The Dark Ocean

Dateline: Mitch and Cameron have escaped the bats and are now working to liberate Kohana.

        “Where are we now?” Cameron asked. “Near the dark ocean, I guess.” I answered. Everything around us was white! It was creepy. “Well, let’s go!” Cameron said filled bravado. “Okay, but where?” I asked. “Uh…. Let’s just go!” Cameron yelled bravely. Then she marched off. I just shrugged and followed behind.

        On the way there, I began to notice that Cameron wasn’t in sight. “Huh? Where did she go?” I thought as I looked around. I finally caught a glimpse of her. She was disappearing. At first, I thought something was wrong with my eyes. I blinked hard but the picture didn’t change. Within seconds, Cameron disappeared! I was mortified. “Mitchell!” I heard her cry. “Cameron?!? Where are you?!? What happened?!?” I asked frantically. “I’m at the dark ocean. I started to doubt finding Sopphina, That’s when I started to disappear. Come find me! Come find me at the dark ocean!” her voice echoed. “But where is that?” I asked. But her voice said no more. So that is how I ended up drifting in middle of nowhere.

        As I drifted along, I had a lot on my mind. Where was the dark ocean? Where was I? How am I going to get out of here? How long am I going to be here? I felt like a child lost and alone at night. I knew what Hogosha would say if he was alive at a time like this. “Mitch! Quitting now?!? Megan and I raised you better than that!”

        I sat down feeling fragile, drained, and confused. I laid back and shut my weary eyes. And when I fell asleep, a voice came to me.

        “Young warrior! Why are you quitting now?” the voice asked me. “It’s too hard! I can’t do! I don’t know the way to the dark ocean!” I answered. “The way to the ocean is in your heart! Believe in yourself! Cameron is waiting for you!” the voice yelled.

        With those words, my hope in finding Cameron, Kohana, and the dark ocean came back again. When I woke up, I saw the dark ocean in a pathway. So I got up and walked through the pathway.

        Cameron was wading on the beach. When she looked up and saw me, she cried: “Hey there! Where have you been?” I ran over to her. She still had on that long white silk toga and her dark pink orchid in her hair. “Oh, I just got lost.” I answered. “Ah. said she. “Well, let’s go!” I yelled. “I’m supposed to say that!” she yelled. “Ha-Ha!” I yelled. Then I laughed and began running. Cameron chased after me in joy.
        We made it to the Ginseng gardens after nine days. They were beautiful like heaven! We found Kohana and her claim was she became worried about, me so she followed me here. I told her about my mission and told her I was going to be okay and I was coming home soon. She promised not to tell a soul. Once that was said and done, she returned home. Cameron and I stayed at the Ginseng gardens for three days. Once we were rested, we were on our jolly way.
To Be Continued….