The Beginning

Dateline: Kohana has fallen in love with Takeru.

    There is such thing as the fantasy realm you say? But you’re wrong. I know, because I’ve seen for myself. Don’t believe me, here is my story:

    “O-Yasumi-Nasai Megan!” I called from upstairs in bed. “O-Yasumi-Nasai Mitch!” my sister called back. “Night Kohana.” I called to my niece. “Night uncle.” she called out. Then the lights (except for Kohana’s nightlight) went out and the three of us went to sleep.

    I was sleeping peacefully when a warm light hit my face. At first, I thought I was dreaming. But when I opened my eyes, I realized it was real. It was a small, gold coin with a star-shape. Filled with curiosity, I quickly embraced the coin. Suddenly a bright violent light came from my closet. I slowly rose out of bed, walked over to the door, opened it, and stepped in.

    When I opened my eyes, I saw beautiful, lush green forests. I was amazed. Then I looked over and saw….. Cameron. She was cute for a nine year old. Her hair was short and blond and her eyes were a grass green. I’ve played with her a few times. She’s cool.

    “Hey Cameron!” I called to her. She looked at me. “Hi Mitchell.” said she as I ran over to her. We talked and talked until Cameron asked the burning question: “Where are we?” “My guess is as good as yours little lady.” I answered. “You’re in the fantasy realm.” a voice answered. We looked around in confusion. “The fantasy realm?” we asked. “Yes.” the voice said. I was skeptical but Cameron was amazed. “Who are you?!?” I asked out loud. “Our world is in danger.” the voice continued, ignoring my question. I still didn’t believe any of it. I mean, it sounded so unreal. There was no such thing as a fantasy realm. “If you really are in trouble, show me your land!” I yelled skeptically. “Very well then.” the voice said. Then in a bright flash, Cameron and I were rising rapidly up.

    When we reached the sky, a young with orange hair appeared to us. “Who are you?” Cameron asked her. “I am Emeraude. I am the one who summoned you.” she said. “Well…. Show us the damage!” I yelled. Then without a word, Emeraude raised up her wand and the three of us started flying slowly through the sky.
    The site that I saw was horrifying! Towns and cities were burned and crushed. People were dying from disease, poor conditions, and hatred. Demons terrorized the cities. When our tour was over, Cameron was crying and I was appalled. “Our world was happy and peaceful until Heri came and caused us terror.” Emeraude explained. “We’ll help you.” we said. “Domo arigato!” Emeraude said gratefully. Then she gave us weapons and left us. That is how we started our mission.
The End