Desert Rain

Dateline: Cameron fell sick and the doc sent Mitch on a mission to get the holy water to heal her again.

    “So what are we praying for?” I asked the priest after yet another prayer session. “Rain.” he answered. “Rain?” I asked. “Yes.” said he. “We haven’t had a single drop rain in twelve years.” “Ah. I see.” I said. I felt sorry for the people.

    “No rain for twelve years?” Cameron asked. “Yep.” I said. I sat down and thought about what to do. “No rain for that long? The holy holiday ends in three days. It going to take a miracle to bring rain.” said she. Then an idea hit me. “I’ve got it!” I yelled. “Got what?” she asked me I stood up and turned to her. “I’ll bring the rain.” I sad. “What?!?” she asked. I covered her mouth. “I’m going to go to Flame Mountain and ask Olympia to bring the people rain.” I explained. “And if that doesn’t work?” Cameron asked me. “I’ll use my powers.” I answered. I had to persuade Cameron my plan was going to work. She finally agreed and I packed my stuff that evening.

    “Well, I’m gone now.” I said later that night. “Good luck.” said Cameron. Then she hugged me and I left.
    My trip was long but it was easier than my quest for the holy water. I reached Flame Mountain in two days. The mountain was hotter than a volcano. I thought my feet were going to be burned up. My hands were burnt and scared by the time I was done climbing. My frustration turned into joy when I saw the temple of Olympia. Through my pain, I ran to the temple. When I got there, a sign was posted in front of the temple. This is what the sign said:

    “Enter with a pure mind, heart and soul.”

    Taking full understanding of the message, I began to think about the people in the desert and in the whole Fantasy Realm. When I was ready, I entered in quietly.

    Olympia’s temple was big and lavishing. I was amazed. But I managed to keep my mind clear and begin looking for the altar. Once I found, I quietly walked up to it and knelt down before it. I prayed to my Holy one and used my powers all day and night.
    I didn’t make it back until the last day. On the way back, I noticed some drops. The drops began to increase as I continued back. “It’s working.” I thought. Then I began running towards the villages.
    When I got to the villages, it was pouring down hard. I saw the people running and playing in the rain. I run over to them. “I did it.” I thought. “Mitchell!” a voice cried out to me. I turned and saw Cameron running towards me. “You saved them!” she yelled. I didn’t say a word instead I just nodded mildly. Later that, night Cameron and I hit the road at long last.
To Be Continued….