Chapter Thirty-Eight: Demon and Fox:

The Mother sat up in bed. She knew what came next.

-Eight Hours Earlier-

She sat alone on the bed. Anna came up behind her.

“You remember the plan, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” the Mother said. Anna nuzzled on her left cheek.

“Don’t forget. Please don’t lose yourself.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“I’m serious.”

“Yes! Will you shut up already? Geez! You’re sounding like that idiot now.”

“Hey, that idiot loves us both!”

“Yeah, yeah. Still annoying.”

“Aw, but you love him, don’t you? Don’t you?”

The Mother’s cheeks turned bright red. “Shut up!”


She counted down in her head before her feet touched the floor.

“I know you are there,” the Mother said. “Come out and let’s get over with.” She turned head in the darkness.

Asmodeus stepped out, smirking.

“Well now,” he said. “Still sharp your old age, I see. I’m impressed.”

The Mother rolled her eyes. “What do you want?”

“To see you for myself.”

Oka-san tilted her head. “That all?”

“Well, we have met before. You were sleeping at the time. May I see your true form? Anna is pretty, but I want to see your face.”

Oka-san chuckled. “It’s been so long since anyone has asked to see my true form. I almost forgot what my own face looks like. Okay. Hold out your hand.”

The demon of lust held out his left hand. Oka-san touched her wrist. Asmodeus shivered as his opened his inner eyes.

“What a beautiful kitsune you are,” he said. The demon drew back his hand. “It’s a shame you can’t show this face more often.”

“Not possible, I’m afraid. Whole curse thing and all.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Is that all you wanted?”

“No, my dear.”

“Oh? Then what do you want?”

The demon of lust bowed. “Pardon me for this. My name is Asmodeus and I want to eat you.”

“Excuse me?”

“You must understand; I love tormenting beautiful things. For years, I have eaten angels.” He put his hand to his forehead. “But alas, the taste of angels bores me. I’m looking for a new taste.” The demon’s eyes rested on Oka-san.

“And you found it?” she asked.


Oka-san put her arms behind her head. “May I ask why me? Why am I so special? Why the interest in me?”

“May I?” His eyes trailed to the bed. Oka-san moved over and Asmodeus took a seat next to her.

“Thank you,” he said. “Now to answer your question, I want to eat you in your full glory. When we first met, I could sense your powers. That shield that hid you muzzled most of your power. I had to wait until you were free. But now…”

“And if I refuse?”

Asmodeus smirked as he shrugged. “I do like a fight. Breaking you would be that much more appetizing.”

“Heh. Your reputation proceeds you.”

“Why do you think I set up the murder game with the shinigami?”

Oka-san put her hand on her pendant. “So it was you?”

“Why yes. In fact…” Asmodeus reached for her necklace and unclasped it. The cat charm necklace fell onto her lap.

“Now what?” she asked. The demon of lust kissed her on the lips. Oka-san shoved him off. Asmodeus gave her a puzzled look.

“Is something wrong?” he asked. The Mother smirked and chuckled.

“Sorry,” she said. “I don’t think Anna would approve. Besides, you aren’t my type.

Asmodeus licked his lips. “That’s more like it.” He forcefully kissed her again.


Anna shoved the demon of lust off. “Feel free to help, dear!”


Tsuzuki rolled over in bed and drew out his fuda. “Byakko, go!” The white tiger’s light shot towards the demon of lust’s chest. Asmodeus leapt back and dodged it in time.

“Well-played,” he said. “But I’m not done.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tsuzuki asked. The demon of lust smirked.

“Meet me at midnight tomorrow,” he said. “I challenge you to a duel.” Asmodeus vanished through the wall.

“Come back here!” Tsuzuki yelled.

“Oh and your partner better hurry!” the demon of lust said. “That poor girl doesn’t have long before she dies.” Anna turned to her husband.

“What girl?” she asked. All of the color drained from the shinigami’s face.

“Oh shit!” he murmured. Tsuzuki reached for his phone. “Come on, Hisoka-kun, pick up! Pick up!”

“Hello?” a woman’s voice asked. “Kurosaki-kun’s phone.”