Tokyo at night. A dazed and high-looking Mona walked along the sidewalk. She was dressed in a skimpy, tight, black party dress and matching heels. The woman looked all worn out. She stopped and her eyes trailed up to the sky. Mona collapsed onto the ground below her. She just lied there. No explanation. Just lying there in silence.

    A few minutes later, a man was walking down that same sidewalk when he tripped over Mona.

    "Ow..." he mumbled as he looked around. "What the hell?" The man looked behind him and saw the Russian woman laying on the ground. He blinked for a moment.

    "Oh, sorry about that," he said with a bow. "Didn't see you there." Mona didn't reply. The man looked at her with concern.

    "Hey," he said as he got up off the ground. "Is something wrong? Are you okay?" No response.

    "Are you drunk?" he asked.

    "No," Mona replied.

    "Are you hurt?" the man asked.

    "No," she said.

    "Then... why are you on the ground?" he asked.

    "I can't say that," she said.

    "Here, let me help you up," the man said. He bent down to help her up. But when took her by the arm, Mona became pissed off.

    "Don't touch me!" she snapped. The man backed up.

    "Okay..." he mumbled. "But why are you on the ground?"

    "I can't tell you that!" she blurted out. By now, some bystanders got curious and walked over to the pair for investigation. In a course of minutes, a crowd formed to see what the hell Mona was up to on the ground. They too had their own questions.

    "Why is she on the ground?"

    "Is she sick or something?"

    "Miss, why are you lying on the ground?" one on-looker asked.

    "Please!" Mona pleaded. "Just walk on by and leave me!" More whispers came from the crowd.

    "Is she crazy?"

    "Is this a stunt?"

    "Maybe she's high." The sound of a patrol car pulled in and stopped. The crowd all looked up.

    "Look, a police officer!" someone exclaimed. Mona sneered to herself. "I hate cops," she thought. But, the Russian woman kept this to herself. The policeman got out of his car and walked over to the crowd.

    "What's seems to be the problem?" he asked. A woman in the crowd pointed forward to Mona on the ground. The cop walked over to the Russian woman and knelt in for a closer look.

    "Is there a problem, miss?" he asked. Mona clenched her teeth on the ground.

    "Please, just leave me alone," she gritted out. "I will be okay. Just go away and let me be."

    "Why are you lying on the ground?" the man who tripped over her asked.

    "I cannot say!" Mona cried. "Bad things will happen!"

    "Are you scare of death?" another bystander asked. "Is that why you are lying there?"

    "No!" Mona shouted. "Just leave me!"

    "Tell us why you are lying there, for god sakes!!!" the man who tripped over her yelled. Mona's eyes trailed up to the sky.

    "Please forgive them, for they know not what they do," she murmured in Russian.

    "TELL US!!!" the man who tripped over her yelled. Mona sighed aloud.

    "Fine," she replied. Then, the woman broke down and told them. Afterwards, everyone was lying on the sidewalk with her.