Brown Sugar Mama

I: Brown Bunny:

Her name was Coco Bunny Miller. Her mother gave her that name rather proudly. That baby was the most beautiful in her neighborhood. As a result, the neighbors all called her the Princess of Harlem. Her beauty stayed with her all of her life. Her mother and the rest of her family were so happy to see her grow into a lovely woman. Ever since she was born, Coco was expected for big things.

�You�re going to be big,� her mother constantly told her. As a result, Coco found herself showered with gifts and attention. Her mother was a popular singer in a club. Before that, the princess� grandma was a famous artist. Her great-grandmother was a successful poet in the sixties. On top of that, Coco�s father was top record producer. So much art floated around her that she couldn�t help but to take it in.

In high school, Coco set out to discover what made her so great in her mother�s eyes. Actually, this quest went back much earlier, she just didn�t have a name for it. When she was five, her mother entered Coco into modeling shows. Though, she didn�t always win first prize, the little diva always made it in the top three. Her grandmother even used her as a model in some of her paintings. By junior high, young Coco entered into talent shows every summer. There was only one year that she lost, but her family was discouraged. That only drove them to harder to drive their princess to the top with them.

When she was about to enter high school, Coco discovered two niches. She found that she really enjoyed modeling from the start. However, her other niche came the day before high school started. Her father was visiting that Sunday when he heard his princess singing �Money for Nothing� in the bathroom as she stepped out of the shower. He felt himself inspired and pulled out a tape recorder. The man just had to have her on record label. After a back and forth with his ex-wife, Coco was signed onto his label.

After college, Coco grew bored of New York. Two years later, she flew all the way to Japan.

II: Andy Likes Chocolate:

Andy has always had peculiar tastes. His foot fetish is always a good start. Some suspected that he played more on the gay team than straight. Only in a rare case did Andy ever go for women. Even those had to meet a certain taste for him to enjoy.

One flavor he truly enjoyed was the chocolate. The man�s phase�s for it ebb and flow. In this particular year, the taste flowed harder than any river known to man. The male stars of the Factory clearly understood his fever. The female starts, let�s be honest, understood his fever.

Besides, the Factory needed a little more color. Drag queens were nice, but Andy wanted some chocolate at the moment. Whatever the artist wants, the artist shall receive. He decided that the best place for chocolate would be all the way out in Harlem, New York that February second. Naturally, he used his rouse of looking for more fresh talent for the Stardust Factory. Okay, it was half true, but everyone always knew what his real intentions were.

III: Coco Meets Andy:

They met at her grandmother�s art gallery. Grandma Bean was turning eighty that year. Coco had to come out for the new opening that weekend. Andy got in on a ticket. To tell the truth, he always loved the artist Bean L�mere. They even met in college temporarily. He didn�t know much about her personally, but he learned so much about her through her artwork.

It was her painting that he first learned of Coco. When she was painted as a child, Andy wanted to protect her. As the model grew older, he couldn�t help but feel oddly attracted to her. By the time she was twenty, the man just had to meet her in person. When he learned that it was Bean L�mere�s eighth birthday coming up, Andy bought tickets in advance for the plane and the gallery. He had a hunch that the artist�s granddaughter would be there.

He found his latest hit for chocolate in the �blue section� of the gallery. Coco looked so bored as she held a glass of red grape juice in her hand. Andy could tell what she wanted just by the look on her face. He knew that only he could give it to her. The man wasted no time making his way across the room to his target as she looked at a picture of her younger self in a long white dress against a blue ocean-like background. He only paused when he noticed her staring at him. Andy properly stuck out his hand towards her.

�Good afternoon, miss,� he said with a proper tone in his voice. Coco looked at him in a rather strange way.

�Hello?� she asked likewise in her tone.

�I�m Andy Teach,� he said, �It is so nice to meet you.�

�Yeah,� the model said nodding. She took hold of his hand and shook it. Andy came by her side and looked at the painting in front of them.

�You look beautiful,� he said, �Here and now.�

�Thank you,� Coco replied. His lips came within inches of her ear.

�I can give you what you want,� he whispered. Her eyes darted next to her.

�How?� she asked.

�Come away with me to Japan,� Andy offered in a low voice. Coco raised an eyebrow at him.

�And why would I do that?� she asked.

�Isn�t that what you want?� he asked, �Don�t you want to be free?�

�Uh�� Coco replied under his spell.

IV: Brown Sugar:

Coco left for Japan that night. Her family found themselves happy to let her go. Japan could be a great place for her star to grow and shine brightly.

�Harlem is getting too old for her,� her mother Andy in private at the after party, �She needs a new place to shine.� Boy did Coco shine! She hit the first cover of the Stardust Factory�s magazine, Machine, and already the fans ate her up. They loved everything about her from her dark skin to her thick pouting lips. It didn�t take long for many modeling jobs to fall into her lap. Andy found himself more than happy to encourage her to go for it.

�Don�t forget,� he reminded her, �You can make a name for yourself inside and outside the Factory.� Coco took that advice to heart. She even went as far as to sign onto 9 Records and released her first studio album in Japan. Her record sailed to the top of the international pop charts in ten weeks of release. Her record followed suite on the charts. In one month�s time, she became a big name in both the modeling and music world.

With her fame and charm, the admirers inside and outside of the Factory came in floods.

V: Men Love Brown Sugar:

Men adore Coco. It is easy to understand why. Every time she stopped by the Factory, the boys found themselves all too eager to greet her warmly.

�Hey there, Sexy!� Ian always addressed her with his camera already filming her. Coco blew a kiss to him and the lens in return.

Hunter always traded a flirty joke with her while Evan gleefully hit on her without any shame. Coco bathed in the attention from both the Scottish and Irish man.

Ryan and Mark couldn�t help but to take a good look at the Chocolate Princess. Liam already took her to first base.

Andy enjoyed her the most. Their privates games didn�t go all the way, but he took her to third base in the long nights in his private room. Sometimes, Ian would join in the fun.

VI: Women Love Brown Sugar:

Women adore Coco. It is easy to understand why. Every time she stopped by the Factory, the girls found themselves a little reluctant to greet her warmly.

Ophelia, Savannah, and Jamaica rather envied her, but they loved her curves. Andrea and Mon couldn�t get away from the line between �just friends� and �girl crush.� The same was said for Pandora, Jemima, Violet Rays, Jenny and Emily. The girls couldn�t really get enough of chocolate and brown sugar known as Coco Miller.

Little do they know, Miss Coco happens to swing both ways. When they do find, the party will truly begin.

VII: Transvestites Love Brown Sugar:

Even Candy Floss can�t get enough of Miss Coco. She is stuck between them both. On the one hand, the queen is jealous of the princess. However on the other, she likes her, I mean really likes her.

�Don�t expect me to like you or anything!�

Coco tossed back her hair. �That�s fine with me.�

�You won�t steal my thunder.�

�I don�t want to.�

Candy glared at her. �You can�t have Andy!�

Coco giggled at her. �Don�t worry baby, you can join in with us.�

Candy Floss gritted her teeth. She just couldn�t figure this woman out.

VIII: Love the Chocolate:

What can I say? Everyone is loves chocolate.

Black Chocolate