Chapter Twenty-Three: Come Down:

He hated himself again the next morning. He knew this would happen. Hisoka stared at himself in the hotel bathroom mirror, the hollowness of his face and eyes showing the drugs and partying were taking a toll on him. He didn't even recognize his own face. No thought could justify what he saw. A pair of hands caressed his shoulders. Hisoka glanced behind him. Kohaku gave him a twisted grin.

"Rough night?" it asked.

"Don't you ever shut up?" Hisoka asked.

"Aw geez," the kitsune complained with a pout. "Why so touchy?" It paused when it noticed something different about its host. "Oh, you're shaking." Hisoka shoved the parasite off.

"Aw, don't be like that," Kohaku cooed. Hisoka frowned and turned away. The kitsune smiled and shook its head. "Look at you, Just look at you. Nowhere to go but down. Why are you doing this to yourself?" Kohaku moved beside him. "This isn't like you. So� why?" Kohaku nuzzled his neck. "What would Tsuzuki say if he saw you now?" Hisoka smacked and shoved the parasite away.

"Get off!" he hissed. Kohaku smirked, giggling. Hisoka glared at his other tormentor. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing," Kohaku lied. It glanced up at its prey. "Although." Hisoka eyed the kitsune with dull, angry eyes.

"What?" he asked. Kohaku leaned in close to his face.

"Just by looking at you, I doubt he'd want you back anyway," it said. Hisoka drew his mouth closed and trembled. Why would Tsuzuki want him to come home now? Hisoka turned back to the bathroom mirror. The sight of his body made him wince. He had never seen his skin look so pale in this afterlife. Each scratch, wound, hickey, and scar reminded him of the shame from days before. The worst part was the dead look in his eyes. The whole reflection made his stomach turn. He asked himself, who is that?  Kohaku leaned on his shoulder.

"Now do you see it?" Hisoka felt like disappearing into the floor. The kitsune laced its fingers with him. Hisoka shook his head.

"You're lying," he whispered.

"I'm sorry," Kohaku replied. "But you have to face the truth, Hisoka-kun." The shinigami whipped around to see lust-filled amber eyes.

"Tell me what to do," he pleaded. Instead of answering, Kohaku planted a longing kiss on his lips. Hisoka didn't even resist as he pulled the child into a desperate embrace. The kitsune pinned its prey against the wall. The shinigami fought the urge to resist as Kohaku grabbed onto his jeans. Take me! Please take me! Please!

"Your wish will be granted," Kohaku murmured before biting on his lower lip. Hisoka closed his eyes and let off a low, throaty moan. The kitsune rolled its hand over its prey's jeans. Good thing Jessie sleeps through even the loudest thunderstorm, it thought. Kohaku stuck out its tongue and let the tip touch the boy's bare chest. He closed his eyes and gave the skin biting kisses.

"Your curse tastes like candy," the child murmured. Kohaku took its tongue downwards, savoring its secret lover's taste. When the kitsune came down to Hisoka's member, it didn't waste any time wrapping its mouth around it. Hisoka's breathing grew heavier.

"Fuck�" he whimpered, "Fuck!" Kohaku glanced up at its desperate prey.

"You taste like your curse," it commented after licking its lips. "Bitter at first, but then sweet." Kohaku returned to the two a.m. treat. The hollow pleasure in Hisoka's brain drowned out everything around him once more.