Color War

Dateline: Mitch and Cameron have made it to the dark ocean and found Kohana.

    “According to this,” Cameron said as she looked at the map on her computer. “We’re in Harrisburg and we have a problem with hatred.” “Very good!” I said. “Domo Arigato.” said she sweetly. Then two black boys ran over to us and grabbed me. “Hey! What are you doing?!?” I yelled as I tried to pull away from them. “Come on, we have to go!” they yelled. “Why?!?” And what about Cameron?!?” I asked. “She can’t come with us!” one boy yelled. “She’s white!” “We know you’re the guyz to come to save but come with us and we’ll explain the whole story!” the other one yelled. And with that, I was dragged away to the other side of town, leaving Cameron behind in confusion and repulsion.

    Once we got into a dark alley, the boys stopped to catch their breaths and let me go. “Okay.” I said. They looked up at me. “Why did we leave Cameron and what is wrong with you people?!?” I yelled. They looked at each other in confusion. Finally, one of them walked over to me and said: “We were living peacefully in Harrisburg, when this Heri guy came and place hatred in this town.” “So, you’ve been separated by race?” I asked. “Yeah!” the boys answered.

    As we walked along the alley, the boys continued telling their story about their corrupted neighborhood. “How long has Nikka been missing, Tommy?” I asked one of the boys. “Eight weeks.” he answered. “Ah, I see.” I said. “Uh…could you excuse me?” “Sure!” they said. “Arigato.” I said. Then I ran away as if I was on fire.

    Once I got as far away as I could, I turned on my computer and fired up the communicator. “Cameron, are you there?” I typed. Cameron responded back by writing: “Yes, it’s me.”

    Here is the rest of over conversation:

    M: So how is it over there?

    C: These people are worse than my mom!!!

    M: Oh?

    C: Yeah! They’re talking about going to war with the black people if Steven doesn’t return home.

    M: Who?

    C: Some white boy that’s been missing for eight weeks.

    A thought quickly struck my mind. That was the same time Nikka had been missing. So I typed:

    M: Uh….Cameron?

    C: Yeah, Mitchell?

    M: There’s a girl named Nikka here that’s been missing for the same time.

    C: Really?

    M: Yeah.

    C: Ah! I think we have a connection

    M: Yep!

    Then I came up with a great idea. So I typed:

    M: Hey Cameron!

    C: Hmm?

    M: I’ve got an idea.

    C: Ooo! What is it?

    M: Meet me outside this corrupted neighborhood. We’ll go and find these kids and return them to their families.

    C: Sounds cool!

    M: Good, see you at nightfall.

    C: Got ya!

    Then we logged off. This had to work!

    I waited for my female companion at the gate until nightfall. “Looking for someone?” a lady voice asked me. I looked and saw my angel. It was her all right, all sweet and lovely. I loved the way the moonlight shined on her long elegant silk white toga and that lovely dark pink orchid of hers. “I think she has arrived.” I answered
    “So, how are we going to find Nikka and Steven?” my angel asked me. “Uhhh….” I said. I really hadn’t thought of a way for that yet. Cameron waited for my answer. “Well, you’ll take east and I’ll go west.” I said at last. “Uh-huh.” said she. Then we went our separate ways.
    After hours of searching, Cameron and I met back at a cave. “Any luck?” I asked. “No.” she answered. “And you?” I shook my head. “Oh.” Cameron said in disappointment. We sat onto the damp ground. “If there was just some way to find Nikka and Steven……” I thought. Then I started to hear voices. “Hey!” I whispered to Cameron. “Huh?” she said as she looked up at me. “Shhh…Listen.” I whispered back. She listened closely. It was the voices of a boy and girl. “It’s them.” Cameron whispered. I nodded. “Let’s follow them inside the cave.” I whispered. “Right.” she replied quietly. Then we got up and started following their voices.
    Once we got to the center of the cave, we looked and saw Steven and Nikka sitting together talking to each other. This what they were saying:


    “Yes, Steven.”

    “Do you remember how we first met?”


    “Tell me, *kiss* what that was like.”

    “Six months before Heri, I was singing outside the school and you were playing basketball. When a strong wind came and blew my pink bandanna off. I chased in until I came to you. You acted like such a gentlemen when you handed it back to me.”

    “When I first heard you singing, my darling, I thought an angel was singing to me.”

    “But what can we do? Ever since Heri came, our town has been torn apart by hate. I love my family but I love you too.”

    “*Gently putting his finger over her mouth* Shhh… I know, I know.”

    Upon hearing this, I came up with a great idea. “Come on.” I whispered to my angel. “What?!?” she asked. “Are you crazy? They’ll know we’re and think that their families sent us. And they’ll run and we’ll get nothing done” I didn’t answer her. Instead, I leapt out of my hiding place, (dragging Cameron with me) down to them. The couple became startled. “Don’t be afraid. We’re the Fantasy Realm warriors. We heard what you were saying.” I said. “You did?” Nikka asked. “Yes, You’re families are going to war in the morning if they don’t find you.” I said serenely. Steven gasped. “Oh no!” Nikka yelped. “Don’t worry. I’ve a plan.” I replied. “What is it?” Nikka asked. I serenely explained my plan to the couple.

    “Tell me again, what’s the plan again?” Cameron asked the next morning. I explained the next morning. I explained the plan to her again. “Are you sure this is going to work?” she asked doubtfully. “I’m sure.” I answered. “Now go and watch for the others.” Cameron complied and ran to the mouth of the cave. I turned to Nikka and Steven. “Ready?” I asked. Steven dressed in a pair of white dress slacks and a matching t-shirt. His bride was all dressed in a dress of the finest lace. “Yes.” they answered. “Perfect.” I said.
    We all waited until noon before Cameron yelled: “Mitchell! They’re here! They’re here!” “Okay.” I said. Then I rose to my feet. “Nikka, Steven!” I called. It’s time!”

    As the angry mob grew closer and closer, I performed the ceremony. (Cameron had to rush me twice.) When I saw the angry residents, I asked the couple: “Steven, do you take Nikka to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “Yes,” he answered. “And Nikka, do you take Steven to be your lawfully wedded husband?” I asked the bride. “I do.” she answered. The residents were taken-aback. “I now pronoun you man and wife!” I shouted. “You may now kiss the bride.” The newlyweds kissed. This led the residents to break Heri’s spell and form permanent reconciliation. Once that was over and done with, Cameron and I hit the road.

To Be Continued….