can you hear it?
a melody of pain, calling from the dark
come and fly away with me, and your eyes are gonna see it all
you live in happieness, never saw the pain
never heard the elegy

Welcome, welcome! It appears that you have found the mini site for the light novel series, Dreamland. Just like with Hapless Cupid, I decided to edit the first volume with the help of a beta reader and publish it. With that being said, this site had to be revamped and moved to Webs.com. That being said, the layout and little anime pictures are staying because they fit the theme of the series and I like my little icons. Without further ado, stay and dream away. 

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News and Updates: 

4/25/17: This site's been moved to Neocities and volume two of Dreamland is now avaliable for purchase.

11/15/16: I revamped and moved this site to Webs.com.

9/17/16: I finished volume nine and added previews for volume ten.

8/10/16: I added chapter twenty-six.

12/16/15: I started volume nine.

12/15/15: I finished volume eight and added previews for volume nine.

12/14/15: I added chapter twenty-three.

12/13/15: I started volume eight.

12/12/15: I finished volume seven and added the previews to volume eight.

8/7/15: I added chapter twenty.

6/1/15: I started volume seven.

3/31/14: I finished volume six and added more titles and the preview for volume seven.

1/26/14: I added chapter seventeen, the soundtrack, and picture requests.

11/19/11: I have started volume six.

7/7/11: I have finished volume five and the preview for volume six.

9/30/10: I have added chapter fourteen.

3/14/10: I have started volume five.

1/11/10: I have finished volume four and added the preview for volume five.

12/13/09: I have added chapter eleven.

10/15/09: I have started volume four.

7/10/09: I have finished volume three and added the preview for volume four.

6/1/09: I have added chapter eight.

5/21/09: I have started volume three.

5/20/09: I have finished volume two and added the preview for volume three.

5/19/09: I have added chapter five.

4/20/09: I have started volume two.

4/19/09: I have finished volume one and posted up the previews. Plus, I added some new titles.

4/4/09: I have chapter two and more icons.

1/10/09: I have fixed the layout some, colored the scroll bars, decor pics, icons, and the pliot.

10/10/06: I have added even more music.

10/9/06: I have added more music.

10/4/06: I have added the music.

7/26/06: I have fixed up the section.

4/11/06: I have added the background.

2/14/06: I have added the dream visions gallery.

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