Chapter Sixteen: The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants:


I: Hunger

Women are beautiful creatures and Anna-chan is no expectation to the rule. My angel blushes when I see her and my demon wants to go wild every time he’s sees her. Tonight, I want her so bad. I stand and stare lovingly as Anna-chan sits at her vanity and combs her hair in the mirror.

“Alright, I’m heading out tonight,” she says.

I cock my head up from the stool. “Where to?” I ask.

She shrugs and looks over her shoulder. “Just out,” my wife says. “Is that okay?”

I shrug with a smile on my face. “Sure,” I say. “You’re an adult. You don’t need my permission.”

“Right,” she says.

I count down in my head. Five… Four… Three… Two… Anna-chan’s hand touches the door handle. One! I dart off of the stool and grab her from behind. I pin her to the futon before she could cry out. I grin, holding down her shoulders.

“Actually,” I say. “I have a better idea.”

“What?” she asks as she struggles to get up. I kiss her on the neck.

“Mmm.” I murmur. “You are so sexy. I just have to have more, right now!” I rip open her white blouse. “Oh,” I say as I see a black lace bra underneath.

She stares up at me in bewilderment.

“But…” she speaks up. Her cheeks turn so red underneath me.

I freeze, eyebrow raised. “But?”

Anna-chan gulps as she lowers her head. “I’m going to be late.”

I kiss her on the lips. “Yes,” I whisper. “You’re going to be really late.” I lean in for another kiss. This time, she breaks down and kisses back. My tongue gently slides into her parted lips. Suddenly, I want to do more. My hand slides down into her skirt.

II: Fever

My need for dominance is driving me to be rather… creative. I forget that I could have a dirty mind like that sometimes. It mostly comes to life after work. Such naughty impulses are how I end up in a sex store downtown near a secret red light district earlier this evening. Initially, I tried to fight it. In the end, here I am.

Now what am I looking for? At first, I scan the aisles. So many toys make me shiver. They actually make things like this? I have seen some of these before and wish that I hadn’t. Maybe I should go with something small tonight. Two boxes of my favorite lube end up in my hand. That should be fine, right? My demon is not impressed.

Come on, now! Go big! I want real excitement for the summer! Mix it up, live a little!

I frown, staring at those dirty toys. But…

Don’t be a pussy! I want real entertainment! Give us more toys!

This is it takes for me to put my game face on. “I understand.” This time, I go big with a special “friend” for my wife tonight. It takes all of my self-control not to go overboard for night one. In ten minutes, I make my way up to the counter. The clerk snickers at me as he rings up the toy and lube. On that first trip, I learn that I have a terrible poker face on things like this.

I walk out of the store, grinning. I feel dirty for being in there, but something tells me this won’t be my last trip here.

III: Stripping

Tonight, I am in control. I sit on our kitchen counter, smirking. Anna-chan stands before me like a nervous virgin. She is an independent woman, but she knows how to get into character as my submissive little angel about to be devoured by a hungry demon for our games. I grip the counter so hard that my knuckles turn white.

“Take off your clothes,” I order. Anna-chan looks hesitant on my first command. She doesn’t seem to know what to do. She eventually begins rolling off her red Mr. Children shirt. I hold up my hand.

“No, no,” I cut in. “Do it slower. I want to be turned on tonight.” Anna-chan looks up at me with big doe eyes. I lean back with my eyes on her. She slowly rolls off her shirt, letting me see that flat pale stomach of hers. I lick my lips at her.

“Yes,” I purr. “Really nice.”

Her hands inch downwards for the black lace bra. My shaft is already getting hard from the sexy show in front of me.

“Yes,” I demand. “Take your time there.”

Her fingers slowly release each little hook in the back. My heart races in my chest. Her bra falls to the floor at her feet. The sight of her ample bosom makes my cock hungrier. The demon is dying to jump at her and ravish her. My grip grows tighter on the counter underneath me.

“You may continue, my love…”

Anna-chan reaches for her belt. She unbuckles it and pulls it slowly from her skirt.

“Slower,” I remind her, clearing my throat. “I want to enjoy that hot little body of yours.” I must admit, red looks good on her cheeks. I stare at her plump breasts and flat stomach before she begins to move again. Her skirt slides down her hips to the floor. The only thing left as she steps out of her skirt is a matching pair of panties. I swallow hard as I unapologetically ogle her body. When her panties hit the floor, our games begin.

“Wife! Come to me...”

IV: Drunk with Sexy Power

I get a high off of this demon’s lust. I lay her down on the futon we make love on night after night. Each time the demon comes out to play, he gets stronger and hungrier. Anna-chan lies waiting for me to act. She knows her role very well. I can’t help but chuckle about it in my head. She is hot as a dominant, but also makes a sexy submissive.

I lean down to her ear, “I will devour you tonight,” I whisper. I use a spell with my fuda to bind her to the futon. She squirms as I hold another fuda in my hand and sit over her.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with this?” I ask. She nods, waiting for the next trick. I stroke her hair before I lean down for a kiss.

“You are always so good,” I whisper at her lips. The fuda comes down on her lovely hazel eyes and her pupils widen, blinding her. She never complains. My beloved wife, to my surprise, enjoys the games that we are beginning engage in.

