Venus in Furs

I: Crush-Crush:

Pandora ran all the way to school after Ian freaked her out with his camera. Such a creep! Just thinking about it made her skin crawl. She shuttered all over again.

�Cold?� a young man asked her. Pandora looked up startled. A young man eyed her quietly. Pandora stared him down. Charming bloke about her age. Maybe a little older. Judging by his accent, he came from Scotland. Fit and lean with his light brown hair newly cut. Judging by the young man�s clothes, he too was an art student just like her. Pandora blushed at the mere sight of him. She just fancied him. Even the silver hoop earring in his right ear looked tasty. The starlet quickly shook her head at him.

�No, no!� she called. �I�m fine! Just remembered something a little unpleasant, that�s all!� The young man watched her as well.

�You�re English!� he called. The girl nodded once.

�That�s right!� she replied. �I moved here to go to school.�

�Ah!� the young man replied. �The name�s Evan.�

�Pandora,� she replied. �Pandora Wolfe.� The two shook hands on that one. Pandora blushed at his touch.

�Nice to meet you, Pandora Wolfe,� Evan replied.

�Yeah�� she said in a half daze. They slowly let go. The lamb couldn�t help but to stare at the boy. Vice versa with him.

�Well!� Evan spoke up. �Shall we go to classes together?� Pandora nodded quickly.

�Yeah!� she called excited. The girl forced herself to calm down again. She lightly cleared her throat. �I mean, yes,� the student replied. Evan smiled at her warmly.

�Okay then,� he said. �Let�s go!�

�Yes, yes!� Pandora agreed. Her crush watched her. They headed onto their classes.

II: Old Friend with Old Dreams:

In five weeks, Jemima Murdock came to Japan looking for Pandora. She and Pandora had been friends since they were three. Whenever Pandora went overseas, she always wrote to Jemima every day. But lately, she hadn�t heard from her friend since she went to Japan. One day, fine. But five weeks? That called for attention. So, Jemima hopped the next flight to Japan. The whole time, she feared the worst. �What if she had been sold into prostitution or something?� the girl thought. Only one way to see.

Jemima looked around the streets of Tokyo for Pandora. So far, she turned up nothing. But then, the curvy English girl fell into the trap as well. She crossed paths with Mr. Andy Teach on his way out of his favorite caf�, Neko Bomb. Jemima nearly ran into the guy. Quite literately. The poor bird nearly knocked him to the ground because of it.

�Whoa!� Jemima called out as she stopped cold in her tracks. �I�m so sorry!!!� Andy turned and looked at her. He studied the eighteen-year-old for a good three minutes. She looked at him as well. Her first thought about him? �It�s a pimp trying to check me out for sell!� Jemima thought annoyed. She glared at him coldly.

�Excuse me!� she snapped. �Can I help you?� Andy smiled at her like a gentleman.

�You wanted to be a model, right?� he asked. Jemima looked at him still cold.

�So?� she asked. �Have you seen this woman?� She showed him Pandora�s graduation picture. Andy took it and examined it closely. Jemima watched and waited. Andy returned his attention to her smiling.

�Why yes,� he replied. Jemima looked at him excited.

�Really?� she asked. �Where? Where?� Andy stepped forward to her smiling.

�If you really want to know,� he whispered to her. �Then follow me!� He slowly pulled away from his latest prey. Then, he turned and walked away. Jemima stared at him blankly as he walked away.

�Uh�� she said aloud. He did it again! Another one fell into Andy�s storm.

III: Spoiled Diva:

There�s no denying it! Ophelia Dayton was straight up diva. She had been raised that way. She grew up a daddy�s girl. Her parents practically gave her anything she wanted. Her limit went past the sky. Ophelia just loved attention. She would do anything to have it. Who could say no to her?

Ophelia met Andy when she was sixteen. He was in New York looking for fresh new talent at the time. Brearley School held a fashion show in the community for breast cancer research at the time. Ophelia was the top star as well. She wanted to expand far beyond Manhattan. Well, she got her wish pretty soon.

