Devil in a Blue Dress

I: Violet Rays

Pandora walked around the Factory for a little while. She felt like Alice in Wonderland. Andy had been the rabbit. Jamaica and Savannah were the Cheshire cat. Who would Alice run into next?

That came with a scent of heavy smoke. Pandora thought that she would choke to death. (Sure, everyone smoked in England, but not this bad!) The poor soul became dizzy and stumbled into a random room. In time, Pandora�s vision returned. She looked as if she had walked into a time machine. 60�s memorabilia all over the place. Black light posters on the wall. Jimi Hendrix ruled the room. The same smoke floated around in the room, only much lighter.

Pandora looked above her. Love beads hung from the ceiling.

�Wow,� was all she could say.

�It�s my element,� a woman�s voice told her. Pandora looked up right away. A woman sat on the floor smoking. Purple invaded the woman. Her long dark purple hair served as a cape. The lilac highlights in her hair brightened her up some. She looked really pale all over. Her skinny fingers clutched the cigarette tightly. Pandora looked her up and down.

�Oh hello,� she said in slight surprise. The woman took another puff of her joint cigarette. She looked at the newbie as well.

�You new here?� she asked Pandora. She seemed to have a heavy French accent. Pandora found herself intrigued. (Andy seemed to like foreigners so much, apparently.)

�Yeah,� the freshman called with a bow. �I�m Pandora!� The woman gave her a nod.

�Violet,� she replied. �Violet Rays.�

�I see,� the lamb replied. Silence passed for a moment. Violet offered her a fresh joint.

�Want it?� she offered. Pandora quickly shook her head.

�Oh no, no, no!� she called out. �I don�t smoke.� Violet drew back the joint.

�Pity,� she replied. More silence.

�So,� Violet spoke up. �What do you do?�

�I�m a designing student!� Pandora answered proudly. Violet smiled at her.

�Good to know,� she replied. �We need more art around here!� Pandora looked a little happy.

�Really?� she asked. Violet nodded at her.

�Only Andy and I are qualified artists,� she went on. �The others are rookies.� Pandora looked confused.

�What about Jamaica and Savannah?� she asked. Violet snorted out loud. She laughed as well.

�Ha! Those two?� she asked aloud. �They are just lazy pretty faces. All they just do is model for the art!� Pandora felt a little better now.

�I see,� she said. More silence came. Violet looked the newbie up and down. Pandora nodded.

�What?� she asked out of curiosity. The purple lady didn�t speak. She just smirked at her.

�Oh,� Violet said at last. �Just thinking about how you�ll do great here at the Factory. You�ll even be a top star here!� Pandora looked puzzled again.

�Hm?� she asked. �What do you mean?� Violet smiled at her again.

�You�ll see in days,� she replied. �Trust me.� Pandora nodded uneasily. She still didn�t get it.

II: Heiress:

Andy had the itch again. He needed fresh meat. Pandora proved to be great. But, he needed more. Japan seemed pretty slim on talent this year. So what to do? What to do? Time to venture out. America always has fresh new talent. Andy took a plane out to California in the next week. The state knew him well. He frequently did business here. This time was no different. The harvest as he called it, had begun. First day turned up nothing. Second day, same thing. Within five days, a break came through. A wine-tasting took place in Santa Barbara. Andy drove down there to relax. Rich folk owned this place. Andy didn�t fit in this place. But, he didn�t care. Free wine for all. So why not? That�s when he met her.

Emily Bellman. Princess of Santa Barbara. Only thirteen and stood to gain the whole Bellman dynasty. The owned almost all of California. Andy saw platinum in her. Emily looked bored at the wine-tasting. Andy saw his opportunity. He made his way over to the young heiress. She looked up at him. Andy smiled at her like a hungry wolf.

�Hello there,� he greeted her. Emily looked at him with big eyes.

�Are you Andy Teach?� she asked him.

�Yes,� the boss replied.

�The Andy Teach?� the heiress asked again.

