Digimon Season one:

Episode one: And So It Begins:

    Seven kids - Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Izzy, Takeru, Mimi and Joe - are transported to a mysterious new world where they encounter the Digimon - digital monsters. What have they gotten themselves into?

Episode two: The Birth of Greymon

    Exploring their new world, the kids and their Digimon are attacked by Shellmon, an evil Digimon, forcing Agumon to digivolve to a more powerful form. Can even Greymon save them?

Episode three: Garurumon

    The kids set up camp for the night but are shocked when it turns out they're sleeping on the back of a giant Digimon - Seadramon! When the sea monster tosses them in the water, Gabumon must digivolve to Garurumon to try and rescue them.

Episode four: Biyomon Gets Firepower

    The kids encounter the power of the Black Gears when one turns a friendly Digimon, Meramon, into a deadly foe. Will Birdramon have the power to stop his rampage?

Episode five: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker

    The kids have another encounter with a deadly Black Gear when they free the trapped Andromon and are repaid for their good deed by his vicious assault. Can even the efforts of three digivolved Digimon - Greymon, Garurumon and Kabuterimon - turn Andromon from the path of evil?

Episode six: Togemon In Toy Town

    Trapped in Toy Town, the kids become prey for a deadly Teddy Bear, Monzaemon! Can the prickly cactus Digimon, Togemon, stop him before it's too late for the others?

Episode seven: Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo

    Trying to get a better view of their new home, File Island, the kids begin to climb a mountain. But they're forced to change their plans when they're attacked by the Black Gear-controlled Unimon. The digivolved Ikkakumon must try to protect them from the deadly Digimon.

Episode eight: Evil Shows His Face

    Leomon, one of the most powerful Good Digimon, is struck by a Black Gear, making him a slave to Devimon, the ruler of the Bad Digimon. When Devimon orders him to get the kids, they'll have to use all their wits - and more - to survive!

Episode nine: Subzero Ice Punch!

    Marooned in Freeze Land, Tai and Agumon encounter Fridgimon, a Black Gear-controlled snow-digimon. And even if they escape him, what hope do they have against the villainous Mojamon?

Episode ten: A Clue From the Digi-Past

    Lost in a ruined jungle city, Mimi and Izzy must decipher its mysterious hieroglyphic messages if they want to survive their encounter with Centarumon, the city's Black Gear-controlled defender. And what is the secret of the "Mystic Devices?"

Episode eleven: The Dancing Digimon

    Joe and Sora are going to be sacrificed by a cult of fiendish phantoms - the Bakemon! Do Ikkakumon and Birdramon have even a ghost of a chance of saving the kids?

Episode twelve: DigiBaby Boom

    Takeru and Patamon get a lesson in cooperation when they come upon Primary Village, home to Baby Digimon, Digieggs and one cranky caretaker - Elecmon! Will they learn their lesson in time to stop Devimon and his fiendish plans for the Digital World?

Episode thirteen: The Legend of the DigiDestined

    The kids finally learn the legend of the "Digidestined," who are fated to bring peace to the Digital World. But if they're the Digidestined, does that mean it's up to them and their Digimon to defeat the supremely powerful Devimon?

Episode fourteen: Departure For a New Continent

    When a mysterious being asks the kids to travel to a new continent to help him defeat his enemies, the children and their Digimon set out on an amazing adventure - leading them inside the belly of a giant Whamon! Can kids survive and find the tools they need to make their Digimon stronger??

Episode fifteen: The Dark Network of Etemon

    As the kids continue their search for the crests and tags they need to make their Digimon stronger, they come to a village where they must battle the trickster Pagumon, and the dangerous rock 'n' roll digital monster, Etemon and his Dark Network.

Episode sixteen: The Arrival of Skullgreymon

    The kids' journey leads them to a replica of the Roman Coliseum. When Etemon finds them, he unleashes an Evil Greymon to destroy them. Can Agumon save the day in his new digivolved form? Or will this new Greymon be too much for everyone to handle?

Episode seventeen: The Crest of Sincerity

    Walking along a hot, barren desert, the kids and their Digimon suddenly discover a huge cruise ship. They soon find out that Cockatorimon, an Etemon henchman, is driving the ship. As the kids battle to escape the ship, a new crest appears...

