Chapter Twenty-Four: Choking:

Kohaku watched them that evening with a smile. Jessie degraded Hisoka more and more each day. Kohaku didn't complain; she gave it more to feed off of. The kitsune was jealous of the demon, but also found her rather useful. The couple was fighting again tonight. Kohaku lay on its stomach and watched Hisoka down another bottle of beer.

"Give it back," he hissed. Jessie glared at him from the bed.

"Give what back?" she asked. Hisoka slammed the glass bottle onto the coffee table.

"This is your fault!" he hissed. Hisoka turned his hate-filled eyes to her. "I am a useless idiot in ruin because of you!"

"But you enjoy every second of it," she shot back. Hisoka gritted his teeth. He hated when she reminded him of that. He just wanted to escape the pain. Since he couldn't vent his rage towards Anna, Jessie made the ideal target for his frustration. The demon smirked as Hisoka narrowed his eyes.

"What?" he asked. She leaned in close enough for her lips to touch his ear.

"Are you mad?" Hisoka sneered and tried to ignore her. Jessie licked her lips enticingly.

"I wonder why," she said. "Oh, is it because your little boyfriend would be disappointed to see you like this?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Hisoka shouted. Kohaku smirked at the unfolding scene before it.

"Oh that's right," Jessie cooed at her plaything. "He's married now."

"Shut your mouth," Hisoka warned. Jessie snickered.

"Or what?" she asked. The shinigami clenched his fists.

"I'm warning you," he growled. "Shut the hell up!" Uh-oh, Kohaku thought while smiling. This is going to get ugly!

"You know," Jessie pressed on, "I wouldn't blame your little boyfriend leaving you for his wife. I would probably do the same thing." She snorted. "You are quite pathetic. Loser. Idiot." Hisoka leapt forward and tackled Jessie onto the bed. She smirked as his hands wrapped around her neck like a tightening noose.

"You think that's funny?!" he snapped. "Let's see you laugh with a blue face!" The demon gasped, feeling around for something to hit him with. The images of Jessie and Anna blended together in Hisoka's mind as his hands pressed down harder on her throat. Fuck you, you whore! I hope you die! Tears formed in his eyes. The wrath in his heart opened up to sorrow that ripped through his gut.

I� I� I can't. Hisoka let go of Jessie with trembling hands. His lover panted and glared at him.

"Why did you stop?" she asked. Hisoka felt painful flips in his gut. He raced to the bathroom. Jessie sneered at the sound of vomiting. After twenty minutes of panting and silence, Hisoka wandered out of the bathroom. Jessie stared at him as she waited.

"Well?" she asked. Hisoka sank to his knees trembling and began sobbing.

"I am so sorry," he wailed out loud. "I'm so sorry!" The shinigami crawled over to the bed and huddled over her. "I'm so sorry!" He kept kissing her face. "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" Jessie shoved him off in disgust. She sat up and left Hisoka weeping on the floor. Kohaku watched the scene with intrigue.

I hadn't expected this, it thought. Jessie snorted at her weeping lover.

"You really are pathetic," she muttered over his sobs.