Bloody Faith Part IV: Free at Last

Dateline: Aneko and Kari made it to the ninth gate. The demon girl used a dark supernova to destroy them. But Aneko used a light shield to defeat herself and her friend. Now the battle continues….

    “A light shield isn’t going to work little princess!!!” yelled the demon girl. “Aneko, what are you going to do?!? You know can’t keep this shield up for the whole battle!!!” yelled Kari. “I know that!!! I’m trying to think of something!” Aneko yelled back. Then the answer to win the battle came to Gatomon. “Aneko!” yelled the digimon. “Yes Gatomon.” said the princess. “I found a way to defeat her.” said the cat digimon. “How?” asked Aneko. “Try to aim your rising sun at her heart!!!” yelled Gatomon. “Okay but….” said Aneko. She knew that if she used her rising sun attack, she would have to disarm the shield in order to use it properly. “But what?” asked Gatomon. “It’s going to cost your lives.” said Aneko. “So?” asked Gatomon. “I don’t want to lose you guys.” Aneko explained. “You have to blast her!” yelled Gatomon. “No!” yelled Aneko. “You have to!” yelled Kari. “I hate to break up this little drama, but here comes more!!!” yelled the demon girl. She put even more force into it. Aneko tried even harder. “DO IT NOW!!!” yelled Gatomon. “NO!!!” yelled Aneko. “Why?!?” yelled Kari. “I don’t want you to get killed!!!” yelled the princess. “I’m going to break the little shield pot and the pieces will be sucked into my dark vacuum cleaner!!!” yelled the demon girl as she cackled out loud.

    Aneko let the shield linger on for hours. Then Gatomon jumped out of the shield. “Gatomon!!! What are you doing?!?” Aneko shrieked. “You have to attack!!! That’s why I’m jumping out!!!” Gatomon shouted. Then she turned to Kari. “Aren’t you coming?” she asked her. Kari looked at Aneko then at the demon girl. “Right.” She nodded. Then she jumped out of the shield. “Kari!!! No!!!” Aneko cried. Then Kari and her digimon were swept up by a dark cloud. Upon seeing this, Aneko closed the shield and began to gather her energy. Once she had enough, Aneko formed hands as if she was holding a ball and cried out: “Rising Sun!!!” Then she pushed off the ball and it began soaring towards the demon girl. “Noooo!!! What’s this?!?” the demon girl. The ball flew to chest and she dissolved into dust particles. “Noooo!!! History repeats itself!!!” yelled the demon.
    When the battle was over, Aneko looked around her friends. “Kari!!! Gatomon!!!” she cried out. No response. “Where could they be?” she thought. Tears began to form in her eyes and falling like rain. “We’re okay!” called out a voice. Aneko looked up and saw Kari walking towards her with Gatomon on her shoulder. “You’re alive!” Aneko wailed. Then she over to her best friend and hugged her. “Okay, I’m glad too, Now let’s get of here!!!” yelled Gatomon. “Right.” said Aneko. Then the princess stopped hugging her friend, called to Jade, and jumped on him. Gatomon digivolved into Nefergemon and Kari climbed on. Then the girls left the gate and went home. On the way, they stopped at saint’s quarters and picked up Jonathan. (He was still mad that they left him there. But he was willing to forgive Kari.)
    Meanwhile on earth, the people and animals returned to normal. They were pretty confused too. Foxy was sitting on a pile old rusty rubbish. “Okay, Why are I even out here?!?” she yelled. Then she saw an army of young soldiers march over to Osaka. “Hey! Your mothers are worried sick about you!! Go home!!!” she yelled. Scared of what she might do next, the soldiers quickly fled home.
    Aneko opened the door to her house. Her mother still wasn’t home. But she didn’t care now, she felt like a hero! She quickly slipped the passport into to Megan’s pile of other passports and went into her room. Aneko opened up her laptop and got on-line. She checked her e-mail. She had one new message from Takeru. This is what it said:

    Dear Bunny,

    I’m having a great time in England! All of the sites, the sounds, even the smells, are wonderful! I’ll be returning home Sunday night. I bet you’ve been bored. Can’t stay long, I’m in the library. I’ll tell you all about my trip Monday.

Love, Takeru
    Aneko wrote back to him. This is the beginning of what she wrote:

    Dear Teddy Bear:

    Have I got a tale for you…

The End