Episode eighteen: The Piximon Cometh

    As the search for new tags and crests continues, the kids encounter their old enemy, Kuwagamon. Haunted by his last "digivolution," Agumon isn't able to transform. Piximon, a master digimon trainer, saves the group and trains them in the ways of digivolving.

Episode nineteen: The Prisoner of the Pyramid

    When the kids and their Digimon answer an e-mail plea for help, the secrets of the Digiworld are revealed, leading them to a dangerous encounter with the robot digimon, Nanomon.

Episode twenty: The Earthquake of Metalgreymon

    In their quest to save Sora, the kids and their Digimon must battle Nanomon, and an even more powerful Etemon. Will Agumon finally be able to fully-digivovle in order to rescue the kids?

Episode twenty-one: Home Away From Home

    Chaos erupts both on earth, and in the Digiworld. Tai and Kororomon must do battle with the dreaded Ogremon in order to rescue their friends, and family.

Episode twenty-two: Forget About It!

    Upon their return to the Digi World, Tai and Agumon find Tokomon, who tells them that the others have split up to look for them. Takeru befriends a new Digimon, Demidevimon, but is he a true friend or not? When Tai, Agumon & Tokomon catch up with Takeru and Demidevimon, a battle ensues...

Episode twenty-three: Weregarurumon's Diner

    Matt and Gabumon find Joe slaving away in the kitchen of a strange restaurant, headed by Demidevimon's henchmen, Veggiemon & Digitamamon. When Tai and Takeru arrive on the scene, they reveal Demidevimon's evil ways, leading to an amazing battle. Can Garurumon full digivolve in order to defeat the evil threesome of Veggiemon, Degitamamon, & Demidevimon?

Episode twenty-four: No Questions, Please

    Izzy and Tentomon have been searching for Gennai for the past 2 months, but now they find themselves trapped and suddenly fall into a bottomless pit, as they fall they hear a voice. Who or what could it be?

Episode twenty-five: Princess Karaoke

    Tai, Joe, and their Digimon companions track Mimi down to a gigantic fortress/castle, where they are surprised to find that, far from being held as a prisoner, she’s being treated like a princess by the locals, a race of frog-like beings called Gekomon.

Episode twenty-six: Sora's Crest of Love

    When the kids find Sora, she is worried that her Crest of Love will never glow again. As the dangerous Myotismon moves in to attack the kids, Birdramon must digivolve, and Sora is met with a big surprise.

Episode twenty-seven: The Gateway to Home

    The kids and their Digimon must battle a whole horde of Demidevimon's minions in order to try and protect the "chosen child," who Myotismon is plotting to capture.

Episode twenty-eight: It's All in the Cards

    Myotismon finds his way into the real world, slamming the portal shut behind him. The kids and their Digimon must get to the chosen child before Myotismon does, and in order to do so, they have to unlock the portal by figuring out how to use the special cards, which they were given.

Episode twenty-nine: Return to Highton Veiw Terrace

Episode thirty: Almost Home Free

    While trying to get home, the kids find out it's not easy navigating the big city with a bunch of Digimon and too little money. They disguise themselves inside a subway car, but can they keep the act up long enough to fool Demidevimon?

Episode thirty-one: The Eighth Digivice

    The mystery involving the eighth child continues to unfold. Are Tai's suspicions correct? A chase ensues for the lost digidevice, making things even more complicating.

Episode thirty-two: Gatomon Comes Calling

    The chase for the eighth child is on! Tai and the gang have to hustle in order to find the child before Myotismon and his minions. But can they overcome the dangerous monsters Myotismon has put in their way?

Episode thirty-three: Out on the Town

    As they keep searching for the 8th child, Matt, Takeru and Gabumon run into Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two of Myotismon's henchmen. Angered by their buffoonery, Myotismon turns on his henchmen, leaving him vulnerable to the kids and their Digimon.

Episode thirty-four: The Eighth Child Revealed

    The mystery of Gatomon's past gets unraveled, bringing about astonishing revelations about the 8th digidestined child. With Myotismon closing in, Tai and Agumon must act fast, but will their efforts be enough to save the child and Gatomon?

