Bloody Faith Part II: Demon Possession

Dateline: A demon girl has keep to Tokyo and has spread black dragon mist.

    As the black dragon mist continued to spread all over the land, people and animals have become greedy and ruthless. Violent riots have broken out everywhere over about everything from money to very little pathetic things. Even people would fight of one piece of yen! Families and friends were all torn apart. Even the little kids were becoming violent. The demon girl was enjoying the whole show.

    Back at the airport, Aneko was having some troubles of her own. She had to go through eighteen security patrols, (she almost couldn’t take her razor) the date on her passport (or should I say her mom’s passport) was expired, so she had to get it updated (and it cost a lot of yen to pay in order to have it done.) and to top that all off, the flight to England was canceled!!! (Noizchild: Talk about a bad day!) After all that trouble, she decided to go the lake she was at earlier. On the way there, a flock of pigeons attacked her. Aneko had to use her bloodstone in order to form a shield around her. Finally the ferocious birds gave up and flocked away. “What was that all about?” she thought. Then after being lost into her thoughts for a minute, Aneko made her way to the lake.
    When Aneko got to the lake, she saw Kari and Jonathan swimming together alone. “Hey guys!” she called out to them. “Hey Aneko!” Kari yelled to her. Then Aneko jumped into the water with them. “Where were you?” asked Kari after Aneko swam over to them. “At the airport, I tried to go to England.” Aneko said sadly. “Oh.” said Kari. She knew her friend had trying to get to England for weeks now. “Why didn’t get on the plane?” she asked. “The flight was canceled.” Aneko answered. “Oh.” Kari said again. “Why aren’t you at Foxy’s place?" asked Aneko. “We wanted to be alone for a moment.” said Jonathan. “I see.” said Aneko. The three of them talked together until Aneko said: “It’s getting dark, I think we should get back to Foxy’s.” The couple looked up at the sky. The sun seemed to have almost slipped past the trees and the sky’s bright blue had darkened just a bit. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” said Jonathan in his Italian accent. Then the three of them swam over to the bank and began to climb out. First Jonathan climbed out, then helped Kari out of the water. Aneko just leapt of the water. Then they dried off (It took Aneko longer to dry off because she had her clothes on.) and ran back to Foxy’s house.
    The black dragon mist had hit Foxy’s house before Aneko, Kari, and Jonathan reached the house. So when they got there, the whole place looked vacant and it was a mess! “What happened here?” asked Jonathan in his Italian accent. Aneko could something wasn’t right. Then they saw Foxy in the front yard. “Foxy!” they cried and ran over to her. She looked up and saw them. “What happened?” asked Kari when they got over to her. But Foxy took one look at Aneko and gave her one punch. Aneko fell to the ground and landed on her bottom. Kari and Jonathan were shocked. “Foxy, What’s wrong?” asked Kari. She didn’t answer. “Foxy shame on you!” yelled Jonathan. “Foxy….” said Aneko nervously. Foxy looked at them all with angry glares in her eyes. Aneko began to slowly get up off the ground. Foxy saw her and began to chase her. Aneko jumped upon the roof and Foxy jumped up after her. Kari and Jonathan were watching the whole thing. “ *sigh* Jonathan! Why did you have to into that old grandpa stuff?” Kari asked her boyfriend. “Yeah, but she hit her.” he said. Then they heard the others coming. “Oh good guys! We’re so glad you’re here. Foxy has really flipped this time and…” said Kari. But the others had been affected by the black dragon mist and were as evil and greedy as Foxy. The others began to attack the couple. Meanwhile up on the roof Aneko was having some troubles on her own. “Foxy, I’m sorry I came to your party late. I was trying to go to England!” Aneko explained. That didn’t help at all. Aneko apologizing and explaining again, but it was still no use, Foxy was still attacking her. “Look I don’t why you’re mad at me, but whatever it is, I’m sorry.” said Aneko. Foxy was still attacking. Aneko couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then a lunge that was too soon sent Foxy losing her balance and crashing to the ground with a loud thud. Aneko was really horrified as she watched. She saw Foxy laying on the ground on her back. Aneko jumped down to help her. Davis smashed the picnic table with he hand. It broke in half. Kari screamed. “Guys, Did we do anything to offend you?” asked Jonathan. The crew didn’t answer. “Foxy?” she asked. No sooner had she got there, Foxy’s eyes flashed open. “Whoa!!!” yelled Aneko. Foxy tried to attack her again. “Aneko! Help us!” yelled Jonathan. “Right!” she yelled. Foxy blocked her way. “Get out of my way Foxy!” yelled Aneko. She didn’t listen. Aneko had to battle her way to the couple. The battles kept up until a monkey flew down to the house. “What’s going on?” asked Aneko. The demon girl and the old man leapt off the monkey. “Huh?” said Aneko when she looked down. Foxy and greedy people were bowing down to this little girl. “Guys! What are you doing? Get up! You do know her!!!” she yelled. They didn’t listen. “They won’t listen you!” said a voice. “What are you talking?” the princess asked as she turned to the demon girl talking to her. “As long they are under the spell of the black dragon mist, they are my slaves!” the demon girl continued. “No they’re not!!! They’re my friends!!!” yelled Aneko. “If you want to get them, you’ll have to come and battle me!” said the demon girl. Then the girl turned and left. Aneko looked down at the people. “I guess I have no other choice.” she thought.
The End