Desire List


We all have desires of what we want to do before we go back to Heaven. Baby Doll wants to find her killers and bring them to justice before she is judged herself. Izumi wants the perfect woman in her life. Natalia wants to service out the rest of her exile without incident. Yoshiko wants to be able to gain control of herself. Liz wants to raise more hell before she goes. What do I want? I grinned at such a question. I want to fuck as many gorgeous men as I can before I go back.

My count is pretty good so far. I�m even halfway through. I sat up in bed plotting for my next kill. My phone next to my nightstand began to buzz. I picked up my phone and looked at the display name. I couldn�t help but to smile.

�Hi, Sexy,� I said when I answered the other line.

�Hey baby, what�s up?� he asked. I giggled as I climbed out the bed.

�Not much,� I said, �Just thinking about sex.� I walked down the hall to the bathroom I shared with Natalia.

�Ooo, you naughty slut,� my latest toy said.

�That�s how you like me,� I said. I stripped down and turned on the water.

�So what are you doing today, girl?� he asked. I shrugged as I washed myself off outside of the tub.

�Nothing much,� I replied over the speakerphone, �What do you plan to do to make it worth my while?� He laughed over the phone.

�What would you like me to do you?� he asked. I thought about that I climbed into the tub.

�Just entertain me in our favorite place,� I told him in a coy, flirty way.

�You mean�� my sexy friend began to ask.

�Oh yes, baby!� I said with a giggle.

�Yes ma�am!� he said aloud, �There is so much I want to do to you right now.� I smirked as I raised an eyebrow at his words.

�Such as?� I asked.

�Where are you now?� he asked.

�I�m in the bathtub, honey,� I said as I already liked where this was headed.

�Nice,� he cooed, �First I would come up behind you and rub your shoulders.� I licked my lips at this opening.

�How fast would you go?� I asked.

�Really slow,� my sexy friend replied.

�Ooo, yeah!� I moaned. As he kept talking dirty to me, I happened to glance over at the doorway and see Natalia frowning and shaking her head in displeasure at me. I frowned and tried to ignore her as I gave her the middle finger in my head. You can look down on me all you want, bitch, but I�m still smoking hot getting some! Suck it, you old hag!