Episode thirty-five: Flower Power

    Myotismon's desire to find the 8th child grows stronger as he sicks his Phantomon on the kids. With things looking bleak, can a fully-digivolved Togemon save the day?

Episode thirty-six: City Under Seige

    The kids and their Digimon continue in their fierce battle with Myotismon, who is determined to capture the 8th child. Will Kari make the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop the suffering?

Episode thirty-seven: Wizardmon's Gift

    A weary Wizardmon proves his friendship to the kids by giving them what they need to defeat Myotismon. But will their combined efforts be enough to take him down?

Episode thirty-eight: Prophecy

    Gennai unearths a cryptic prophecy which could lead to the salvation of the Real and Digiworlds.

Episode thirty-nine: The Battle For Earth

    The kids' Digimon must warp to their ultimate levels to bring down the powerful VenomMyotismon. Little do they know their efforts will lead them on yet another important adventure...

Episode forty: Enter the Dark Masters

    The digi-destined are hurled back into the Digital World where they learn of four Dark Masters who are planning to take over the Digital World. The kids and their Digimon partners are challenged by the Masters. Will their combined strength be enough to defeat them?

Episode forty-one: Sea-Sick and Tired

    Hungry and lost, the group is suddenly attacked by Metal Seadramon's henchmen. Tai wonders if their Digimon partners have developed enough to defeat the Dark Masters.

Episode forty-two: Under Pressure

    The group and Whamon have to use all their wits to fend off Metal Seadramon's henchmen. Can the team, led by the powerful War Greymon, finally defeat Metal Seadramon?

Episode forty-three: Playing Games

    The kids find themselves in a mysterious forest where the evil Dark Master Puppetmon manipulates them.

Episode forty-four: Trash Day

    Puppetmon preys on Matt's insecurities and sets up a trap designed to have Metal Garurumon and War Greymon destroy each other.

Episode forty-five: The Ultimate Clash

    Puppetmon's scheme to divide the digidestined comes to a head when Metal Garurumon squares off against War Greymon. Will the group be able to re-unite before their most powerful Digimon destroy each other?

Episode forty-six: Etemon's Comeback Tour

    Heading towards Puppetmon's mansion, the children stumble upon some old enemies - Ogremon & the fully evolved Etemon!

Episode forty-seven: Ogremon's Honor

    A fully-digivolved Leomon helps Joe and Mimi in their battle with Metal Etemon. Meanwhile, the others have their hands full with Puppetmon when he turns his entire mansion into a weapon!

Episode forty-eight: My Sister's Keeper

    Kari isn't feeling well, and the kids scramble to get her to a hospital. Izzy realizes that the group is being traced by the remaining Dark Masters and figures out a way to hide themselves. But when the dangerous monster army finds them, the kids are in danger yet again.

Episode forty-nine: The Crest of Light

    The gang battles through an underground sewer where they stumble across the powerful Waru Monzaemon & the Numemon. When a light washes over Kari's body, the team is given added power, aiding them in their continuing battle with the Dark Masters.

Episode fifty: Joe's Battle

    The kids arrive at the castle of the Dark Masters, finding Lady Devimon waiting there to attack them. Meanwhile, Joe and Mimi return to Primary Village in search of Matt. Joe sets off on an adventure across the sea to find Matt and bring him back to help the group battle Piedmon.

Episode fifty-one: The Crest of Friendship

    The team must band together to defeat the strongest of the Dark Masters, Piedmon. The search for Matt continues, while an injured Tai and War Greymon struggle to bring Piedmon down.

Episode fifty-two: Piedmon's Last Jest

    It's the ultimate battle with the last of the Dark Masters as the gang struggles valiantly to defeat Piedmon and save the DigiWorld. But is Piedmon the only evil force children have to defeat in order to accomplish their goal?

Episode fifty-three: Apocalymon Now

    When the children descend into an endless world of darkness, they encounter their most powerful enemy yet. Can the kids hold onto their tags, crests, and Digimon partners before everything disappears?

Episode fifty-four: The Fate of Two Worlds

    The team is in for the fight of their lives as they struggle to defeat their powerful enemy, and preserve peace in the DigiWorld. Gennai appears and offers them important advice.

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