�Yes,� Andy replied. Emily became excited right away.

�Oh wow!� she mouthed to herself. Andy watched her for himself. He had a winner here. The man knew the right hook to lure her in. Andy looked her dead in the eye.

�You want to get out of here?� he asked her straightforward. Emily�s eyes grew big in shock.

�Uh�� she said aloud. There went another one under his spell. Andy smiled at his latest work. Emily couldn�t speak at all. She just nodded at him with a light red face. Andy lightly held her small cheeks. The thirteen-year-old felt her heart racing. A celeb wanted to take her away. Andy leaned in close to her small ear.

�Come away with me to Japan!� he whispered to her. He didn�t need to say it twice. Like Pandora, he had Emily sold. And the next day, she and Andy hopped the next plane back to Japan. He pulled all of strings with her family to make it happen. Just that simple!

III: Andy Opens the Factory:

Let�s go back some. Before Pandora and Emily. After he bought the Factory. He wanted to do something new. The art scene needed a change. Andy knew he wasn�t enough. He wanted promote other artists as well. Thus beginning the talent search.

Andy first picked up Violet and Ian for the Stardust Factory. He met Violet at an art exhibit. She just started as a young artist. Her stardom had begun to raise. From the moment he saw her, Andy knew he had to have her. He walked straight over to Violet near Van Gough�s Sunflowers. Back then, she was known as Eliza Gahan. She looked up and saw Andy looking her up and down. Violet consumed the artist. Eliza watched him closely.

�Is� there a problem?� she asked. Andy gave her a clever little smiled.

�Not really,� he replied. �What is your name?�

�Eliza,� the Frenchwoman replied. �Eliza Gahan. And you are?�

�Andy Teach, mademoiselle,� the charming eccentric replied. They shook hands. Eliza blushed at his touch. �He�s got a strong grip!� she thought surprised. Andy smiled at her still.

�Funny,� he spoke again. �Eliza doesn�t suit you.� She looked at him confused.

�What do you mean?� she asked. Andy gave her little shrug.

�Your name doesn�t suit you,� he repeated. �It should be something like� Violet Rays.� The woman seemed impressed. Her cheeks turned a bright red. Her heart began to race.

�Uh�� she said at last. There it went again. The good old Andy Teach charm. He just bagged another one. Now to reel her into the boat.

�I can promote your art to bigger masses,� he whispered into her ear. Eliza looked at him with big eyes.

�How?� was all that came out her of mouth. Andy grinned at her.

�Come with me,� he commanded. Game, sat, match! Andy had Eliza sold right then and there. Soon, she became Violet Rays and moved to the Factory. She�s been there ever since.

IV: Diva Club:

Andy seemed to pick out queens and divas. He had a thing for bitchy girls. They all roamed the Factory. Jamaica and Savannah were only the tip of the iceberg. Pandora learned that really quick. Some were nice, but just wanted to be on the top. Others were just straight up nasty. Pandora met both in one day.

Jamaica and Savannah always looked down on her. They kept their comments about her to themselves. But their looks said everything to her. They had Pandora a little concerned.

�Don�t min them,� Violet assured her. �They get jealous of new blood here.�

�How long does that last?� Pandora asked. Violet shrugged.

�Until someone new comes along,� she replied.

�And when is that?� the newbie asked.

�Who can say?� the older woman replied. Pandora sighed aloud in stress. Balancing school and this place were work already. Now she had to deal with divas too? How nice! But the diva parade didn�t end there.

Two weeks later, Andy returned from California with Emily Bellman on his arm. She created such a stir at the Factory.

�Is that�?� Pandora began to ask.

�Yes!� the other girls replied. Pandora watched on surprised. An heiress in the Factory? What? Hard to believe, but it�s true! The thirteen-year-old heiress had arrived at the Stardust Factory. Jamaica and Savannah watched on as Emily watched through.

�Who is she?� Savannah snorted at her friend.

