Chapter nine: Darkness

“If you need to leave the world you in, lay your head down and stay a while. Though you may not remember dreaming, something waits for you to breathe again.”

-Evanescence “Imaginary”

Takeru awoke in painful fear. He had really taken a beating tonight. It was even to breathe. All he could do was lie there in bed in pain. “Naze won’t it go away!” he thought.

Takeru dragged himself to school. He was too exhausted and sore. The boy was slowly wasting away. Even worse, he couldn’t stop it.

Then, Takeru heard loud footsteps. He slowly turned around. Iie one was in sight. But he knew who it was. Only, Takeru just didn’t care today. So he kept on walking.

    The footsteps grew faster but the boy kept walking. Finally, Aneko leapt onto Takeru’s back just as expect. The boy screamed in pain. The princess stopped giggling and looked worried at her boyfriend. “Teddy!” she said. “Nani’s wrong?” Takeru couldn’t answer. He clinched his teeth in pain. Aneko kept looking at him. “IT HURTS!!!” he cried out at last. “Nani do you mean? Nani hurts?” Aneko asked in a panic. “JUST GET OFF ME!!!” the boy yelled as he threw his girlfriend violently to the ground. Then Takeru ran to school without looking back.

Aneko just sat there in worry. “Takeru…” she thought.

The pain deeply affected Takeru for the whole day. He couldn’t work, play basketball, or walk down the hall without feeling the pain.

The pain was so bad during gym class that the coach sent Takeru to the nurse. Even she couldn’t help the poor boy. The nurse couldn’t find nani was wrong with him so she kept him in the infirmary until his mom could pick him up.

While he waited, Takeru fell asleep. There, the ban of hell plagued him.

*Nightmare starts*

Takeru awoke in his cell once again. Same darkness. Same hell. Where will this end?

Then, he heard footsteps. Who was it now? More of them? The boy slowly looked up.

A girl dressed in a thick coat walked down the line of cells. She was looking around. Takeru could feel his cheeks turning aka from her beauty. Finally, she stopped at his cell and looked inside. The boy grew nervous but didn’t show it. “Nani does she want from me?” he thought.

The female turned to the hall. “All right!” she yelled. “I want this ichi!” Then two guards came to her side. They were grinning. Takeru grew afraid. “I don’t like this!” he thought. Then ichi guard unlocked the door and opened it. “Get up!” barked the other one. Takeru complied. Then the four headed down the hall.

They went into a lavish garden. A crowd of about twenty or thirty people were there. They were all dressed so nicely, even talking and laughing. Takeru was confused. “Is this a party?” he thought.

Then the female grabbed him and dragged him with her. The boy was lost even more. “Oro? Where is she taking me?” Takeru thought.

The two came onto a stage. Takeru looked out. All of the people were staring at him. “Look everyone!” the female yelled. “Here’s your entertainment!” Takeru grew aka. “Enter-tain-ment?!?” he thought. “Oh nai!!!

For the whole afternoon, Takeru had to entertain the guests. They made had do embarrassing things such as hop on ichi foot while singing inappropriate songs. If he did it all wrong, the guards would beat him until he was bleeding. The guests were all laughing at the beating.

Takeru had to be dragged back to his cell for he was out cold.

*End of Nightmare*