If You Like Dreamland...

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Greenhouse Sun Angel

Myra, Sarah, and Nicole through their teen years. Watch as they help each other to grow and survive.
Home Economics Cello Jello
A look into the life of a shy girl with her crazy mother, saving grace lover, and wild friends.
Homework Stockwood
A diary of an oddball girl through the course of one year.
Japanese I Pt. 1-3 Common

Sometimes, love can survive years and hardships.
Basic Math Sakuran Bottom

Welcome to the apartment complex of Cherry Rock. Shuichi has to juggle studies, crazy women, and his future.
South American History Lotus Bomb

In fear for her and her unborn child's life, Chiyo, a mob leader's niece, flees Tokyo and runs to Kenzu Island. There, she finds safety in a house of ill-repute. The girls and the owner grow to become her family.
Expository Writing Book War

Kris has it wrong. Her parents are divorcing, she's doing poorly in school, and she's in a love triangle with her two childhood friends. To make matters worse, her dreamy older brother is dating her Arts and Humanity teacher.