�This is the Emily Bellman,� Jamaica replied. �She�s the heiress of the whole Bellman Empire in Santa Barbara!� Savannah snorted again.

�So?� she asked.

�So?� Jamaica asked aloud. �So? We have royalty among us!� The younger woman rolled her eyes.

�So what?� she asked. �She�s no different than the rest of us!� She walked over to the young heiress.

Emily looked around the Factory. So far, she liked what she saw. A smile came onto her pretty face. It may have been a little run-down, but anything to make a name for herself. Then, she looked up and saw Ms. Savannah walking straight towards her. A challenge. Emily smirked at the older diva. She just loved a challenge. The heiress stood boldly. Savannah made it over to her. Emily changed her face to a serious one.

�Yes?� she asked properly. Savannah looked her up and down.

�You the Bellman girl?� she asked rudely. Emily stared her down.

�Yeah,� she answered. �Why?� Savannah smiled at her in a snotty way.

�Don�t expect any royal red carpet treatment, little girl!� she said all high and mighty. �Just because you�re rich and popular and all doesn�t mean you�ll get any big roles in the movies. You won�t even be granted to be a Factory Star! So just stand aside and let the real stars shine!� Everyone stared on in silence. Oh snap! That�s just cold! What can Emily say to that? The heiress smiled calmly at Savannah.

�That maybe true,� Emily replied in a matching tone. �But while I�m still young and fresh, you�ll be old and shriveled up with your age. Meaning you�ll be useless soon.� Savannah stared on in silent shock. Everyone watched on stunned. Emily smiled on proudly. Game, set, match. Savannah had been dethroned as queen of nasty wits. A new queen of divas had been crowned that day.

V: Andy + Ian:

Now, Andy didn�t start the Factory alone. He had some help. Ian Gallaheger and Andy were really close. Lovers, in fact. Andy drew and Ian made films. They worked side and side. Ian loved Andy fully and supported everything he did. Easy to imagine how pleased he was when Andy asked him to join the Factory.

�Why yes!� the director called out. �I�ll help you with this project!� Andy smiled and kissed his lover on the lips.

�Glad to know!� he called. And the Stardust Factory began. Andy and Ian had been together for seven years. They met in England. The eccentric artist went there for the opening of an old friend�s artwork. Ian had just graduated from film school and needed work. (He also didn�t really know what team he played on at the time.) The two met in a pub on a Friday night. Ian noticed the artist from across the room. The graduate blushed at the sight of him. He found himself walking over to Andy. The artist looked up at him and smiled at the student. Ian sat next to Andy.

�Can I buy you a drink?� the Brit offered. The artist smiled at him politely.

�Why yes,� he replied. Ian bought drinks for them both. The men began talking. Ian blushed the whole time. Andy took notice.

�Is something the matter?� he asked his new friend. Ian froze up right away.

�N-Nothing!� he stammered out as he looked away red in face. Andy turned his face back to his. Ian�s face grew redder when he looked deep into the artist�s eyes.

�Are you sure?� Andy asked.

�Uh�� the graduate said aloud. There it went again. The classic Andy charm. He just baited one. Pretty soon, Ian followed him all the way back to a hotel. And then, the graduate followed him all the way to Japan. The men have been like that ever since.

VI: Run Rebel Run:

Mori Toshiko always had a wild streak to her. She rebelled against everything. The woman did things her own way. In school, Toshiko fell into the school bully category. Despite being smart, everyone remembered her incurable wild streak. She smoked in the girls� bathroom, picked fights, drank, and did drugs on campus. But, Toshiko didn�t sleep around. Ironically, she was a virgin. But, the girl never told anyone. Why bother? Toshiko found it easier for her to let them think of her as a slut than to tell them that she hadn�t even kissed a boy.

No one could stop this wild girl. Her parents gave up on her. The teachers fell stressed because of her. As for her friends� What friends? Toshiko didn�t need any in her mind. She saw herself as a lone wolf. All she needed was herself. That all changed her junior year.

