Chapter Twenty-Nine: Beat the Nightmare:

The evening brought a different mood as the couple made it back to the rented house. Anna sat alone on the porch with her mind ready for battle. Come on, the woman thought, Show yourself bastard! The sound of footsteps caught her ears. Anna trained her eyes to the darkness. The woman glared as she braced herself as the footsteps grew close. The gentleman-like demon appeared before her. Anna sat up straight as he smirked at her.

“Expecting me?” he asked.

“Yes,” Anna replied rather numb. Asmodeus glanced around him.

“Where is your boyfriend?” he asked.

“Out,” she said. He looked rather intrigued by her answer.

“So we’re alone?” the demon asked with an eyebrow raised.

“That’s right,” Anna rose to her feet, “I do not enjoy what you did to my Asato-kun!” Asmodeus smirked at her.

“My Asato-kun, huh?” he asked rather sarcastically.

“Did you think you could drive us apart with your venom?” she challenged him. He gave her a little shrug with his smirk.

“Perhaps,” he said simply. Anna shook her head at him as she sneered.

“You sad, pathetic little man,” she said in a low voice. Asmodeus laughed at her loud enough to reach the sky.

“You won’t be saying that when I kill you,” he told her.

“You will not!” Anna declared with her arms folded across her chest. Asmodeus licked his lips as his hunger began to spike.

“Bold statement there,” he declared. Anna glared at him as fear and loathing blended together in her mind. Asmodeus glanced down at her wrists.

“Oh you’re shaking,” he said. “Do you fear me?”

“Yes!” Anna snapped, “But I’m trembling out of hate! He raised an eyebrow at her rather amused by what he was hearing.

“You hate me?” he challenged.

“Yes!” Anna shouted, “I hate you!” Asmodeus felt his blood running hot by this point.

“Well now,” he said, “This makes things more interesting. I’ll enjoy hearing you scream as I kill you!”

“Go back to hell!” Anna yelled. Her anger teased his hunger to new levels that he had never experienced before.

“Or what?” he challenged. Anna closed her mouth. Okay, so she didn’t fully have a game plan, but she decided to not let him see that. Instead, Anna folded her arms across her chest.

“I’ll send you back personally!” she declared. Asmodeus roared with laughter before he let the cravings take over.

“Enough with the games!” he said in a growl, “Time to die!” He charged towards her with his claws out for blood. Anna smirked as she drew out a knife she had hidden under her skirt. She raced forward to cut out his heart. Anna raised her arm to attack, but the handsome devil latched onto her wrist with enough force to break the bone into two. The knife fell straight to the ground. Anna looked bewildered as he smirked at her.

“Foolish little girl,” he hissed in her ear. Asmodeus forced his hand upon her chest and squeezed tightly. Anna struggled to get away before her body felt stiff and heavy. Anna could barely breathe. Her senses were still intact. She could see Asmodeus smirking at her as he removed his hand.

“Not how I wanted to ravish you,” he admitted, “But this is the only way to sedate you.” He picked her up and carried her away to the reeds. Anna moved her eyes to look for help. No one was in sight tonight; she was trapped with the monster. Asmodeus carried her over to the pond and lied down on the bank. Anna watched him smirk at her. He flipped up her skirt and pushed her legs apart.

“And now, you’re mine,” he declared. “Such a shame he took your virginity, but that doesn’t matter now; I’ll still win!” He knelt down and kissed her on the neck. The monster breathed in her scent.

“Yes,” he said. Asmodeus felt himself stirring awake between the legs. He licked his lips as Anna’s eyes widened in newly awakened fear.

Somebody please help me, she pleaded in her minded as Asmodeus rolled up her shirt.

“Anna-chan!” a voice cried in her mind. Her heart skipped a beat.

Asato-kun?, she thought.

“Get up, Anna-chan!” Tsuzuki yelled in her mind again.

“I can’t!” she tried to yell back.

“But you have to!”

“I can’t move!”

“You can’t let him win like this! You are stronger than that!”

A shockwave shot through Anna’s mind, “Am I really?”

“You did pull me out of my depression after all,” Tsuzuki told her in her head, “You didn’t leave me. Now, I’m not going to leave you.”

“But where are you now? How can I hear you in my head right now?” she asked.

“I can’t explain it either, but we don’t have time to talk about that. You have to get up!”

“But do I do that?” his girlfriend asked.

“Try! I know you can do it!” Tsuzuki pushed her.

Suddenly, Anna snapped out of the poisonous daze and shoved Asmodeus off of her. Her tormentor fell backwards startled.

“What the --?!?” he yelled. Anna pushed herself to her feet and raced away in the reeds. The demon saw red with this escape attempt.

“You!” he roared. The demon got up and chased her down. Anna looked around on the ground for something sharp. Come on!, she thought, There has to be something here to kill him with! She spotted a broken bottle on the ground. She assumed that some drunken kids must have left it there long ago from a party at the house they were staying in.

Good enough, she thought. The woman grabbed the bottle and whipped around. Asmodeus ran towards her with a hungry smirk on his face. Anna gave him a crazed smile as he came within inches of her.

“Goodbye,” she mumbled. She leapt forward and stabbed her target in the stomach as fast as she could. Anna dragged the bottle up to his chest and pushed it in deep. Asmodeus gasped in pain as she twisted the bottle in as hard as she could. She yanked her weapon out with strong-handed one pull. His heart came out impaled on the jagged ends. Asmodeus’ body broke down into blackened dust as he fell backwards into the tall grass. The particles flew up into the air and vanished. Anna stood there as the last trace of the nightmare disappeared before her eyes. She dropped the bottle and heart on the muddy ground as she fell backwards on the reeds.

Hours later, Tsuzuki stood over her looking down.

“Are you alright?” he asked before he knelt down to aid her. Anna gave him a tired little smile.

“Hey,” she whispered.