Betrayed By a Friend

Dateline: Kohana has met and became friends with Takeru.

    They met a week ago. Kohana was playing in her yard when her silk pink scarf blew away in the wind. The little princess was chasing after it when an older girl caught it. Kohana looked and saw a Korean looking girl dressed in baggy blue jeans, a read tank shirt, a blue jean jacket, and a black baseball cap. “You dropped this?” the girl asked Kohana. She nodded. “Here.” the girl said. Then she tossed it and Kohana caught it. “Be more careful next time.” the girl said. “Sayonara.” Then she ran home. “She’s so cool.” Kohana thought.

    From there, their bittersweet friendship started. The Korean girl seemed cool at first, but then she became rude, hostile, and a control freak. The day the friendship died was when the older girl deserted her. It happened when they were playing and a group of boys started picking on Kohana. And when Kohana called out to her friend, the other girl just walked off, never to be seen again. Kohana was left to fend for herself until an adult came by and broke up the fray. Then the adult soothed Kohana’s pain. The next day, Kohana forgot about Carrina.
The End