Chapter Four: Demon:


I: Monster

Something’s come over me lately. Over the summer, I have learned that there is another side of me. In fact, I sometimes believe that I am split into two. One part of me is an angel, the other a demon. Both awaken when I am aroused. Tonight, the demon in me takes charge.

The demon in me just wants one thing: sex. He craves Anna-chan, and wants to get as much his pleasure from her as he can. He wants to dominate her, devour her, control her—all tenderly, of course. I slide open the door with a dirty mind. Anna-chan lies on the futon, looking up at me.

“Sweetie,” she says, sitting up. “You’re home.” I slide the door closed behind me. “Yes my love. I am finally here.”

II: Hungry

I could see my reflection in the mirror across the room. My eyes are glazed over with the haze of desire. The expression of a demon doesn’t faze me as I breathe heavily. Her eyes reflect how nervous she feels. She holds the sheets coyly to cover her breasts. I think she wants to run away. It makes me even hungrier.

“What's wrong, my love?” I wonder aloud. “You look so scared.”

She quickly shakes her head, trembling. “I’m… I'm not scared.” I smirk at her tone and crawl onto our futon.

“You’re not fooling anyone with your brave words,” I whisper softly in her ear. “Yourself least of all.” I force a kiss on her plump lips. The candy taste makes my mouth water. In one swoop, I push her back on the futon. She looks up at me with wide-eyed surprise.

“Asato-kun…” she murmurs. I place my finger to her sweet lips and shake my head before letting my mouth sink down to her ear. Her little gasps make the blood rush to my shaft. Feed me, my goddess!

III: Feeding

I… I can’t stop myself! I glance up at my angel. With one little kiss, she begins to blush. Her cheeks remind me of the hue of cherry candy. I let my fingers drift lazily from her cheek to her neck.

“Aw,” I coo. “I haven’t even started.” My hands reach for her. Fumbling as I open her shirt. Each open button reveals the pale smooth skin I’m longing for. Her well-toned abdomen and pert cleavage flirt with me under the dim lighting of our room. The faintness of the soft red glow looks great on her cheeks and hair. The sight makes my head spin.

“Beautiful,” I whisper. Her shirt immediately ends up on the floor. Mind you, my wife isn’t shy. She’s even been the one to make the first move in the past. In fact, I enjoy the nights when Anna takes over. It’s even better when my wife plays naughty submissive to my horny demon. Tonight, she lies beneath me, wanton.

“Take me!” her body commands. I lick my lips. Yes, my goddess, I shall. After I undress, I return for another kiss. The taste of her sends shivers up my spine. I want more! I move back to tease and lick her earlobe. She moans, and her voice rings in my ears.

“Asato-kun, please!” she begs. Her cries of ecstasy have such a beautiful sound. My devil wants to scratch at her skin.

“Please, what?” I ask. I grab her between her thighs. I lick my lips at the wet satin in my hand. I have no idea how much longer I can hold back the demon inside of me from devouring her. She shuts her eyes, panting.

“Please don’t tease me!” Anna-chan cries. She lifts her hips as I roll off her damp, lacy black panties.

“And why would I do that?” I smile mischievously as I reach down with my fingertips to caress her slick warmth in tiny circles.

“I love you!”

“I love you too Asato-kun!”  Anna-chan screams. “And right now… I need you more than ever!”

“Really?” I challenge.

She can only nod, speechless.

IV: History

This woman entices the demon within me. However, this isn’t the first time he’s made an appearance, looking for something to sink his randy fangs into. The demon’s birth comes from a previous lover of mine, but I can’t remember which one. Until my recent nuptials, the demon had been slumbering soundly. Lying in wait for all these years.

However, Anna-chan awakens him on nights like this. His hunger has already taken over my mind as I coax her velvety thighs further apart.

V: Goddess:

A young man awoke to an airy voice floating through the air. He crawled over the edge of the cliff and peeked down. Through the fogged lake below, arose a naked red-haired goddess. Her luscious lips invited the boy in for a kiss.

Another splash drew his eyes to the left. A second goddess slowly awoke; her body clad in white silk. She looked just as beautiful as the goddess of the water. Her curves lured him in as she rose to her feet. However, when she turned around, a wave of horror ripples the boy’s mind.

The white silk fell from the Junoesque figure of the goddess and, he took notice of several unhealed red scars across her back. Their appearance startled him yet, somehow enticed him. Though deeply embarrassed, the young man found he could not look away. He blushed as he continued to stare.

Behind him, a giggle made him whip around. A third goddess in red lie sleeping on the ground. Her red silk dress whispered a secret message only he could hear.

Do you want her?

The young man nodded slowly.

Then go to her. Go now. Do it! Do it!

The young man rose to his feet and dove off the cliff into the foggy water below. He opened his eyes to see Heaven.

VI: Fond Memories

I hold Anna-chan in my arms as she sleeps quietly with a sweet smile on her face. I roll my eyes and sigh as I remember exactly how that perverted demon was born.

He was the one who planted that randy monster inside of me. He taught me all the tricks I know. Those nights before I met my beloved Anna-chan were the some of my the best of my life. However, my heart begins to sink. Thinking about him always makes me sad. After all this time, I still miss him. It’s really hard to get over a love just like that—even after living as long as I have. It still hurts when I think about my demon. I return to my senses when the feel of soft skin brushes against my chest. I look down to see Anna-chan looking up at me.

“Oh, did I wake you?” I ask, trying to pull myself together.

She shakes her head. “No.” She furrows her brows when she notices my face. “Have you been crying?”

I wipe tears from my eyes. “No, why?”

Anna-chan frowns at me. “Is something wrong?” I shake my head. It’s coming down to this, isn’t it? I have only told Tatsumi the whole story. It looks like I am going to have to tell Anna the story of my former lover as well. I breathe a sharp breath as she lovingly clings to my chest.

“Anna-chan, my love… I think it’s time I tell you about a forbidden love I once had.”