China Town Fight

Dateline: Mitch and Cameron have made it to the Fantasy realm.

    “So, where do we go from here?” Cameron asked in confusion. “How should I know?” I asked. Then a small yellow light was blinking in our pockets. “Huh?” I said as looked down at my dark blue pajama pockets. I reached down and pulled out a small gray computer. I opened it and a letter appeared on the screen. This is what the letter said:

    To the fantasy realm warriors:

    Here is a list of your weapons:

    Have fun!

    Then the letter disappeared and a map showed up. “Soo.......” said Cameron. A thin yellow rectangle appeared around red spot along with the info. It was China town and demons had conquered it. “Well, I guess we’ll go to China town.” I said confidently. Then we went on our merry way.

    “It’s lovely town.” Cameron said when got there. It was lovely all right, lovely and lifeless! Nobody was in sight. The town was Asian looking and mostly tea and china shops. The only sound was the sound on wind chimes. Then we heard a marching sound. “What was that?” Cameron asked. “Shhh....” I said. Then the marching grew louder. “Prepare to fight!” I said quickly. Cameron nodded. As the marching drew closer, we got ready.

    An army of demons with red eyes and green bodies appeared to us and laughed. “What’s so funny?!?” Cameron yelled. “The princess sends for warriors..... *Snicker* and gets a pair of puny kids!” they yelled. Then they laughed again. “Yeah, we may be small but we can take you down!” I yelled. The army laughed again. “All right! But don’t count on winning!” the demon leader yelled. That is how the fight started. I wasn’t hurt at all but Cameron, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.

    She had suffered burns, minor cuts, and bruises. We had charged at them with only the razor gun at my side. Cameron didn’t have anything because she didn’t know how to use them. To shorten the battle, I just shot through them with the razor gun while running. And in a flash, the whole army became dust.

    Once the battle was over, I had to heal Cameron’s wounds. My only problem was cleaning the blood off of her. “So, where do we go now Mitchell?” Cameron asked me. “Well, the map says go south.” I said. Then we headed south.
To Be Continued....