Chapter Fifteen: Date Night II:


I: Getting Ready

I sit down at the mirror and comb my hair. We're going to have another date night. We planned it this morning.

“Another date?” I ask, as I lie in bed.

Asato-kun kisses me on the forehead.

“Yes,” he says. “How does it sound?”

I smile at him. “Sounds good,” I say, as I nuzzle his chest.

Right now, I put on pink lip gloss and smile. I look like a doll tonight. My short purple cheongsam dress hugs my curves just right, and I’m loving the matching bow sat on top of my head. I love this feeling, almost as if could fly.

According to the clock on my bedside table, it's 5:45. In fifteen more minutes before our date begins. I smooth out my dress, and compose myself as I wait for my husband. Once I’m calmer, I make for the living room.

II: Out on the Town

At six o’clock, Asato-kun greets me at the door.

“Hello, dear,” he says. “Ready to go?”


He takes me by the hand and leads me out the door. Once again, our neighborhood feels calm. The only people we see are an elderly couple passing by. I get giddy as I think about how we will be in our golden years. As we cross the street, I look at my husband.

“So where are we going?” I ask.

Asato-kun smiles as he kisses my hand.

“For a short stroll,” he says. “Eat dinner at a quiet tavern, and book a lovely room in a minshuku for the night.” Asato-kun nuzzles my neck.

“Ooo! I like that idea.”

He kisses my cheek. “I knew you would,” he whispers.

I cuddle up to his body. The ambient noise of city life at night becomes our soundtrack as we walk.

III: Dinner

Asato-kun and I go to a quaint Chinese restaurant near Ju-Oh-Cho. He grins as he holds me in his arms.

“I found it yesterday,” he explains.

“I see.”

“Shall we go in?” he offers.

“Why... yes,” I smile.

My husband takes me by the arm and walks me inside. A hostess in a dress similar to mine appears. She bows her head in greeting. “Welcome,” she says. “Table for two tonight?”

“Yes ma’am,” Asato-kun says.

“Right this way, please.” She leads us over to a table near the bar, where Asato-kun politely pulls out my chair for me.

“Thank you,” I tell him as I take my seat.

He sits down across from me. I only have one question in mind as the hostess hands out our menus.

“So tell me,” I address him. “How can we afford tonight?”

“Hmm?” Asato-kun hums his reply, attempting to avoid answering my direct question.

“We can’t afford a lavish night, husband. So, tell me now - will this hurt our budget?”

He gently taps me on the hand. “It’ll be fine. I’ve got it.”

“But…” As I begin to speak, he puts up his other hand to stop me. I drop my shoulders and shrug in silence.

“Fine,” I say. “I’ll let you handle it.

Asato-kun bows his head. “Thank you,” he replies.

I try to smile. Maybe this will be fine.

A server arrives at our table. “May I take your order, or would you like a little bit more time?”

“Uh, yes,” I say. “I think we're ready.”

The dinner turns out to be a simple affair, but pretty tasty. I’ve even saved back a few nibbles for later.

IV: Nervous

“I’ll get the check.” Says Asato-kun.

My heart races when he goes to the front counter. After paying the tab, he strides back to our table, and sweetly helps me from my chair.

“Ready to go?” Asato-kun asks. I smile at him quite shyly.

His tone nearly makes me freeze. He’s changed tonight. Before dinner, Asato-kun was his carefree, sweet self. Now, he sounds like he’s hungry again; hungry for me. Plus, he’s had no alcohol tonight, only water.

“Excellent,” he says, with a confident grin. Then, he circles an arm around my waist and walks me out the door.

The look in his eyes says, “I’m going to be completely sober when I devour you tonight.” I gulp and nod. His lips form a naughty smile.


He takes me to a bed and breakfast right next door to the restaurant. I blink, rather uncertain to make of this. Taking a room at this place makes me feel like we’re having an affair. Many scenarios bounce around inside my head with him being a powerful boss or politician and I’m his secretary. Each one makes me shiver. It’s not a love hotel, but still… Asato-kun nudges me forward.

“Come on,” he whispers in my ear. “A good night awaits us.” The tone almost makes me jump. He grabs my hand and leads me through the glass doors.


It doesn’t take long to check into our room. Inside looks decent with a nice view on the city. However, I don’t get a chance to fully appreciate the city at night. Asato-kun pushes me down on the bed, kissing my lips. He pulls away just inches from me.

“Now, Anna-chan,” he says. “I’m going to go take a shower. Stay like I have you now, understand?”

I lower my head. “Yes.” He kisses me on the forehead.

“Very good,” my husband whispers.

He turns and walks into the bathroom. My stomach turns as I sit on the bed. The running water makes my heart tremble. I look over at the clock on the nightstand. 8:45? It doesn’t feel like it. I swallow hard, as I fight the voices in my head: Come on, keep it together. It’s just a shower. What the hell are you getting so nervous for? You’ve done this before!

I shut my eyes and slowly breathe as I wait.

I lift my head at the sound of the bathroom door opening. Asato-kun stands before me in nothing but a towel. I stare with my jaw dropped.

My cheeks warm up as I feast my eyes on his chest and abdomen glimmering with tiny droplets of water. His cool commanding expression doesn’t change.

“Good girl,” he says. “You’re just as I left you.” My husband walks forward and forces a me into a kiss. I fold as he pushes me back and strips me down while my heart goes into its happy place.

V: Waves

-Hazel Eyes-

I am drowning, but I am not worried; I want this. Salt water caresses my skin. Traces of sunlight touch my eyes. Do not disturb me; I need this. Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me!

Another wave swirls within me. The splash pushes my body to the top. I can’t stop it. I don’t want to. He is calling me and I must obey. He will open me up. Take me! Take me! Take me! Take me!

The surface looks so clear today. There isn’t anything in sight. Only a single cloud floats over my head. However, this is only the start. Adore me! Adore me! Adore me! Adore me!

I reach my arms toward the darkening blue sky. I know it will rain soon. But I’m not concerned. Though I hope for the best, secretly I’m prepared for the worst. But none of that matters today. Because the seagulls flying overhead are singing their songs just for me. I can hear them as they sing out -

I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!

And so, I am loved.

VI: Musings

Asato-kun sleeps with his arm over my breasts. I can’t help but smile tonight. I just love that man.