“Women enjoy sex as much as men do,” she tells me often. Over the years I’ve been in relationships, I find that statement to be true. Tonight, however I am more interested in consuming one in particular. I shove my tongue into her mouth. This is mild compared to what I plan to do to her after this. Right now, I can see heaven with my wife. Her moans make my heart race as I drink deeper into her. I can’t help, but enjoy her addictive taste.

V: Floating World

I sit, waiting on the kitchen counter. “I have a present for you.” I shove forward a dark purple dildo that I’d kept hidden in one of the cabinets. Anna-chan stares at it wide eyed.

“What’s the matter?” I ask. “I bought it for you.” I lean forward. “Come on, play with your new toy.”

At first, she hesitates. I doubt that she’s used this sort of thing. In fact, I have been the only guy that’s she’s ever been with. She really isn’t used to kink yet.

“Don’t worry,” I tell her. “It’s not going to hurt you. You can trust me on this.” Anna-chan picks up her gift and finally presents herself to me, on her knees. I smile like a starved alley cat.

“Wet it first by licking it,” I command her. My wife brings the naughty toy to her lips and begins to lick. She licks it like she’s eating an ice cream cone. Now, I understand why a woman eating ice cream looks kind of sexy at times. My excitement makes me tingle as I watch.

“Now, I want to see you ride!” I say with fire in my voice. My Anna-chan tilts her head as if she doesn’t understand what to do.

“Just pretend you’re about to go down on me,” I order her. With that encouragement, she comes down and gets into it. Her body sinks down on her new naughty little “friend.” I enjoy watching her pussy swallowing it whole. I don’t want to see a single inch of purple remaining for this show.

“You missed some,” I tell her. I push on her shoulders to get all. Her screaming sends chills down my spine. I don’t know how long I can restrain myself. The demon already wants his treat tonight. No, I must how on a little bit longer. Sticking with the plan will pay off both of us. I sit back on my “throne.”

“Entertain me,” I command. Anna-chan starts off pushing her hips in a slow rhythm. I lick my lips.

“Faster!” I tell her. “I want to see you sweat!” Her bouncing hips and breasts excite me even further. It feels a painful ache in my trousers from all the teasing. My demon tells me to hold on a little bit longer. Each bounce of her body increases my appetite for her. It’s so cute that she’s trying to act like she isn’t enjoying for new “friend” in front of me. The sweat rolling down her back and onto her ass makes me lick my lips.

“Yes, more!” I cheer. “More!” Anna-chan throws back her head, screaming.

“I can’t hold it!” she cries before reaching her end. Her climax is only part one of my treat tonight. I nearly tear off my trousers and boxers as she catches her breath.

“Now I’m going to give you the real thing instead of a toy!” I shout.

Anna-chan stares at me tired, but she seems willing as she crawls into my lap with her thighs on either side of me. I grab onto her hips. I’m focus only on the sensation of taking her. Watching as I disappear inside her, inch by inch. She squirms, and whines as if I’m hurting her - but she knows how I like it. And besides, she knows she wants it. She always does. Tonight my demon will be well sated.


A young man in a black suit rang the doorbell. He waited before it slid open. A tiny face peeked out.

“Yes?” a small voice whispered. The young man cleared his throat.

“I have a card to see my wife for night,” he announced. He slid a reddish-pink card through the crack. The guard slid open the door to let him in. Mama’s Ruby House greeted him with its gentle perfume. On the couch a blonde-haired nymph in a short white dress lay on her back, pleasuring herself. Her moans made his cock twitch. In a sense, she helped him prepare for tonight. Another nymph stood near the kitchen doorway, naked. A bright red swan stood beside her as her companion. The black-haired nymph motioned him over, blowing him a kiss. The young man waved back, blushing.

“Is she here tonight?” he asked. The swan squawked in response. The young man looked up to see a third half-naked nymph walking into the living room with her tiger on a leash. The young man bowed his head.

“Jade,” he greeted the lady in silver. “How are you tonight?” The tigress nymph bowed her head in return.

“I am fine,” she replied. “And you?”

“I am good. Is she in tonight?”

“Right this way.” The tigress nymph turned and went down the hall. The young man followed behind.


As they walked down the hall, the suited young man looked in the rooms. A woman lay in bed in one of them. She only wore a light green baby doll gown with white lace. Despite being asleep, her body language said, “Come hither,” to him. She looked as if she was waiting for her prince charming to wake her up with a kiss. The young man blushed as he fantasized about walking up to her and kissing her on the lips. He shook his head as he ran to catch up. The tigress nymph gave him a sharp look.

“Got distracted, huh?” she asked.

The young man frowned with a red face. “Shut up.” The tigress nymph laughed, tossing back her bright blonde-red hair. Her human companion gritted his teeth and kept his eyes to the floor as they resumed their journey to his one-night home. They finally came to room 20 at the end of the long, narrow hall. The tigress nymph pulled out a key from thin air and unlocked the door.

“We leave you to her,” she said with a bow. She and the tiger walked away to her post. The young man walked into the room. The youthful “wife” sat on her bed, waiting. Her brightly colored kimono she wore was his personal favorite. She even did up her hair and makeup for the night. The brightly lit paper lanterns added to beauty. Her “husband” slid the door closed behind him.

“I’m home,” he greeted her.

“Welcome back,” she replied. He climbed onto her bed and kissed her on the lips.

VI: Addictive

Anna-chan rests on my lap, panting. I smile as I push away her bangs from her forehead.

“Good night,” I whisper before kissing her on the forehead. I just realize something: I just have to have more of this taste.