on our futon as Anna-chan stands before me, patiently awaiting my instructions.

“Anna-chan,” I bark. “Undress for me.”

Her eyes flicker with excitement. In my head, I'm already deep inside her.

Yes, my love -you know you want this. Well okay, be a good girl tonight and you’ll get it.

She slowly peels off the cute little yellow sundress that she wore today. It slithers down her curves and it pools at her feet. She covers herself and lowers her eyes to the floor.

“Wait,” I say, putting up my hand. “Let me get a good look at you.”

She reluctantly brings hands to her sides. My eyes focus on her bra and panties. Mmm, bright yellow and pink tonight; that looks fun. Her underwear always look so cute.

“Very good,” I tell her. “You may continue...”

She reaches for the clasp of her bra. I have to swallow hard, and my nose begins to bleed. Her bra doesn’t make a sound as she removes it and flings it to be the floor. The sight of her full round bosoms makes my head spin. Get it together.

Don’t lose control, dammit! You are the master here. Act like it!

A devilish smile creeps across my face as she sheepishly lets her panties slide down to her ankles and she steps out of them without uttering a single sound.

“Come,” I demand. Patting my lap for emphasis. She stares at me in daze.

“I won’t bite,” I insist. “Not to hard, anyway,” I wink.

Anna-chan walks over and sits on my lap. I flip her over, onto her back and kneel down to lick her. From her ankle to inner thigh. Already, my hunger buzzes out of control. I must take her now.

II: Taste

I nuzzle her on the ear. “You hungry?” She opens her mouth to speak, but I press my finger to her lips.

“Don’t talk, just nod,” I say. Anna-chan nods coyly. Her blushing makes this game much better.

“Good,” I tell her. I unzip my trousers and slide them off. My boxers follow suit. “Open up,” I say. Anna-chan pulls herself up onto her elbows, then sinks to her knees before me. I smile wickedly as I take in each gesture with great delight.


The priestess wandered around in the snow. She blithely twirled her plum blossom umbrella as she kept the falling flakes out of her russet hair. Her white kimono trailed around her small feet.

The priestess glanced up at the sky. Somehow, the tiny flakes reminded her of lost souls as they fluttered on the wind. So pure and so fragile, she thought. The priestess looked out in the distance and noticed a raft with two men floating down the river.

Suddenly, a breeze wafted around her ears. Even as the snow fell the sun glowed brightly overhead. Amaterasu floated down to the priestess. Her bright red kimono could drown out the sun that she stood for. Today, Amaterasu had one bidding. She descended into the priestess’ body.

Take, eat.

The vessel knelt down and picked up a handful of snow. She shoved the entire handful into her mouth. The cold burned her cheeks, but she needed more. The priestess stuffed more snow into her mouth. Freezing sensations came over her as she filled herself. The priestess just could not stop eating the snow. However, the vessel noticed something wrong with her. Everything around her began to turn dark. What? Why? Why is it getting so dark?

The blackness of the sea suddenly blurred her eyes.

III: Control

I gently stroke Anna-chan’s hair. The fuda I slipped over her eyes is working. A small gasp escapes her.

“Shhh,” I whisper. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” I lean down to her head. “Just keep going.” Once Anna-chan relaxes, she picks up again. I close my eyes and throw back my head, moaning as I take more in. The demon in my head cheers her on.

Feed me more! I must consume you completely!

Suddenly, he wants more.

IV: Overpowering

I sweep Anna-chan into my arms. She tries to open her mouth to speak.

“Unh-uh,” I tell her. “No talking.”

Her hidden eyes turn toward me as I roughly kiss her neck. The taste of her skin is all that it takes to draw me further still into the demon’s control.

“Pinch your nipples and play with your breasts for me, Anna-chan. I want to watch you pleasure yourself. Then I’m going to make you come. Hard…”

I can feel my cock hardening as she dutifully complies.

The demon has full control by this point. I smirk as Anna-chan’s hands move to her lovely breasts.

I sit up, licking my lips. “Now, I return the favor,” I tell her in a low growl.

I sink down, part her knees and begin my explorations. The little panting noises she makes race up my spine like an electrical current.


V: Lotus Pond

The blind priestess awoke in sea of swirling black water. The scent of honey filled her nose. Where… Where am I?

Bubbles floated around her as Amaterasu spoke to her again. “Let the blossoms guide you back,” she whispered. The priestess jerked her head upwards. Her mind’s eye caught a spectacular sight. Little pink lotus flowers bloomed before her blurry eyes. The bubbles rose with a siren song. The smell of honey drew the blind priestess closer to their growing path. Lily pads caressed her heels as she strode toward the sound. The faster she moved, the more blossoms grew before her.

They led to a big lotus flower near the surface. The smell overwhelmed the blinded priestess. She could feel the stars in the sky. The big lotus began to open when the priestess got close to its petals. She made a loud gasp.

“Wow!” she yelped. A dark-haired angel sat naked in the middle of the lotus. The free flowing honey around the angel led the priestess back to the surface.

VI: No Calls

Usually, I don’t plan well. But, tonight is different.

While Anna-chan sleeps, I turn off our phones and disconnect the main line. Sorry but, there’ll be no interruptions tonight. This is our time...


I tenderly brush a few strands of hair away from her forehead, and sweetly kiss my beloved Anna-chan’s beautiful pouty lips.