Chapter Thirty: Morning:

Early in the morning hours, Tsuzuki and Anna lied on the porch looking at the ceiling of the roof. The shinigami glanced at his beloved.

“Feel any better?” he asked. Anna nodded with her lips pressed together.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“You sure?” he asked. Anna closed her mouth and took a second think about it. Tsuzuki already saw the answer.

“Not really?” he asked. Anna shook her head rather reluctant.

“I cut out his heart, but it vanished before I had a chance to crush it,” she admitted.

“Don’t you believe he’s really dead?” her boyfriend pressed.

“I want to, but…” Anna bit her lip, “I’m not so sure, you know?” Tsuzuki gave her a small smile as he gently held her hand. Anna looked over at him.

“Oh,” she said in a small voice.

“We just came through the worst and we’re still here,” he told her. Anna gave him a little nod as it all sank into her head.

“This is true,” she agreed.

“Think we can take more?” the shinigami asked. His girlfriend’s face shaded over rather serious.

“I’m not sure,” she said in a low voice. Tsuzuki tightened his grip around her hand.

“Want to know how I found you out there?” he asked her rather excited. Anna looked at him rather curious.

“Go on, enlighten me,” she replied.

“We made it back to the house and found it empty,” her boyfriend explained, “We looked around, but you were nowhere in sight. I got worried and ran out there.” Anna gave him a sweet little pout.

“Did I really upset you that much?” she asked like a little angel.

“Yes!” he said aloud. That reminded Anna of another point.

“Asato-kun,” the woman spoke up.

“Hm?” her boyfriend asked.

“How did you manage to talk to me while I was being attacked?” the woman inquired over him. The shinigami shrugged at her as he thought about that question.

“I don’t know what happened,” he admitted, “I blacked out at Kyoto University and saw that bastard trying to rape you. I just yelled out to you and came back!”

“Could you do it again?” Anna asked. Tsuzuki shook his head.

“No,” he confessed. Anna pondered his answer.

“Strange…” she replied.

“Hey, don’t forget out words,” her boyfriend told her. Anna smiled as she held his hand back.

“We will be okay,” she said.

“Yes, we will be okay,” he repeated.

“We will be okay,” Anna said back in a stronger tone.

“We will be okay,” Tsuzuki said in confidence.

Inside, Hisoka watched them from his futon. It all became clear to him. Tsuzuki and Anna had unique bond between them. They needed each other to fix themselves. Hisoka developed an understanding for their relationship.

It didn’t mean he had to like it.