The man named Otori Saionji. The young man taught drama class. His charming green-brown eyes seduced Toshiko into his class. Soon, she found a new passion in life. Acting became her first love. Toshiko still had a rebellious streak to her. But instead of being pegged for prison, now she would become a star.

Toshiko took the acting trail all through college and her adult life. She got many small parts in Indie films. But, it wasn�t good enough. Toshiko wanted more. But where to get it?

Enter the Great Andy Teach. He came in at the right time. He always does. The artist continued his hunt for fresh new talent in Japan. This time his quest led him to a failing acting studio. Toshiko happened to be on the casting couch at the time. She hoped that this would kick start her career. As the young actress read over the script, she noticed a shadow standing over her. Toshiko froze and slowly looked up. Andy stood over her smiling. The actress blinked at him once.

�Yes?� she asked.

�Looking for a big part?� the artist offered her.

�Yeah�� Toshiko replied as if it were obvious. Andy smiled at her devilishly.

�I can offer you a big part in a movie!� he announced to her proudly. Toshiko looked on unconvinced.

�Oh really?� she asked. �How big are you talking?� Andy leaned in close to her ear. He whispered a hefty amount to her. Toshiko�s eyes grew wide with shock. The artist pulled away some.

�So what do you say?� he asked. Toshiko watched him still.

�Uh�� she replied. There it went again. Andy baited another one. He reeled her in quickly. Pretty soon, Toshiko joined the Stardust Factory by that afternoon. She stayed for the drugs, fellow rebels, and the films.

VII: Film Star Girl:

Pandora started to head to her classes at Tokyo Sakura Art University. She had reached the front door when she felt someone watching her. The designer student slowly turned around. A camera appeared right in her face. Pandora looked on confused. She noticed a man filming her. He looked to be in his late twenties in casual clothes. He smiled at her like a hungry cat. Pandora blinked once.

�Uh�� she said. �Can I help you?�

�Ello!� he called. The student noticed the accent.

�You�re English, aren�t you?� she asked.

�Yes, that�s right,� Ian answered. Pandora looked at him still.

�Why are you filming me?� she asked. Ian grinned at her.

�Cause,� he replied. �I want to?� Pandora noticed the camera tipping towards her breasts. She began to freak out.

�Please stop,� the young student pleaded. �You�re freaking me out.� But, Ian didn�t stop. He kept on filming her. He began to move the camera up and down on her small curved body. Pandora panicked in her head. �Oh crap!� she thought. �What do I do now?

�Can you stop filming me?� she asked again. �Please?� Ian grinned as he moved the camera closer to her chest. Pandora tried to open the door behind her. �Come on! Come on!� she thought over and over again.

�What�s your name?� Ian asked her out right. The student freaked out again. He�s filming her body while asking her questions about her. Pandora just didn�t know what to do at the moment. Might as well talk. Pandora breathed out some.

�Pandora,� she replied. �Pandora Wolfe!�

�And how old are you Pandora Wolfe?� the director asked her.

�Eighteen,� she replied. �Look can I go now?�

�One more question,� Ian told her. Pandora sighed in distress.

�What is it?� she asked.

�Where are you from?� the director asked like a game show host. Pandora sighed out loud again. She grew tired of this game and wanted to quit now. But, Ian wouldn�t stop until he got what he wanted from her. Well, just keep on playing until it�s over.

�Manchester, England!� she called aloud. And with that, the front door flung open wide. Pandora ran away as fast as she could. Ian smiled to himself as he shut off the camera. Pandora Movie opening scene complete. Yes my children, more would follow real soon.

VIII: All the Ladies in the House:

Divas are fun. Their temper thrums keep us entertained. The Factory has plenty of diva inside. An heiress, a rebel, two models, and an artist. Pandora has certainly come to a strange place. What will happen next? Who can say? But we know Emily, Violet, Jamaica, Savannah, Toshiko, and Pandora will supply us with joy and amusement from the Factory.

Lady in Black