Andy sat in the crowd searching for new blood on stage. The young girls looked the same to him. Then, out came young Ophelia Dayton. Pricey China doll suited her well. She looked all pretty in baby blue and lace. Even her hair and make-up looked perfect. Andy just had to have her! And when she saw him in the crowd watching her, she had found her ticket of escape. After the show, the two met in person.

Ophelia went back to the dressing room to get her things. Andy waited for her there. The girl sure got a surprise when she saw him. Her eyes matched her thoughts.

�It�s you!� she gasped. Andy smiled at her like a hungry vampire. He stepped forward to her.

�Yes my dear,� the pusher replied. �I am Andy Teach.� He then leaned in close to her hot young innocent ear. �Come away with me to Japan!� he whispered to her. The pusher pulled away from the prey slowly. She stared at him blankly.

�Uh�� the girl said at last. There it went again. The good old Andy Teach magic. Not only did he have young Miss. Dayton, he stole her heart as well. Pretty soon, she went to Japan with him. Andy worked out the details with her parents, of course.

IV: Another New Arrival:

That night, Jemima contemplated Andy�s offer. His charm reeled her in slowly. Some old dreams came back from their graves. Jemima stepped in and out of them repeatedly. Just before bed took the cake. Jemima had on her pajamas and brushed her short black hair in the mirror in the hotel room she was staying in for the night. The fantasy crept in once again. Jemima slowly rose up to her feet.

�Here we have Jemima Murdock modeling off the latest dress from Wolfe-Angel designs,� she announced to herself boldly. (Wolfe-Angel was the label name Pandora wanted to use.) Right then, Jemima made up her mind. The next day, she tracked down Andy and the Factory. She knocked on the door. The pusher opened it wide and smiled. He looked the English girl up and down.

�Yes?� he asked her. Jemima swallowed hard as lip trembled.

�I have decided to take you up on your offer!� she announced. Andy smiled at her wickedly.

�A wise decision,� he told her. �Follow me!� Jemima complied into the Stardust Factory. There goes another one!

V: Surprise:

�Jemima!� Pandora called out to her friend when she saw her that afternoon. Jemima looked up and saw her missing mate.

�Pandora?� she asked aloud. Silence passed for a long moment. Both girls squealed in slight. They ran and embraced each other tightly. They sang praises about how much they missed each other. In the distance, Andy observed such a beautiful display of friendship. He decided to let them catch up for old time�s sake.

VI: Catching Up:

�What are you doing here?� Pandora asked her long time friend. They sat on the roof looking at the city.

�I came to find you,� Jemima answered. �You haven�t written in weeks.� *Sweat drop on Pandora�s head*

�Whoops, sorry!� she said. �I�ve been very busy!�

�Even so, write me at least once a week, you doozy cow!� Jemima called. She lightly pushed her friend sideways. Pandora giggled. Her friend hadn�t changed at all. Just as loud and caring as ever.

�Anyway,� Jemima went on. �I came here looking for you and I ran into Andy and��

�He lured you in here too?� Pandora finished.

�Yeah,� her fried replied. �Everyone back in England is good and misses you.�

�That�s good,� the lamb replied.

�Yeah,� Jemima agreed. Both girls looked out on the city again. Tokyo is so beautiful in the afternoon.

VII: Girl I Dream of:

Evan Stone had fallen in love. He had a crush on Pandora Wolfe. Cute little English minx. He wanted to get know her really well. In all aspects of the word. He wanted to be her first. First kiss. First date. First in bed. Evan could tell she was a virgin. Pandora just had that look to her. And believe me, Evan had the eye to spot out virgins. But, that�s not why he wanted Pandora. She was just so� normal. Normal would be a change from the craziness at the Stardust Factory where he worked. But he would have to snatch her up quick before Andy and the rest of the Factory sank their claws into her. That did it! Evan Stone just had to have Pandora Wolfe! And so the mission began!

VIII: Bonds and Love:

Bonds and love are the key things that keep mankind going. Pandora has both. Her friend came into this Oz-Wonderland while looking for her. Pandora-Dorothy might have even found love in the Factory. But what about outside of this Oz-Wonderland known as the Stardust Factory? Only one way to see. Let�s go to the outside, shall we?

Paint it Black